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Introductions / Re: I'm Back!
« on: March 18, 2012, 01:20:54 AM »
Abbott: Thread was full of mad. I wasn't the one who removed it though. I was considering quitting gaming, but shit happens I suppose, decided to come back.

NinjaShrimp, Skopa: Thanks guize.

Cow: I was on that server and am currently administrating there (Temporarily to be honest, I just designed the communities logo out of boredom), there's no rule against that considering that I am not bound to one community, as for the server using CG's map, as far as I know that was publicly released, although it doesn't matter since we Are using City 18.

Introductions / I'm Back!
« on: March 17, 2012, 09:10:44 PM »
Seems like I remember the day I was writing my introduction for the first time.

Anyway guys, I left CG a while ago (too long to remember) and the only reason I can think why I did it was because I was Angry. I've really taken the time to rethink my whole mentality towards communities and other people, and think that yeah, I'm ready to try again.

Anyway for the relevant stuff, I'm Titan, 14 years old, living in Australia, general gamer, been playing serious roleplay for 3-4 years on and off,
Really enjoy my HL2RP :).

I hope to see all of you IG and get some good roleplay going on and for those people who I left with a sour taste in their mouths, I'd like to think of this as a new beginning, after all, I'm not here to make enemies, and would gladly make friends out of the ones I already have. But yeah guys, that's all from me, bye.

Mapping / Re: rp_ineu_pass_vX Dev Page
« on: January 23, 2012, 09:34:15 PM »
Downloading the map now, I must give this a go, it looks outstanding and for Outlands.. Wow. This will really be something special, can't wait for the finished product.

Denied Outlands Appeals / Re: Hunter "Hot-Shot" Wyatt Character Appeal
« on: January 15, 2012, 06:04:38 PM »
I realise this has been locked but the fact I was even amputated makes no sense at all. I passed the Level 3 verdict line, and way given a level one verdict, thus why I didn't PK my character. Anyway It's done now.

Denied Outlands Appeals / Re: Hunter "Hot-Shot" Wyatt Character Appeal
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:40:46 AM »
Right. I suppose we could just close off this appeal, I'll get to PKing.

Denied Outlands Appeals / Re: Hunter "Hot-Shot" Wyatt Character Appeal
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:31:59 AM »
I see. So. Uhm. What would you have me do?

Denied Outlands Appeals / Hunter "Hot-Shot" Wyatt Character Appeal
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:17:20 AM »
Steam Name: Titan

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:14295507

Character Name: Hunter "Hot-Shot" Wyatt

Reason for the switch:

I have two characters named Hunter "Hot-Shot" Wyatt, the reason being is to avoid confusion between servers. I am part of the Alliance, in a sub-division and play a somewhat important role so rather than to make two seperate characters I chose to just make two Hunters, different characters ofcourse but just so that I am identifyable by my name, it makes things much easier. But seeing as I have two characters with identical names, to identify the right one, look for the character using the male09.mdl model and has no weaponry in his inventory. Now as you can probally tell, I accidentally loaded the wrong Hunter and was not extremely happy about it due to the forums being down. Anyway that's my reason.

If required, write a detailed backstory on how your character left the outlands:

I don't believe this is required since it was a misclick not to mention having two hunters in outlands would make no sence whatsoever

Time when it happened(if mis-click):

Well. I wouldn't know for sure. according to my time it was earlier today. I really can't confirm the time since I thought it irrelivant and I would check the logs but due to the forums being down, there are none. Hopefully this won't matter.

Media / Re: Heavy/Dark Music (Screamo, Heavy Metal, etc)
« on: January 14, 2012, 07:19:53 AM »

Introductions / Re: Hello, I'm new to CG! :D
« on: January 07, 2012, 07:02:42 PM »
Welcome to CG, I hope you enjoy your stay, any questions feel free to ask.

UNIT: 967
Enter Password: ************


Connecting to Network

Applicant File Opened: Jason Almese
Citizen Identification Number: 04499

Acceptance status:
<::|| ACCEPTED ||::>

Civil Authority Status:
<::|| Recruit 531 ||::>

Saving Record...
Saving File...
Saving File...
Saving File...
File Saved

Disconnecting <C45.CCA.NOVA-OfC.967>
Console Shut Down.

General Discussion / Happy New Year, Cya 2012
« on: December 29, 2011, 07:41:16 AM »
Well then... I'll be announcing that I'm going for 9 days or so, over New Years, up to the Gold Coast (Australia), as a general comment on this year (Or really past 3 months) I thank you all for the great times here at CG, I wish you all the best, see you all next year c:

Social Discussion / Re: What do you want for Christmas?
« on: December 08, 2011, 06:47:40 AM »
1. Dre Beats

Click to see the original size.

2. Friends

Click to see the original size.

3. Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse

Click to see the original size.

4. Gold Plated Ray Ban Aviators (Because I broke my previous ones D:<)

Click to see the original size.

IC Chat / <::||03.967's Private/Experience Logs ||::>
« on: November 26, 2011, 09:20:07 AM »
UNIT: 967

Enter Password: ************

Connecting to Network

New File Opened: msg.0000001
Send To: [Self]
Subject: [Parasites, Necrotics and Exogens]

<::|| This is 03.967, making a first attempt at a log. Today started out, as just a regular day, I set out as usual commencing 10-50 as soon as I was prepared for duty, and started the day well with no interruptions. I had completed my patrol route about 3 or 4 times and had by now got myself into my usual rhythm, but suddenly out of nowhere, multiple Parasites, known by many as “Head Crabs” had appeared not too far from my location. I immediately grabbed hold of my radio, and asked other units if they too see what I am seeing, but halfway through my transmission I spotted a parasite, lunging at a citizen. I quickly rushed towards the citizen, as I ran I prepared my 9mm SISP and bolted down into a crouched position when I was about 10 meters away. The parasite had already made contact with the citizen by the time I arrived, I think it had bitten him in the leg, but as it tore itself away, I lined up my shot, and squeezed the trigger multiple times, a bullet swiftly made itself through the body of the creature and it fell lifeless. I remember hearing mixed communications through the radio, obviously there were more of these creatures, so I was cautious as I approached the corpse of the now dead parasite. I don't think I had ever seen one before this, nevertheless it wasn't a pretty creature at all and it bled a disgusting greenish yellow all over the ground. After examining the creature, I turned around and took in my surroundings, there didn't appear to be any more of these creatures and the only sound was that of the now panicking citizens.

We had thought nothing more of the situation and no further action was taken, until no more than about 2 minutes later, there was a second wave. This time the creatures came in large numbers, I remember seeing all different typed of them, there were the ones from before, skinnier more agile ones and some nasty black ones. Quickly I raised my 9mm SISP again, as it was still by my side, I aimed at a small pack of the creatures, and fired wildly at them, I must have used up my whole clip in a matter of seconds, I took out maybe two or three of them, as they weren't too close by, I reloaded my weapon and advanced on the remaining parasites. I fired at the remaining two, taking them out with ease using only a small amount of ammunition, I immediately checked in on my radio, reporting what had just happened, it looked like everyone outside of the nexus was in the same situation that I was in, I decided to try and locate another unit and work in a pair, I would be more comfortable knowing someone has my back.

I only had to move to the opposite end of the plaza to find another unit, there was no time to look at ranks and digits, we just exchanged a look, and formed up side to side, taking out some nearby parasites. I only stayed with my partner a short time, for only moments later, when I tried to reload my weapon, I realised I had no ammunition on my person. I used my radio to try and contact a high command officer, a Grid OfC responded,  he called me to meet him at the armoury, I ran towards the nexus, as quickly as I could and proceeded down the elevator. When I arrived at the armoury I found numerous other units waiting for ammunition, the OfC didn't waste any time and he had already prepared SMG and 9mm ammo, ready for taking. I stocked up and ran to the elevator with two other units who had also just stocked up on their ammunition, I was at the main airlock when suddenly I was requested on the radio, someone needed me to inspect a male who had been bitten, I was told he was confined in a detainment cell, in order to contain him if he was somehow contaminated. I quickly turned and rushed into the detainment room, spotting the man in the cell with a unit, the unit told me quickly as he started at the door “Find out if he's contaminated or not.” and then rushed out, most likely to load some bullets into some parasites.

After giving the man a quick inspection, I found he was bitten on the leg, although, there was no sign of any toxin taking effect, and the wound was clean, he said “It's not infected or anything, a fast one got me, they just hurt a lot, don't fill you up with poison.” So I took the man with me, I moved towards the airlock, where I met a unit preparing himself to go out, I unslung my MP7 and he took out his SISP, we then opened the nexus main door and just outside we saw about 7 or 8 Exogens, or “Antlions” as they are sometimes referred to. We immediately started firing on the creatures, as the bullets travelled through their skin, thick yellow-greenish blood started to splat on the floor and they collapsed to the ground individually making a light thud. I would have gone and looked at the creatures but there was no time, I commanded the Citizen to “Run!” and he did so without hesitations, the Unit and I then advanced to the UCH where we met a small team about to enter the building, there was about 4 or 5 of us, and a Synth that was just barely small enough to fit through the front door. We discussed how we would do this, the idea was to move quickly, clear every room, and get out fast, we all rushed into the building, following the Synth.

As we opened the doors, we were immediately advanced on by numerous Necrotics, or “Zombies.” They charged at us, slowly, as we all started firing at them tearing through their bodies, each of them falling to the ground, quickly. We ran up the stairs behind the Synth, who was moving exceptionally Quickly, when we reached the top of the staircase, many Necrotics started advancing on the Synth, but they were contested by it's explosive bolts, when they made contact with an object, they started vibrating and making a humming noise, then they would explode making a light bang. The Synth took care of the Necrotics easily, but the problem was the Parasites, they were too quick and too small for the Synth to handle, we all fired madly trying to make contact with the small bodies, gradually they all fell to the ground, and we started clearing the rooms.

After clearing the UCH, We all stumbled out, tired and hot, I thought my job might have been done for a while, but soon enough, we discovered someone had been wounded, as there was a unit lying on the ground barely concious just outside the UCH that unit being 02.164, the only other Nova unit on duty at the time, this worried me greatly, but I quickly reacted, helping 164 to his feet, and getting another unit to help me carry him.

I rushed 164 to the Med-wing with assistance from another unit, when we arrived, I put 164 down on the nearest available bed, and sighed extremely tired by now. As I opened my eyes I looked around the room, noticing that there was a unit already on a bed, lying down grunting and holding what appeared to be his stomach. He called for me “Help, my ribs, they're broken.” I quickly replied “In a second, I mush attend to 164, he's in a critical condition.” the unit grunted, and I proceeded to try and get 164 to respond.

I shook 164 gently asking “164, you there?”, he replied painfully “Ugh, no shake, stop!” and I immediately stopped asking him how he was doing, he replied “Not so good, multiple wounds.” or something along the lines of that, he then enabled a function on his suit giving me a list, it consisted of DAMAGED: Left Leg, Left Arm, Neck, Head. In this situation, I really had no Idea what to do, I was starting to panic, but luckily, I heard the familiar voice of Nova OfC 584 “Unit is on duty 10-8”, I quickly grabbed my radio and called “584 sir, I need you in the medbay, immediately.”

As 584 arrived, he attended to 164 firstly, I told him the details, as 164 had stopped responding, and then he ordered me to help the unit on the other bed, who I now learned was 318, a GRID member, I was given a needle still in the packaging and Morphine, I was instructed to inject it just above his stomach, just below his ribs. I nodded taking the items, I did as he instructed and 318 was most compliant, slowly after this 318 dozed off and I told 584 that I was feeling very tired, and requested to leave, he let me and I just went to write this log about this exciting and strange day, I think i'll go grab something to eat and then 10-7, 967 out. ||::>

Saving File As: msg.0000001
Saving File...
Saving File...
Saving File...
File Saved

Disconnecting 03.967
Console Shut Down.

In The Medbay

General Discussion / Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 25, 2011, 01:25:53 AM »
*Sniff* I don't live in America *Sniff*

News and Announcements / Re: Lest we forget - Remember the fallen.
« on: November 11, 2011, 03:47:13 AM »
We had a Vietnam Veteran come speak at our school today, for those who have fallen, Lest We Forget

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