Welcome! - All server information can be found in here!

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Welcome! - All server information can be found in here!
« on: November 14, 2010, 06:36:01 AM »
Hello, and welcome to Catalyst Gaming. Feel free to introduce yourself in this section, and say hello to our newer members.

Thank you for joining Catalyst-Gaming!

Below you can find information regarding all of our servers.  For more information about any of them, don't hesitate to ask.

Click the server status images to connect to any server!

Half-Life 2 Roleplay Rules

Important information about Half-Life 2 Roleplay:
This is a roleplay gamemode based in the Half-Life 2 universe.  Instead of playing Gordon Freeman, you are a citizen who is just trying to keep himself alive in this system that the Combine and the Benefactors have instated.  You can work your way up to become a Loyalist, and from there choose to join the Combine Civil Authority or the Civil Workers Union, or you can choose to integrate yourself into the resistance style of play and work to help the citizens.

For more information, visit:
The Combine Overwiki (External Link) - The best resource to get most information about the Half-Life 2 universe.
HL2RP Character Creation - A guide by Statua providing the best resource for creating a character.
Guides Board - A listing of every guide that players have made for Catalyst-Gaming over time.

Orange Cosmos Roleplay Rules

Important information about Orange Cosmos Roleplay:
Orange Cosmos Roleplay is based around real city life.  There are many things to do in this gamemode, some examples of the legal ways to have fun and make money are: set up shops, become a government official, buy cars, buy a house or apartment, sell legal weapons, or just simply hang around with your friends in the city.  Some of the illegal things to do for fun and to make money are: illegally grow marijuana, armed robbery of other players, taking hostages such as other players or the mayor and holding them for ransom, and selling illegal weapons. There are multiple routes to choose from in OCRP, you can a businessman, a taxi driver, join a gang, run for mayor, choose from multiple governemnt official jobs, etc.

For more information, visit:
Guides Board - Guides members of Catalyst-Gaming have put together over time.
Organizations Board - Information regarding the different player-run organizations in the game.

Harbor Roleplay Rules

Important information about Harbor Roleplay
This roleplaying gamemode is based around a ocean/harbor style play.  You can choose to become criminal and smuggle shipments, or become coast guard and catch the criminals.  The gamemode features multiple vehicles including boats and helicopters.  Some legal ways to make money include growing fruit, fishing, and selling legal guns as a gun dealer.  Some illegal ways to make money include stealing fish and fruit plants from other players, mugging, and selling illegal weapons as a black market dealer.

For more information, visit:
The Harbor Roleplay forums.

Catalyst Gaming also features servers from other games besides Garry's Mod, the only one currently up is our TF2 server but our CSS server will be returning shortly!

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