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[OCRP2 Official Guide] - How to use Tortoise SVN
« on: June 21, 2012, 10:52:37 AM »
Installing addons via TortiseSVN

When you want to install an addon that is SVN based, you need a SVN client. We recommend the following:
Windows: TortiseSVN
Mac: SmartSVN (no guide at this time)

Once you have downloaded and installed TortiseSVN you want to download an addon. For this guide we are going to use the TDM Cars addon, which is a required addon for OCRP2.

TDM Cars SVN link:

First, you want to go to your addons folder. Generally (with the steampipe update) this is located in <Steam Install Directory>/steamapps/common/garrysmod/addons. Once inside the folder you can do one of two things: create a folder or checkout straight off.

We recommend creating a folder.

Once the folder is created, right click it and select SVN Checkout.

Once clicking that, this window will appear. If you have the SVN link copied it will automatically fill it in.

Click OK. The following window will appear and begin downloading the files.

Once that's done you will see the following and you are done! (it won't say user cancelled though.)

The alternate way is to checkout from the addons folder itself. The process is not much different, but you right click inside the whitespace in the addons folder, checkout, and it should create a folder for you. Always confirm that it is using the proper checkout folder.
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