RapidJuice's appeal

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RapidJuice's appeal
« on: January 20, 2012, 12:27:28 PM »
Steam Name: RapidJuice
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16941386 
Character Name: Stephen Kane
Reason for the switch: I did it out of impulse and anger, I didn't know the consequences of my actions. I was angry over something happening in my personal life and acted out of impulse since the City server was down. Only now do I reliase the collosal mistake I had made, sorry for dissapointing.

If required, write a detailed backstory on how your character left the outlands:
Knowing he'd managed to make his way past the cameras and various security installments the Combine had laid before him, Kane had business to finish inside of the city. He knew it was most likely a suicide mission, although that is what drove him before-hand. His gear he kept with him, having practiced with it for a while he was quite the journeyman of his trade. He shed most of his weight in tokens and pointless items such as radios and medicine. He covered himself in some of the native land's natural brushwork, making his way back into the canals he escaped from. He figured "I'll go back in the same way I came out".

It wasn't easy, although most of the helicopters and units he snuck by he heard or saw from a mile away, giving him ample time to hide from their patrols. Since their patrols covered such a wide area, they didn't check inside most of the boxes and closets he hid in when they passed. His training he endured had prepared him for this moment, his physical and mental conditioning levels being close to Military(auths). He'd get back in whether they liked it or not. As he pumped his Shotgun, entering the catacombs of the Underground area, he knew he'd face resistance. He flicked on his flashlight, wiping some of the grime from his face, the tunnel being the only thing seperating him from the city.

"It's time to show some would-be tough guys what it means to be a tough guy."

Time when it happened(if mis-click)
Around 8:00 PM GMT 0 Yesterday.
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Stephen 'Kane' - ANTI-CITIZEN 1 - Alive.

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Re: RapidJuice's appeal
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 02:06:31 AM »
Sorry for the time taken to respond was so long.

I don't believe that your backstory is long enough or detailed enough to be accepted.

On that note, I'm sorry but I am forced to deny this. You may re-appeal anytime.


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