[Portal Page Suggestion] Connecting from our website to a server with a link

Author Topic: [Portal Page Suggestion] Connecting from our website to a server with a link  (Read 1292 times)


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Make the Servers in the Server Status box clickable, the whole server name and the online status should be clickable if the server is online it goes to a link:
                                                                                                 ^                     ^
                                                                                           Server IP         Port

That way it launches Gmod and connects to the server.

I used to use this on my website and it still works. <a href="steam:%20%22-applaunch%204000%20+connect%1234.56.789.101:27015%22">1234.56.789.101:27015[/url]
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Yeah, this will be added once the server status thing is finished. Somone77 never got around to it.
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