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Author Topic: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5  (Read 2528 times)

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Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« on: November 02, 2011, 11:27:12 AM »

Members of Catalyst Gaming. Its been a long and good run for our Orange Cosmos RP server, but its time to freshen up.
With over 15 official updates for Orange Cosmos RP here at Catalyst Gaming, may it have been a big or small update, we have reached a point where we had to do a MASSIVE update.
This update includes around 5 core features and over 80 changes/fixes/additions.
OCRP is taking a big step and we are hoping people will enjoy their time on our server even more with this update that we have been working on for the last month(s)

We proudly present...

Tow Trucks
The tow truck job is now finally added.
You can spawn your tow truck, use yellow lights and help the city to keep clean.
You park your tow truck up in front of the car you want to tow. You go to the back of your truck and hit E on your tow truck.
The car behind it will now automatically rope with your tow truck and you can move it around.
To un-rope it, you just do the same thing.
Keep in mind that you can only tow cars that doesn't weight more than 8,000 kg. So no big trucks and such.
Fishing is a new feature that has been coded by our new junior developer, Hey Honey.
The fishing feature allows you to buy lures and craft a fishing rod and fish in the lake.
With modification done by our developers, the script now involves a skill book.
You need the skill books to buy different lures from the fishing store (located near the lake).
The higher the number of the lure you buy (01,02,03,04,05), the faster you catch a fish.
You have a random chance to catch up to 5 different fish. Each fish sells for a different price (05 fish being the most expensive).
You can sell the fishes you catch to the fishing store at the same location as you buy fishing lures.
The skill book has 5 levels and each level allows you to use a new lure.
Road Spikes
Road spikes are a new way for the police to stop the criminals from escaping a police chase.
I suggest that you use these road spikes with care and not use them for small speed chases.
They are for serious use such as chasing a murder or a police chase where you just cant stop the vehicle (try for at least 5 minutes before using road spikes).
If you are found abusing the road spikes such as pushing cars with them to break their cars, you will be blacklisted from the police force and possibly banned.
Repair NPC
The repair NPC is a new NPC that is located at the car dealer. She stands behind the car dealer where your car would spawn when you buy a new car.
If you park your car up to her and talk to her, you can get your broken car(s) repaired. Remember, it will repair any cars that are broken closely to it.
So make sure nobody else's car is around and make sure the truck that got your car there, is not to close or else she will tell that your car is not broken.
The main idea is that the tow truck can bring your car there while you're in your car in the tow truck, and the tow truck will just park it up there and you will repair it yourself.
Right now it costs $1,500 for any car to be repaired.
Car VGUI Modification
There are some modifications done to the car garage and car dealer.
Below there is a full list but the main one is that you can check car stats now.
If you click the "More Information" button it will print a lot of information about the car.
It will also notify you if you own the car and if you cannot afford it.
Blacklist System
The blacklisting system is a new system for the administrators.
The admins can now blacklist troublesome players from firefighter, cop and medic.
Those are the 3 jobs you can blacklist from but tow truck driver and mayor will probably follow soon.
Please keep in mind that currently you can only permanent blacklist, so only use it if they really are not fit for being the specific job.
The lottery is a amazing system coded by our amazing developer, TOMASAS.
The lottery works like this:
You go to an NPC that will bring the lottery menu up. It will display how many tickets are sold, what the current pot is and when the next winner will be chosen.
He will also display what ticket number you have on the ticket picture.
A winner is selected every third day and you can buy tickets in that time room. When the winner is picked, he will receive the money and if his online on the server, he will get it straight away.
If hes offline, he will just get it when he gets in next time and he can go to the lottery npc and see who won (himself).
Scratch Cards
These scratch cards can be bought from the BP gasoline and it will display as a item in your inventory.
When you buy a scratch card you can use it at any time. It will make a menu pop up where you have the "remove" the thing over the "image".
If you get 3 of the same images in a scratch card, you win some cash.
3D2D Speed Limits
The new update comes with a cool new system for the mayor to use.
Instead of having to spam speed limits via broadcasts he can simply just set the speed limits via the new "speed limits" tab in his mayor menu.
Its a simple menu with two boxes. The first box is for the in town speed limits, second box is for out of town speed limits.
You type your speed limit in the box (ex 30) and you press enter.
Now it will change all the flying signs around the map to display the speed limits. Aka it will instantly change the speed limit and display all the time.
Never shall we have confusion about the speed limits ;)
Signs works a lot like pricing items. You press F1 on your item and you can enter some text.
When you hit "confirm" it will add the text to your prop and it will be fully protected.
It can be used as signs for your store without having to worry about pricing stuff so people cannot steal it.
This is also clean and smooth and it will only display the text, nothing else.
DJ System [Impulse FM]
Impulse FM is going threw a lot of changes in the coming weeks, and of course OCRP will keep up with a system to make it even easier for the DJs!
The DJs are about to be implanted a lot more into OCRP.
We are planing to have a menu where you can see the current song and a dj administration menu where the DJ can go live or start the AutoDJ.
Basically a lot of the forum stuff will be implanted into the gamemode.
There is already some basic stuff such as DJs automatically getting the DJ radio and DJs being able to purchase the Cosmos FM skin for their Yankee truck (hopefully we will have a Impulse FM skin in the future).

Now, lets get on with the full change log.

  • Christmas Changes [Prepairing Changes]
    • Added a new loading page.
    • Added snow.
    • Most of the textures are now snow textures.
    • Snowball Thrower on spawn.
    • Added 6 Christmas trees around the map.
    • Added presents under the Christmas trees. You cannot pick up these until the 1st December.
    • If you press E on a Christmas present it will add a present to your inventory. Press "Use" on the present item and you will be rewarded OCRP cash and some items.
    • When you press E on a present from under a tree, it will remove. Every 5th hour it will respawn so everyone has a chance of getting a present.
    • You can only get one present. So when you get one from under the tree, you cannot pick up another.
    • Christmas trees now has flashy lights on. ~ Credits To TOMASAS.
  • General Changes
    • Advanced Crafting Book. Allows you to craft double as fast with this book. Only 1 skill point is required.
    • Added signs at the book store and hardware store to help new players.
    • Only citizens can plant shrooms now.
    • Fixed SWATS and police officers not being able to "confiscate" shrooms.
    • Fixed medic, firefighter and mayor being able to pick up shrooms.
    • Bodies now fly away when being hit by a car instead of just dropping straight dead. ~ Credits To Tomasas.
    • Added pictures of the houses/businesses and apartments to the relator menu.
    • You need to have the binoculars item to use suit zoom.
    • Added a tow truck job.
    • Added a "car repair" npc at the car dealer. The tow truck drivers will drive you're car there and you can repair it there for 1,500 dollars.
    • DJs (not trail djs) now automatically gets the dj radio on spawn. If a non-dj has the radio, it will be removed automatically as well.
    • Added a 99% secure protection around the car garage NPC. He will probably not die after this.
    • Mayor can now set speed limits via a dynamic sign system.
    • Fixed the taser sometimes killing people.
    • Fixed doors erroring when the owner leaves.
    • DJs can now get the Cosmos FM spray paint for their Yankee truck. Hopefully we will get a Impulse FM spray soon!
    • Hopefully fixed the npc menu errors. At least the one that was reported. Don't know if there are more than one).
    • Added a new exiting script. There is now only around 1-5% chance that you get stuck when exiting a car! ~ Credits To TOMASAS
    • All the Anti-AFK problems should be fixed.
  • Weight Changes
    • Your default inventory space is changed to 100
    • You can buy any item that weights 0 no matter if your inventory is full or not (ex; ammo, metal, plastic, seeds.)
    • You cannot buy items if you don't have enough space (player shops and npc shops)
    • If you drop an item, and you don't have enough space to pick it up again then it wont let you.
    • If you try to steal an item and you don't have enough space, it wont let you pick it up.
    • Crates will be removed temporary. We will probably get around adding them back pretty soon.
    • You cannot craft an item if you don't have enough space for it.
  • Fishing Changes
    • Added the fishing system ~ Credits To Hey Honey.
    • Added the fishing book.
    • Added restrictions on the fishing lures for each level of the fishing book.

  • VGUI Changes
    • [RELATOR] Added pictures of the house, business and apartment on the left side.
    • [CAR] When you click a picture it no longer buys the car you clicked on.
    • [CAR] When trying to buy a car you cannot afford, it will notify you.
    • [CAR] When trying to buy a car you already own, it will notify you.
    • [CAR] Removed the "This car's speed is about X MPH" text.
    • [CAR] Added a information button for every car. It will print everything about the car as hints.
    • [MAYOR] Added a "speed limits" tab.
    • [MAYOR] Removed the "item management" tab. Was useless and the system for it didn't work.
    • [PAINT] Fixed the bentley paints being wrong.
  • Car Changes
    • Shubert truck now spawns outside.
    • Mini now has a new car script (sound still ain't fixed) ~ Credits To Its Max Blad.
    • Lotus now has a new car script ~ Credits To Its Max Blad.
    • Fixed the shubert car script.
    • Fixed the tow truck car script.
    • Fixed the caterham car script.
  • Government Changes
    • If you get respawned, ko'ed or respawns after a KO then you will not get your normal weapons anymore.
    • The limit from what you can take from the locker has been majorly increased.
    • Added road spikes. Place them ON THE GROUND (don't physgun them around after the cars) and when a car drives over, their car will break.
    • It no longer removes your police radio if you drop it.
    • Police baton now does 3 damage
    • New model for the police baton (an old one actually)
  • Exploits/Glitches Fixes
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to spawn any car when not near the car garage npc.
    • If you're in jail and you rejoin, you get banned for 60 minutes. But if you leave while jailed, then wait 5 minutes, you can get in again (long wait time). ~ Credits To TOMASAS.
    • You can no longer just remove the intro.txt file to get a new model. There will be a new NPC at the KFC that sells models.
    • Fixed the mayor cash exploit. Some of you will know what im talking about, some will not.
    • Fixed the sprint exploit with weapons.
  • Administration Changes
    • Fixed remover gear being able to crash a player. It just does nothing now.
    • Added a blacklisting system. You can blacklist and unblacklist via the plugins.
    • Added a new option to check the players blacklist on both the "Blacklist" and "Un-Blacklist" sub menu.
    • Removed the "Stop Sounds" plugin.
    • When banning a player it now displays to everyone the reason and how long time he was banned for via OCRP Hints.
    • Added a notification to display when someone throws a molotov!
    • Super Admins now turns invisible when they noclip (like before the last update).
    • Admins now spawn with gods hands.
  • RP_EvoCity_V33X Changes
    • All trucks now spawns outside like on rp_evocity_v2d.

*Admin Note* Blacklisting for mayor doesn't work right now so don't use it!
*General Note* Please keep in mind that this is a very large update and of course we are expecting there will be some errors. Please bear with us and post bug reports.
*General Note #2* If you are having errors around the christmas trees, it is because it is presents. Those presents are from Team Fortress 2! The game is free to play, so you can instal it and get the content from the Steam Store.
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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2011, 11:28:51 AM »
Please excuse any spelling mistakes. Also there MIGHT be 1 or 2 additions or fixes that has not applied either way.
The changelog is really big and its hard to keep track of everything over a month and when i removed something, i might have forgotten it.

There might also be a few changes that i forgot about on the list.

Also its nice how OCRP reached 40/40 in a few minutes after the update ;)
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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2011, 11:36:59 AM »
 Nice one, i can't wait to get in!

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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2011, 12:28:19 PM »
I am aware that there is a few bugs on the OCRP update. When we do such a big update like this, we cannot do it completely bug free.

Il fix these problems in the coming days.
Please do not add me on Steam because you have in-game problems. Make a thread in the correct board on the forum and i will respond to that whenever i have time.

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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2011, 05:39:02 PM »
Massive list of things you can be proud on Crap-Head. (And Tomas). Really good work.
Check out my Youtube channel with all kinds of cool videos including LP's which I'm currently working at. Don't forget to give feedback as well. ;)

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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2011, 07:38:10 PM »
*claps* good job crap head
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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #6 on: November 02, 2011, 08:01:35 PM »
Nice work to everyone involved in the creation of the update, I've only gotten to play for a few minutes due to a large school project, but it is really cool so far. Thanks a lot.

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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #7 on: November 02, 2011, 08:19:15 PM »
1.5 will be added to, various bugfixes and such.

I've modified a few cars, can be seen here.

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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #8 on: November 03, 2011, 05:58:13 PM »
FINALLY thank you ocrp *old 1* for such great gameplay for 5 good months with me *flips admins off * jk lol 1.5 would be a blast :D

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Re: Orange Cosmos RP 1.5
« Reply #9 on: November 03, 2011, 07:14:39 PM »
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