Xavier Levi Johnson's Metropolice Force Application

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Xavier Levi Johnson's Metropolice Force Application
« on: March 02, 2014, 09:12:37 PM »
Xavier Levi Johnson's Metropolice Force Application

OOC Name: TheKrusader

IC Character Name: Xavier Levi Johnson

1) Please write a minimum of 3 paragraphs OOC'ly detailing why your character wishes to join the Metropolice Force and what lead your character to do so.
Xavier wishes to join the CCA because he feels the need to. When he was a child, his father drank himself into the grave, which caused his mother to become abusive. Because of the abuse he received, he abused and took advantage of the weak after he was finished with secondary school. He mugged people for money, caused harm for entertainment, he killed innocent people just so he could survive. He became what all children fear, in all terms of the word, a monster.
   It wasn’t until a few months after he started his crime spree that he saw the error of his ways, his old friend. He was in an alley with an old man, and his friend prevented him from mugging the poor guy. They got to talking, and eventually he showed him the error of his ways. He told him about the wrongs that he could right through joining law enforcement. Xavier strived to right the mistakes he’s made by becoming a man of the law, and did very well up until the 7 hour war. That’s when everything went south again, when he was unable to do what he swore to do.
   In the end of the 7 year war, he just lied down and let the combine take him. He did not try to fight; he did not try to protect others. He was solely concerned with himself when it came down to it. The guilt ate away at him when he was brought to the city; he lived in solitude for a year or so. He wishes to right this by serving the Universal Union, and protecting the citizens; even if they don’t realize it. With the resources he has from the universal union, he will be able to stand up for the loyal citizens, and protect them from the rebellious sort.
   Another unspoken reason for Xavier wanting to join the CCA is education. After his father died, he did the bare minimum just so he could pass. He never really got the chance to absorb any of the knowledge he was given, and so, he seeks any opportunity for him to learn. No matter what kind of knowledge it is, it’s still knowledge to Xavier; he will strive for any opportunity to learn.

2) Please detail your characters traits. (Eg, Pure, Lawful, Trustworthy)
My character is passionate, lawful, obedient, cooperative, dedicated, and honest.

3) Please provide 2 paragraphs about what you are expecting the Combine Civil Authority to be like for you and your character.
For me: I know what to expect from the CCA. I've been in it before, and it was fairly simple. I can expect to do a lot of training (both receiving and giving), a lot of patrolling, and a lot of role-playing. The role-play I experienced was very developmental, as in my character will change a lot as he climbs in ranks.

For my character: I'm expecting that it will be very difficult for Xavier to adapt to the life of the Civil Authority, as he is used to being an average citizen. He is, however, slightly prepared due to his history with law. He will, in time, get into the rut of things: patrols, training, meetings, ration distributions, etc, etc. He expects to make friends with the other recruits that get into the CCA, as well as some enemies with the citizens. However, he knows it is inevitable.

4) Please provide a detailed back-story from an out-of-character perspective on your applying character. This section must be detailed and consist of a minimum of 300 words.
Xavier Levi Johnson, born January 15th, 1987, was raised in South Africa. His family was a fairly average one: a father, a mother, a brother and a sister; a happy family of five. Xavier was the youngest of the family, and the favorite of his mother. While his brother and sister went off to school, his mother got him all to herself; she enjoyed every minute she spent with him. His mother and he were inseparable, especially when he started school. Being so close to his mother caused the other children to resent him and tease him. Needless to say, he had trouble making any friends whatsoever. It wasn’t until he reached grade 3 that he made his first friend, Jordan. He and Jordan enjoyed playing many games together, including soccer. By grade 4, he and Jordan were on a kid’s soccer team; being the top two players however. This team allowed Xavier to make friends and branch out more; he even scored a girl because of this. He was seemingly happy; however, happiness cannot last.
   Where was his father in all of this? Working. He was constantly working to support his family, rendering him unable to spend time with them. By grade 6, his father was working two jobs. The poor man was exhausted, which led to an uneasy mental state. The stress and exhaustion eventually got to him, driving him into the arms of alcohol. But this is a story about Xavier, not his father. All that needs to be said is his father drank himself into the grave. After the untimely death of his father, Xavier’s life shattered. He once again lost his friends, family, and girlfriend. His mother was unable to cope with the death of her husband, and lashed out at her children for it. Her once-favorite son, Xavier, became the target of physical and verbal abuse alike. From forcing his hand onto a stove to calling him a good-for-nothing piece of shit, his mother slowly but surely tore away at Xavier’s insides. He became a cold hearted man by the time he graduated secondary school; cold hearted and homeless. His mother kicked him out of the house as soon as he graduated, with no belongings whatsoever. He had to turn to theft and violence to survive alone. He mugged people, hurt people, just for some food or a few bucks. He went against everything he once wholeheartedly believed in. He was headed down a path he couldn’t turn away from, a path he needed to be saved from.
   Xavier was walking down the side walk nearby a small bar, waiting for another drunken idiot to stumble through the doors. In a few moments’ time, an elderly man walked through the doors muttering nonsense. The old man was drunk and vulnerable: a perfect target for Xavier’s wrath. He followed closely behind the old man, who was far to intoxicated to notice a 5’11’’ man walking a few feet behind him. Sure enough, Xavier’s luck led him and the old man into an alley. He took a quick look around, not caring too much for precision, and pulled a switchblade from his pocket. He brought the blade to the man’s back and calmly asked the man for his wallet. The drunken old man, whom had no idea what was going on, turned around and looked up at the man behind him. He said drunkenly, “Ey ‘dere! What’sh the problemem here?” Before Xavier could mutter anything, a voice called out behind him, “Hey! Stop!” Xavier, whose back was to the stranger, tucked the knife back into his pocket. It was his word versus the word of a drunk, he was not worried at all. As the stranger drew closer, Xavier noticed a flash on its chest. The moon was hitting a metal object on the stranger’s chest, so it was quite apparent at the time that the stranger was someone with a badge or decoration. “Who are you? What do you want?” Xavier called out to the stranger, who only received his name as an answer “Xavier? Is that you?” The stranger stepped into a street light and Xavier’s heart skipped a beat. “Jordan?”
   As it turned out, it really was Jordan. Xavier and Jordan went back to Jordan’s place and talked for a few hours. Turned out after secondary school was finished, Jordan pursued a career in law enforcement. He led a well-respected life, had a family even. Xavier was very, very intrigued by the aspect of defending the weak instead of taking advantage of them. Emotions overcame Xavier, he missed his friend and he was tired of the life he led, so he asked him about what he can do to become an officer. The following months were no cake walk for Xavier, he trained and trained. He was lucky enough that Jordan let him crash at his house, and did his best to return the favor. He did chores around the house, helped people who needed it. For the first time since he was a kid, he felt good about what he did. He respected what he did. The time came for him to enroll in police academy, and Jordan helped him with that too. He put in a good word for Xavier, and with time, helped get him accepted. After a few years’ time and a few failures, Xavier was finally done with the academy; he was a full-fledged police officer. Jordan was able to pull some strings, and the two of them ended up partners on the force. Xavier served happily as an officer for several years, up until everything change.
   He awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of screams. Xavier groggily got out of his bed and made his way to the window. As he moved closer, the screaming got louder; he pulled back the curtains. What he saw was this: portals in the sky. From these portals, strange creatures poured out; creatures that he’s never seen before. They started clawing and biting anyone they could get their appendages on, indiscriminately. After seeing this sight, Xavier ran to his drawer and got his standard issue 9mm. He loaded a clip into the bottom and cocked it, then headed outside. “Everyone get inside my house!” he yelled as he started opening fire on the creatures. People ran towards his cries, and with time, his house filled up. As soon as the last living person got inside he shut the door and locked it. “Alright everyone, I’m an officer. We need to remain quiet…” he peered out of the window of the front door only to see bodies lying in the street. He pulled the curtain over the door and turned to the others in his house. There were seven people, two of which were children. “We need to stay low, and stay quiet. We will die if we fail to do so.” Xavier stated solemnly. A low buzzing was coming from outside, the sound of bug-like wings flapping. However, they sounded as if they were sort of just hovering, not searching. It was apparent that they had no idea they were inside the house.
   After a few hours passed, more noises were heard from outside. Xavier got up off the ground and made his way to the front door, pulled back the curtain with the barrel of his 9mm, and looked outside.  Different kinds of creatures were now pouring through the portals in the sky. He couldn’t place his finger on it, but they were different; more organized than the other ones were. As soon as they were done exiting the portals, they grouped up. They began to search houses, they started with the one opposite of his; he had time. He made his way to the group of people and said “Look, they’re going to find us. It’s inevitable.” He sighed and continued “If you want to leave, now is the time to do it. You have a few minutes.” There was some murmuring amongst the group. “I’ll stay…” a man stated sternly, and looked around. One woman said “Denice and I, we have children. We have to leave…p-please. Someone come with us, think of the children!” Xavier knew it was a lost cause, so he remained silent. The rest of the group, apart from the man that spoke previously, agreed to leave with the woman. As soon as the door shut behind them, the creatures broke into Xavier’s home. With a stern expression, Xavier looked up with his arms raised and said “Do with me what you will.”

5) Have you ever had a MPF character here at Catalyst Gaming?  If so, explain why it was removed.
Yes. The unit was lost because the HL2RP server we previously had shut down.

OOC Details

1. How long have you played on role-playing servers in general?
Roughly 7 Years.

2. How long have you played on serious servers?
4-5ish years.

3. How long have you played on Catalyst Gaming?
Since 2011.

4. What Time zone are you in?
Eastern Time (US)

5. In what country do you live?
United States

6. How old are you?

7. What�s your most memorable quality RP experience?
The greatest role-play experience that has ever happened to me would have to be when I organized a rebellion on DarkRP. Sounds kind of iffy, I know, but let me explain. I started to  organize a huge resistance group to fight against the CPs on the server(there were a lot), and we made a base and a shop front. It was a base in the train tunnels, a massive, massive base. I started to get really into it, so I created ranks, divisions, etc. With me and my friend as the head of our organization, we demolished the Police Force on that server, to the point where none could oppose us. After my gang had grown so massively, my friend and I actually defected to the Police Force. We, with the help of others, destroyed the rampant monster we originally created. It was very, very cool.

8. Do you consider yourself a good listener?

IC Section

Full Name: Xavier Levi Johnson
CID: 72877
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 1in
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Weight: 186
Mental Distinctions: Is very observant of his surroundings and can think well under pressure.
Mental Defects: Insomnia
Mental Advantages: Quick thinker, common sense.
Notable Qualities: Law Enforcement Backround

1. Have you ever been detained or apprehended for a Sociostability Infringement before? If so, explain?

2. Do you regularly eat Combine Civil Authority Issued Rations?
Yes, I do.

3. Are you willing to give your life to the cause of the Universal Union?
Yes, I will gladly give my life or anything else that is necessary for the betterment of the Universal Union.

4. Do you as a Citizen and future Civil Protection Member accept ALL actions performed by you and those under your command as your OWN responsibility?
Yes, I do.

5. Will you remain loyal and faithful to the Universal Union as long as you live?
I will loyally and proudly server the Universal Union until my last breath.

6. Why do you want to join the Combine Civil Authority?
My desires to serve the Combine Civil Authority are pretty simple, actually. I am loyal to the cause of the Universal Union and wish to better serve it by becoming a Civil Authority Unit. With this accomplishment, I will have more resources readily available for me to use to better the Union, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Instead of waiting on a Civil Protection Unit to respond to citizens in distress, I can personally show up and solve any problem they have (if within reason, of course).

Please sign the attached oath using only blue or black pen.

I, Xavier Levi Johnson hereby swear my mind, body and soul to the Universal Union forever so long as I draw breath. I do so knowing that my actions will be held accountable to me and solely myself. I also declare my knowledge that as a Member of The Universal Union that I will be required to perform tasks above and beyond as well as perform ANY task ordered to by ANY commanding person(s). I hereby acknowledge the fact that as a Civil Protection Task-force Unit that I will be losing most, if not all, communication and or past relationship with anyone outside of the Universal Union's operational bounds.

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Re: Xavier Levi Johnson's Metropolice Force Application
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2014, 04:53:04 AM »
Accepted for interview

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Re: Xavier Levi Johnson's Metropolice Force Application
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2014, 09:25:59 PM »

Enter Password: ************

Connecting to Network

New File Opened: msg.0000001
Send To: ECHO HC and TrOs [asdf]
Subject: Xavier Levi

<::|| Xavier Levi has been accepted into the Union after completion of interview.||::>

Saving File As: msg.0000001
Saving File...
Saving File...
Saving File...
File Saved

Disconnecting 23512351
Console Shut Down.
C18.CCA.UNIFORM-RCT.935 says "<:: Yes, I have a pipebomb. Do you require one?
 C45.CCA.APEX-DvL.313 reaches into his magical pocket where everything is contained no matter what it is, and takes out another armband
C45.CCA.UNION-OfC.713 radios in "<:: Oh, and then we get high off of fresh air and have sex with eachother using shotguns as sex toys.
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