Wo Huang-fu\'s Metropolice Force Application

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Wo Huang-fu\'s Metropolice Force Application
« on: March 04, 2014, 09:05:33 PM »
Wo Huang-fu's Metropolice Force Application

OOC Name: Red

IC Character Name: Wo Huang-fu

1) Please write a minimum of 3 paragraphs OOC'ly detailing why your character wishes to join the Metropolice Force and what lead your character to do so.
My character wishes to Join the MPF, but not because he believes in the Union or what it stands for. Infact, some of his views go directly against that of the Unions. Regardless, that is not why he wishes to join. Instead, he wants a place to belong.

Rather then JUST a place to belong, he wants a safe way to secure his future. Tired of living in the slums and having, basically, no future, Wo would rather join the infinite Union.

Though Wo is not exactly the prime candidate for the Union, he believes himself to be able to stomach the life of a union operative much easier then that of a worthless citizen wasting his life away. For the most important thing to Wo in the entire world, is himself.

2) Please detail your characters traits. (Eg, Pure, Lawful, Trustworthy)
Prideful - Wo is quite proud of himself and generally doesn't take well to insults or threats.

Paranoid - Wo sees enemies where there are none, having a hard time trusting others.

Loyal - Wo can be very loyal to those he deems worthy for said loyalty.

Honorable - Wo is honorable, in a very twisted sense.

3) Please provide 2 paragraphs about what you are expecting the Combine Civil Authority to be like for you and your character.
For myself, I'm largely looking forward to the new command structure and see how it grows. The influx of new recruits does bring up the issue of weeding out the bad ones from the good, but this is ramble. I could go on about how I have to follow the rules and etcetera, but I won't bother. Instead, I'll be focusing more on the internal events of the MPF. Having played a unit in the past, I can easily expect the standard of roleplay of myself and those around me to be above par, so to speak.

On the other hand, I will be expecting Wo to be more involved with the individual units and citizens rather then the whole collective that is the MPF/CCA. Though this might conflict with my desire to observe the inner workings of the MPF, I'm quite sure that it'll work out. Given the particular backstory I have given Wo Huang-fu, he really could go either way, as a loyal drone of the Union, or, well, something else. Regardless, he should be quite entertaining.

4) Please provide a detailed back-story from an out-of-character perspective on your applying character. This section must be detailed and consist of a minimum of 300 words.
Standing over a bloodied man, he swings the weapon down onto his victim, smashing lead against the mans head time and time again. As his breath grew quicker from overexertion, so too does his perception. Only after he grows tired and drops the pipe down onto the hard concrete does his realize the victim to be no longer conscious. His face flushed with anger, the man continues his barrage by kicking his prey while he's down. As the violence continues, anyone that was paying attention could hear the ever familiar sound of combine boots stomping on the ground. Unfortunately for the attacker, he was not paying attention. The sound that brought him out of his rage, that of a shotgun being cocked, came from behind him. Slowly did he turn, the fear of death showing itself once again.

"<:: Citizen, step away from the body, NOW!"

The human body undergoes a sort of experience when faced with extreme danger, called "fight or flight". Needless to say, the MPF had a hard time catching up.


Born October 15th, 1976, in Wuhan, Hubei province, Wo Huang-fu was always such a stoic child. Born into a family of standard wealth, Wo was always such a stoic child, not having much in the way of friends or companions. Sure, he always went to school and talked to people during freetime, but never once did he consider any of them his friends. Why was Huang-fu such a recluse? An answer can't really be provided, it's just the way he has always been.

Despite his anti-social nature, he was pulled into the underground world of the Triads. Through the efforts of an old high school "friend", Wo found himself in service to the local mob boss of the area. At first, it was nothing serious, taking certain "good" to wherever the boss wanted them. Over time, however, things became more... violent. After becoming a loan shark, beating up people who were too liberal with their loan payments, he became quite content with his way in life. Sure, being exposed to the underground has the adverse affect of making one extremely greedy, but Huang-fu hardly cared. His life was good enough.

Yes, his life was good. Until... he messed up. During one of his standard shakedown, he attacked a working girl, breaking her arm. Unknown to him at the time, the girl was the daughter of the mob bosses step sister. Though hardly related to him, the mob boss had to retaliate in kind, lest his honor come into question. And so it was that Wo's mother and father came to their unfortunate end, having been ruthlessly attacked in a park with knives. The boss was too kind to kill Wo off directly, but not kind enough to spare him of any harm.

Wo ultimately cut his ties from the Triads and feld to America at the age of 25. Having gone into hiding for fear of the Triads, Wo did develop a certain nickering feeling at the back of his head. This feeling mutated into one of uncertainty, then became even more as years passed by. The feeling continues to persist to this day, but that is a long ways off. For now, Wo bid his time, and waited.

After 8 years of stowing away in America, Wo felt comfortable enough to abandon his lifestyle of hiding in the slummy parts of town earning a meager living, and decided to join the society of America. Of course, by this point, he had already developed a fluent understanding of the local language. One does learn rather quickly in such situations.

However, despite his name, fortunate was one thing Wo was not. Just as life began to settle for Wo, the Union made it's presence known in a bloody conflict that would only last for seven hours. Though quite a short amount of time, it was well enough to kill most of the world off and render Wo unconscious by means of fallen debris.

After spending a considerable amount of time as a "citizen", Wo had noticed that he was different from the time right before the Union came. He noticed that he had gone back to his original self. His young, stupid, original self. Though his pride had never left his being, his old ways continued to shine through, causing him endless trouble.

Time passed, as it always does, and before Wo was even aware of it he was in the year 2019. He held in his hands a piece of paper - which was oddly enough a rare commodity in of itself. Flagging down a wandering unit patrolling the streets, he handed him the sheet and asked him to deliver it to the proper administration. Incase you haven't figured it out by now, that paper was indeed an application into the CCA.

Four years is a very long time indeed; even more so when you find yourself oppressed at every turn. Wo had a hard time surviving as long as he has, and knew that he wouldn't last much longer without some help. Without any ties to a gang or a resistance group for help, there is only one big player left for Wo to turn to - the MPF.   

5) Have you ever had a MPF character here at Catalyst Gaming?  If so, explain why it was removed.
Yes, it was removed after the server went down.

OOC Details

1. How long have you played on role-playing servers in general?
3-ish years

2. How long have you played on serious servers?
2-ish years

3. How long have you played on Catalyst Gaming?
Since June 2012

4. What Time zone are you in?
CST / GMT - 6:00

5. In what country do you live?
United States of America

6. How old are you?

7. What�s your most memorable quality RP experience?
I can easily say my most memorable experience would have to be the death (or rather, incapacitation) of 21100, during the city 45 uprising event. The sound of gunfire constantly in the background, units and citizens alike dying in the streets, Raged setting the Nexus to blow. The only disappointing thing about the event was that I was locked up in the trainstation as my unit for the majority of it.

8. Do you consider yourself a good listener?
Good enough.

IC Section

Full Name: Wo Huang-fu
CID: 31708
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour: Blackish-brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Weight: 154 pounds
Mental Distinctions: Keeps a code of honor.
Mental Defects: More likely to serve his own intrest before the Unions.
Mental Advantages: Strong willed.
Notable Qualities: Determinded to be sucsessful.

1. Have you ever been detained or apprehended for a Sociostability Infringement before? If so, explain?
Contraband: possession: Found with low level contraband on person: 3 cycles in holding.
Contraband: intent to sell: Reported selling low level contraband to citizens in the slums(unproven): 7 cycles in holding.
Assault: citizen: Attacked a known anti-citizen with a deadly weapon(lead pipe): 8 cycles in holding.

2. Do you regularly eat Combine Civil Authority Issued Rations?
Yes, but I get most of my food from the CWU.

3. Are you willing to give your life to the cause of the Universal Union?

4. Do you as a Citizen and future Civil Protection Member accept ALL actions performed by you and those under your command as your OWN responsibility?
I'll accept my actions as my own.

5. Will you remain loyal and faithful to the Universal Union as long as you live?

6. Why do you want to join the Combine Civil Authority?
I want to join to bolster the ranks of the Metro Police Force, due to the new influx of citizens coming into the city. The MPF is quite good at its job, but even the best of officers cannot stand firm against the constantly growing tide of citizens. To join the MPF as it is now would secure its - and my - place in the city.

Please sign the attached oath using only blue or black pen.

I, Wo Huang-fu hereby swear my mind, body and soul to the Universal Union forever so long as I draw breath. I do so knowing that my actions will be held accountable to me and solely myself. I also declare my knowledge that as a Member of The Universal Union that I will be required to perform tasks above and beyond as well as perform ANY task ordered to by ANY commanding person(s). I hereby acknowledge the fact that as a Civil Protection Task-force Unit that I will be losing most, if not all, communication and or past relationship with anyone outside of the Universal Union's operational bounds.

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Edit: For some reason, most of the backstory was cut off. Luckily I copied the entire thing before I posted the app. It should all be in there now.
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Re: Wo Huang-fu\'s Metropolice Force Application
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2014, 01:20:00 PM »
Accepted for interview

Also due to your age being quite higher then most other units we'll conduct an IC physical evaluation too.

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Re: Wo Huang-fu\'s Metropolice Force Application
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2014, 09:46:00 PM »
UNIT: 32188

Enter Password: ************

Connecting to Network

New File Opened: msg.0000001
Send To: ECHO High Command and TrOs [asdf]
Subject: [subject here]

<::||Citizen Wo Huang-fu has been accepted into Metro-police Force after interview and physical examination and has been made unit number 20924. Recommend attention be payed towards unit's actions, willingness to put his own life behind goals of the union possibly in question. ||::>

Saving File As: msg.0000001
Saving File...
Saving File...
Saving File...
File Saved

Disconnecting serial number here
Console Shut Down.
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