Catalyst-Gaming Important Individuals - Who do I go to?

Author Topic: Catalyst-Gaming Important Individuals - Who do I go to?  (Read 2703 times)

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Catalyst-Gaming Important Individuals - Who do I go to?
« on: May 01, 2012, 01:57:41 AM »
Hello members.

Some people have trouble with who to go to for their questions and issues they may be having. In this thread, I'm going to place the names of people who you should go to for your queries.

Please note that if it is just a suggestion or a minor bug report, please use the forums for that. Exploits should be sent via PM to the listed persons below.

RoflWaffle- RoflWaffle is the person you go to with problems with donations, donation issues and account issues. You may take your problems with administrators to him, but make sure you have something proper to bring up. Mostly you should just use the complaint section for this.

Stevob21- He is our main OCRP lua developer. He also develops for GMR and other various things.

wakeboarderCWB - He is one of the Harbor Roleplay developers. If you encounter a serious bug and/or exploit, he is one of the people to PM. If he is offline and Nicknero1405 is online, you may bring up your issue to him as well. But WakeboarderCWB would be your best bet. He also manages CG's Minecraft server, so anything to do with the server should be PM'd to him.

-HazzieWazzie-- He is one of the Minecraft server managers. Any server related issues can be PM'd to him and he can sort them out.

Somone77- Anything to do with forum exploits and bugs should go to him.

Rose Nocturna - All GMR related issues, remarks, comments, or bugs should be sent to him as he is the main developer for GMR.

All administrators- These are the people you should go to if there are issues with players breaking rules. Do not go to the developers or owners with problems game administrators are meant to handle.

If we don't respond in steam friends, please leave a PM on the forums and we'll get back to as soon as we can.

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Please don't PM me regarding bans or anything having to do with in-game situations. Only PM me if you've been told I am the only one who can solve your issue.


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