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Table Talk / Do you like the idea of arcolgies in the future?
« on: May 07, 2013, 04:44:24 PM »
If you don't know what a arcolgie is its a massive building where your supposed to live there for you life where there's internet there farms there jobs there homes there everything and you don't even need to go outside I don't like this idea as I think ittl feel too crowded and I like the fact the everything isn't cramped.

General Discussion / Make the hl2rp server popular admins!
« on: May 07, 2013, 04:40:55 PM »
I love the hl2rp server but it needs more English members on it maybe if you advertise it and ittl lure ppl in cuz only Americans now ply the hl2rp server

Introductions / Hai!
« on: May 07, 2013, 02:18:49 PM »
Hi im quite new to catalyst gaming and I love the servers I especially love the hl2rp server but sadly nobody go's on such a amazing server admins can you advertise the server please so in English time there will actually have ppl on?

I've recently transferred one of my characters to the outlands but annoyed to find that pretty much the whole map is checkered pink and black or there just errors! If you know anywhere to download these textures for free please refer them to me if not ill buy hl2 ep2 ???

Denied Authorizations / Joe smith 's Authorization Application
« on: May 05, 2013, 02:16:35 PM »
Player Section

Steam Name: [UHM]deadly sandwich
Age: 13
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): About a year
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: About 5 to 6 months

Character Section

A medical knowledge for being the resistance medic a knife, to defend myself as the resistance doesn't have enough weapon's for medics and being able to forge iron bars such as doors and defences from scrap metal

Name: Joe smith
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Resistance

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations.
He was a scavenger that scavenged for items (mostly in the construction site) he forged metal and made metal to sell he one day found a resistance that let him in and as he had medical knowledge they made him a medic. They gave him a knife one day as a loyalist found out about the resistance so he had to defend himself as he might be alone sometimes.

What will these authorizations give your character in regards to perks or defects?
Being able to have a hydraulic metal door on our base as my friend is applying for a hydraulic engineer, Defending myself from the cp as recently I couldn't And being able to heal the rebels in the resistance.

If a cp searches me I will get amputated, I could injure myself while forging, I may not be able to heal my friends icly in time.

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
I will make sure I don't get searched by getting a special safe maybe and storing my contraband, and I will keep the resistance icly fit and healthy.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))

Which server does this apply for?

Extra Notes (optional):

[UHM]deadlysandwich's Tool Trust Application

Age: 13
Time in HL2RP: about 4 months

Character Name(s):
Katy Robison, Alex Robinson, Joe Smith,

What will you use Tool Trust for?
With tool trust I will help Increase the role play I will make bars, Rebel hideouts(If allowed), and I could sell apartments/houses that are furnished, which will make people want a house more instead of wondering around the streets looking for something interesting to happen. I could also open up a shop that sells accessories like: cacti, flowers,  chessboard props, Little dolls like: the hula doll And newspapers.
Have you ever had Tool Trust removed? No

Authorization Applications / Re: Authorization Application System
« on: May 04, 2013, 12:34:51 PM »
Steam Name: [UHM]deadly sandwich
Age: 13
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): Whenever I first purchased Garry's Mod, which was about a year.
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: Bout 4 to 5 months
Character Section

May I have a black mask and a voice changer authorization as i am a rebel and and some loyalists might recognise that im a rebel and tell the CP and ill get amputated i still need to co operate with cwu workers as i Like to icly get my supplies and food.

Name: Joe Billsworth

 Age: 24
Gender: Male

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations.
You notice this is the journal page day: 64
 I've been beaten in city 18 now from the CP finding out I have a wife, they made me watch her amputation. After that I couldn't take that city I got help by a anti citizen friend to escape city 18 I finally made it out spending months eating bugs slowly starving I soon realised I needed to find proper food and a shelter I ran to the closest city(city 17) as I arrived I saw there has been a resistance outbreak I found a cp about to Murder the rebel when i pushed the CP out the way and he got shot by a rebel after that I was trusted by the resistance and was given a black mask and a voice changer to  disguise myself from resistance.

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