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General Discussion / Bye Mr NinjaShrimp
« on: May 19, 2013, 10:25:39 PM »
Okay, this is my goodbye to you guys.
But NinjaShrimp why are you leaving?
For a couple of reasons:
1. HL2RP is dead, more specifically Outlands, and that's why I stuck around the community, love dat serious RP.
2. The only time I really get on Gmod anymore is to play with IRL friends on TTT or deathrunwhatever, got on OCRP2 when it was out but that was pretty much it...
3. The community was oddly making me depressed whenever I was 'active'. I don't know what exactly triggered it but it just kind of happened like that. When I 'disappeared' for a long time last year I felt great, better than usual even, then when I came back the depression came back too. So, probably a healthier choice just to leave.

Either way I still had fun with you guys, will always remember the RP I had participated in and I thank you guys for that.

Uh... does this mean you're deleting me off of steam?
Nope, whoever I have on steam will stay unless you annoy me or whatever. Message me whenever to play games and such.

Ninja... You're suppose to get permission before posting a goodbye post aren't you?!
Don't worry bro I gotchu
Spoiler for Hiden:

So uh... kbai <3

General Discussion / San Diego Comic-Con 2013
« on: February 07, 2013, 03:18:24 PM »
Anyone plan on going to San Diego CC this year? I'll be there volunteering.

"Ask Me Anything" / Ask NinjaShrimp Anything
« on: February 01, 2013, 09:48:39 AM »
Go ahead and ask any question you want, serious or not.(Though I prefer serious questions.)

Accepted Authorizations / Garret Harris' Authorization Application
« on: January 31, 2013, 08:30:58 PM »
Player Section

Steam Name: NinjaShrimp
Age: 16
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): Around 5-6 Years
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: Around 3-4 Years

Character Section

Authorization(s): A good knowledge of Mechanical operations, mostly pertaining to vehicles.

Name: Garret Harris
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Resistance

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations.
Garret had a very stable, yet harsh upbringing.
He was born in Dublin, Ireland, near the coast and in a small town, yet still on one of the countries main road. His father, am Irishman, was one of the the most well known mechanics in all of Dublin, and although a drunk, and somewhat abusive, never missed a chance to teach his son his trade. His mother was a Japanese woman, who travelled often as a part of her job, left most of her son's upbringing to the father.

Garret stayed with is father for twenty-three years, learning much about the mechanic trade, not going to college but instead staying to work with his father at his repair shop. He learned nearly everything there was to learn about vehicles, from building them, to putting them back together, to destroying them, gutting the innards of the vehicles, all the wires and electronical equipment, and putting it all back again, in different places usually. The repair-shop itself also had a fair variety of vehicles come in besides your everyday car, such as motorcycles, Semi-trailor Trucks, RV's, even some Tractors, and helping to repairing them, learning as he went on.

Eventually, one of the few times his mother came home for a visit, he decided that he wanted to get out, and travel a bit, so he went with his mother on her travels throughout Europe, and even Asia, finally landing in Yokohama, Japan, for a brief family visit. Japan's massive auto-industry interested Garret greatly, as he was touring through the city, and came upon one of the countries massive production facilities. He was facinated by the level of technology that was used in making, and also put into the vehicles, everything seemed so much more advanced, although sometimes it seemed a bit unneccesary, even overdone.

Another thing that caught his interest during his stay was the modifications done to a lot of the vehicles he noticed around the city, some of them seemed like music studios on wheels, while others were a rolling mass of lights and hydraulics. One of his uncles introduced him to some of these vehicles, much to his delight, up close and personal in his garage, where they both tinkered with the vehicles and gave eachother ideas and suggestions.

~The Portal Storms/7-Hour-War~
On the way back to Dublin, Via flight from Moscow, Russia, the portal storms suddenly hit. The plane was forced down, landing somewhere in Europe, while the earth was ravaged by the portals. Garret, waited out the portal storms in a small town, not unlike his own, until he was sure it was safe enough to venture out (There is no definite time period here, from when the portals first started, to when the Combine invaded, but most likely a few months.), and made his way with a group of like-minded people back to France. On their way back, the Combine invasion took place, lasting 7 hours before earth surrendered. The group, along with Garret decided to gather what supplies they had, and head to the wilderness, hoping to hide and take refugue from the Combine who were either capturing earth's inhabitants, or killing them off.

~The Now~
Garret had been surviving on his own for some time, having left the group and finding other small bands of refugee's to stay with temporarily before moving on. He stayed for several months, in the wastelands outside of City45, keeping mostly to himself and shying away from the other refugee's and groups in the area.

But then the Combine made a massive cleaning of the area, and he fled, along with the other inhabitants, to the Mountains, where he is currently residing, sheltering in the cold Pass of Ineu.

What will these authorizations give your character in regards to perks or defects?
Ability to Repair, Maintain, and customize a large category of vehicles and other simple mechanical items.

My character will most likely be bothered constantly from other players in the Outlands, asking for my knowledge and expertise.
Any mistakes made by my character could end badly for whoever is in the way, such as engine failure, or say non-working brakes etc.

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
I hope to improve roleplay around me, helping whoever needs it with these perks, seeing as many people have vehicles iside of the Pass.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))

Which server does this apply for?

Extra Notes (optional): Nope

Social Discussion / What's your favorite Anime?
« on: June 19, 2012, 12:17:11 AM »
Mine is Angel Beats.

Media / Monstercat Media 007
« on: June 15, 2012, 03:03:55 PM »^Click it, I like how it sounds, especially Disconnected by: Pegboard nerds.^

Support & Help / Building a computer, what parts to get?
« on: May 28, 2012, 06:54:10 PM »
I'm building a gaming computer for the first time and I have no idea what parts to buy and such, I have around 6K to spend once I obtain the money. To all the people who have built a computer or know good parts please reply with some suggestions (Links are preferred).

Denied Authorizations / Nate Lee's Authorization Application
« on: May 03, 2012, 01:22:17 AM »
Player Section

Steam Name: NinjaShrimp
Age: 15
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): 4-5 Years
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: Around 2 years

Character Section

-Self Made Kevlar/Vest

Name: Nate Lee
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Resistance

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations.
Throughout the time in which Nate had been in the outlands he had collected Cloth/Kevlar ect, materials. I'll write two of these stories in Detail:

-A couple days after Nate had left the mountain pass in search of his cousin Richard, he had woken in an abandoned RV he had slept in. After gathering his things he started to head down the road in which he had awoken on. After traveling down this road for around 2-3 hours he had come upon a small gas station in which two combine APC's were parked, COTA standing beside them. So Nate fled back to the RV in fear of being outnumbered. The next morning he went back to find the wreckage of what used to be two combine APC's, and the bodies of the COTA Soldiers. Nate approached the bodies and took the ammunition from their pulse rifles, then unsheathed his combat knife harvesting the armor from the bodies, placing them inside his backpack.
-Two days after returning to the mountain pass Nate was walking along side the river towards the Bunker. While he was walking he heard an odd sound coming from above, like a bug buzzing or something. Out of curiosity Nate walked up the hill on his right, the sound seemed to come from the Garage. As he walked towards the Garage a bright orange projectile flew directly over Nate's head. Nate immediately hit the floor, and rolled behind a large set of rocks. Nate then slowly peered over them looking on top of the garage, there he saw a figure in a prone position holding a crossbow firing at someone across the cliffs. Nate then looked down to see a simple ladder leaning on the side of the building. Nate unsheathed his Combat knife and bolted towards the ladder. The figure then fired a shot at him, it missed landing near his foot. Nate then leaped onto the ladder climbing up quickly. He got up to see the figure dressed in Medical Attire for a resistance group of sorts. Nate then sprinted after the man, attempting to stab him. The man fell with Nate on top of him, holding back Nate's arms. Finally with one burst of might, Nate thrusted the knife into the mans chest, stabbing him three times. Nate sat down and cooled off, then took his knife scavenging what he could from the man's attire.
-The Making- Finding the needed tools to make this would take quite a while. Nate had searched all around the mountain-pass to find things such as a Needle and smaller threading. But after days of searching Nate had found a couple of paper clips to maybe use as a needle, and small string in order thread it together.But with Nate's lack of sewing skills he had done something a bit different. He decided to patch the materials he had found onto his blue C8 Jumpsuit. Layering it over the materials in the jumpsuit, double layering it creating a more protective material to wear. This had taken Nate days to finish, walking around with small patches of mis-colored clothing.

What will these authorizations give your character in regards to perks or defects?
-Limited Protection from on-coming attacks.

-More clothing to carry around, making it a bit more tiring to move around.
-Likely to be spotted more easily in the Mountain pass seeing as he is no longer in an old blue jumpsuit like everyone else.
-A burden of responsibility given by others around him, expecting a bit more than he thinks he can give.

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
I plan to enhance My, and everyone around me's Roleplay experiences offering new sorts of roleplay.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))
Nope, just me.

Which server does this apply for?

Extra Notes (optional):
For Raiden or Rofl to decide.

Social Discussion / Who's going to San Diego Comic-Con?!
« on: April 24, 2012, 02:53:13 PM »
Hey everybody, Post here if you're going to SDCC, I am.

IC Chat / Nate Lee's Journal (Outlands)
« on: April 19, 2012, 09:22:40 PM »
//This can't be found yet seeing as he isn't in the mountain pass right now.

Entry 1,
Found this journal in a cabin along my way, ripped out all the pages that have been written in... a bunch of letters not forming words.... Wierd stuff.
Legs are tired, back is sore... and I still wonder if my cousin is even alive... I wonder how things are going back at the mountain pass, Len's probably expanded the Alliance quite a bit, I hope nobody took my place in Civiwatch... Oh well, off to sleep... God my feet hurt.

IC Chat / A hand written note on the Civiwatch Board of Info.
« on: March 15, 2012, 03:49:33 PM »
I will be out of the area for a while, not sure how long. Heard rumor of some family still alive somewhere beyond the mountain pass... I'll let you know when I get back...

-Nate Lee

(Written in Red pen, sloppy hand writing)

Creations / NinjaShrimpGames
« on: February 23, 2012, 03:39:53 PM »
Hey guys, I made a gaming channel on youtube (No idea if I should post it in this thread, but oh well...)
I'm currently working on a simple Skyrim Let's play, Feel free to check it out at
Please leave tips and suggestions on there, seeing as I'm new to the whole Gaming channel thing.

Outside City 45 / Nate Lee's post on the Social room wall [IC]
« on: February 12, 2012, 02:27:50 AM »
Hey guys, I fixed the camera system in the bunker and set up a station to view through the cameras. It's in the garage so only authorized people can view the feed.
-Nate Lee
(All in a bit of a sloppy handwriting)

Accepted Authorizations / Nate Lee's Authorization Application
« on: February 06, 2012, 02:39:32 AM »
Player Section

Steam Name: [CG] NinjaShrimp
Age: 15
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): About 4 Years
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: About 2 Years

Character Section

Authorization(s): To have advanced Mechanical/Technical Knowledge 

Name: Nate Lee
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Affiliation: CivviWatch Alliance, Outlands

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations:
Nate Lee was a young boy when learning the art of creation. By the age of Five his father had taught him to make a simple birdhouse out of wood. Then at age 9 his older brother (Age 28, Job as a theoretical Scientist) Had taught him how make a basic pair of binoculars out of things such as cans and even wood, Just to use to spy on girls. By the age of 14 he learned to build a basic computer, Learning from the internet. And at age 17 his father (A car mechanic at the time) had taught him many things about fixing and even building Cars. When Nate had turned 21, Still captivated in Mechanics, Had gotten a job as an on duty Mechanic on Camp Pendleton Military Base, CA. There he learned, aside from his regular duties, to repair and just the base of creating weaponry from the On base Mechanical operations soldiers. (Creating weaponry and repairing, not all functional and not asking for flags.) From being fired from his job on base for coming into work drunk, at age 23 Nate had taken over his Father's business in Vehicle repair. At age 26 Nate's father passed away from lung cancer, since then Nate had found the only way he could remember the feeling of being with his father was through building. Nate had then lived in the same town for a couple years until the unfortunate attack of the Combine. Since then he has been in the outer area's of City 45. He has made many contraptions, including an Air purifier during the Major heatwave in City 45, A simple Hearing device used to hear at longer ranges (which broke shortly after), An enhanced pair of two radio's that provided video as well as audio calls, and A personal Portable computer fit into a suitcase. He had also repaired a numerous amount of machines including A simple air conditioning unit, the repair of a damaged pistol belonging to one of his allies, and a broken engine of an alliance Jalopy. And through his travels Nate has met others who have helped him learn along the way. And currently Nate takes refuge in the bunker, inhabited by the alliance, helping out with what he knows.

Detailed Creation Stories

Air Purifier: On the day of the massive heat wave in C45, Nate Lee had stayed inside to avoid the heat, but the cool air inside the building was running short. So he had an idea of creating an A/C unit, which didn't work because it had over-heated. So instead of doing it himself he turned to a friend, whom was knowledgeable in many sciences, to help him create a contraption of that would purify the air and water, making the heatwave a bit more bearable. Nate himself didn't know the science within the project but was given details from his friend on how it would work and how it would need to be setup. So, during the time of the heatwave, Nate had gone outside in short trips, trying not to feint from the heat, to gather various materials from the small canal in D6. After hours of gathering, he constructed a numerous set of pipes, pumps, and all sorts of mechanisms, following what his friend had told him to do. And then after the construction was complete, they turned on the machine and had created a less air polluted area to be in, while bearing the heatwave.
Hearing Device: In the outer area of City 45, Nate had been watching an OTA squad with his friend Dave Modern. They had no knowledge of where the squad was headed and where they were going to look for refugees. So after many minutes of brainstorming Nate had thought of a contraption acting as an amplified Microphone in which would be attached to small speakers, that way wherever they had pointed the device, they could hear from a great distance. So Nate and Dave had scavenged for parts to make this device for around three hours. They had used various things such as broken radios, and other electronics. After 2 hours of building the device was done, but the OTA were gone. So instead Nate tested it on a group of refugees in the distance, and shortly after use the device had broken and had become useless.
Enhanced Radio: After the failure of his listening device, Nate had constructed another plan in order to get information. Instead of using just a radio to communicate, Nate had thought of a plan to make a radio that would also provide Video as well as audio, that way he could see as well as hear what the person was talking about. So after hours of tinkering with his handheld radio, Nate had figured out he still needed a stronger receiver for the radio, and a small enough screen to fit on it. It had taken days to search for this one part (technically two, for the other radio), and had made Nate furious, but on one day of searching Nate was lucky to find an intact Cellular Phone. He had taken the screen and receiver from the phone and had implemented them into the radio. After days searching for another phone, he had made the second radio. He then tested them finding of that they worked great, but had lost them on his journey into the mountains.

What will these authorizations give your character in regards to perks or defects?

The ability to Create and use different contraptions
The ability to repair Mechanical and technical Items

Not all contraptions or creations will work
This will make his social skills drop in some ways
All resources will have to be found and RP'd
Creations will take long periods of time till finished

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
Help people who need it, such as repair machines that have been damaged, Un-Jam weapons, Create Roleplay situations involving computers/Machines Ect.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))
Just me.

Which server does this apply for?

Extra Notes (optional):
As far as the weaponry part goes, I'm not asking for those flags(as it's a part of the rules :P).

General Discussion / I'll be gone for a while
« on: January 23, 2012, 04:50:21 PM »
So, if your wondering why Ive been gone its because I had my computer taken away by my parents for doing some bad stuff.... So yeah.... Hopefully I'll be back around next month!! I just really hope my CP doesn't get deleted in the meantime.

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