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As of today i am banning THAT BAD WORD WE CAN'T USE ANYMORE from joining our party.  THAT BAD WORD WE CAN'T USE ANYMORE are the skum of the earth and must be denied basic human rights.  Anyone caught talking or selling to THAT BAD WORD WE CAN'T USE ANYMORE will be exiled. THAT BAD WORD WE CAN'T USE ANYMORE are still welcome to our Party we love stingy people.  Please remember to also wipe your ass. 

~Joe Iskava - Head Chairman of the People's Loyalist Party


As of today i am Appointing Ted Simmons to City 45's Head Chairman of the People's Workers Party.  I will head over City 18's and the global delegation party of Workers United.  Ted comes from City 45's Civil Workers Party and has graciously served as the Organizer for hundreds of years (He is real old).  Part of our global operations are to convert all Worker Party's into our ranks.  Loyalists of City 45 be on your best behavior.  New Armbands and supplies will be en-route in the following days along with new symbols and misc items (And recycling bins). 

~Joe Iskava - Head Chairman of the People's Loyalist Party

Donation Questions and Trades / Rainbow Physguns
« on: March 23, 2015, 07:22:08 PM »
To put it blunt the Rainbow Physguns me and a couple others donated just to get on the 6th-7th. Every time we message Rofl he bullshits and says he will do it soon but soon goes by and i feel like im getting nothing but bullshit out of it.  I dont remember the list of the others but the amount of effort being put in to catering to donations is ridiculous. Some of us have even donated for other things a month ago and NEVER GOT IT. 

Maybe a forum thread will get attention...

Suggestions / Propisition 22
« on: March 21, 2015, 03:56:49 PM »
On this day, March 21st 2015 the Board of Trustees of Adamnetwork Incorporated has drafted Proposition 22 which will call for the following:

  • The Resurrection of OCRP 1.5
  • Resurrection of Catalyst FM with a new non dumb DJ Council
  • Forum Games to be moved to General Discussion
  • Live Streams removed.
  • Forum games to be moved to other games

Due to the eventful delay after delay after even more delays of "CGRP" we feel it is best to begin a movement to bring back OCRP.  This is in popular demand of plenty of players and hopefully could pickup traction and get CG More cash. After careful review we also chose to stick with 1.5 due to 2 being very shit and terrible (The GUI sucks worse than the actual code).  With that being said this would also call for CatalystFM to be brought back and with a new DJ Council.  Other than these we have moved to continue voting for cleaning up more of the forums to keep them simple and streamlined for more gamemodes/future causes.   

Feel free to comment on this or express your support for OCRP.  Ty have good day.

People's Loyalist Party / SPECIAL NOTICE: Doughnut Thursday
« on: March 19, 2015, 02:30:49 PM »

I would like to inform everyone that today is Thursday March 19th which is our annual Doughnut appreciation day.  All civil protection officers and high ranking citizens are entitled to 3 doughnuts for free.  For more information stop by the local People's Loyalist Party bakery located downtown.

~Joe Iskava - Head Chairman of the People's Loyalist Party

Bug Reports / Stuff that is still broke but no one noticed.
« on: February 16, 2015, 02:25:10 PM »
This is for Somone and Princess Luna,
Bans page wont load i doubt much does on that tab anyways.
The link in TS3 to change your rank does not work anymore.  But no one uses TS3 much anymore lol

General Discussion / What did you get for Christmas?
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:08:36 PM »
As Christmas looms and some of us ungrateful cunts done got our presents/gifts i guess i can make this early.

  • Refer to Rule 1
  • Weed/Hash/Marry Jane/Cocaine/etc is not a Christmas Present
  • Do not make stupid replies to others stuff (ex. lul the vibrating dilldo is better than that standard one).

For Christmas this year instead of my Dad getting me something i let him keep his money to use for his self and bought him a pair of shoes.  This is all i got myself for Christmas.

1x Tall Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino.
Click to see the original size.

1x Blue Yeti Microphone
1x RODE PSA1 Mic Boom Arm
1x Pop Filter
1x Blue Yeti custom spider shockmount
1x DXRacer OH/RF0/NR Chair
Click to see the original size.

1x Catbed for the cat
Click to see the original size.

1x December Subscription LootCrate
Click to see the original size.

1x Obsidian 750D
Click to see the original size.

1x Alvin G2540-B Swing Arm Lamp (Prob gonna regret buying a cheap lamp)
Click to see the original size.

1x Razer Vespula
Click to see the original size.

1x Rolodex Mesh Collection Oval Supply Caddy
Click to see the original size.

1x Google Chromecast
Click to see the original size.

1x Rust (Thanks boss)

1x 25$ Steam Balance Purchase

3x Pair of Pajama Bottoms (Gotta dry them first then ill put a pic)

Suggestions / Civilization Board and Propisition 21.
« on: December 14, 2014, 04:07:19 PM »
Sup dawgs,
Alright so ill skip around; Other Games should be renamed to just Games. This makes a lot more sense and i believe this section can be used better. And Live Streams should be moved into it.  Also a Civ board inside Games would be nice seeing Civ5 is being patched.

Second is Propisition 21 which calls for a complete forum cleanup.  Why stop with VIP?  Lets get rid of all the useless boards no one uses anymore in a effort to de-clutter the forums.

Will we ever have another Garry's Mod Racer server? No.
Will we ever have another  Cinema Server?  I hope not. Cinema is a failure itself now.
Will we ever have another Trouble in Terrorist Town server?  No, TTT is too full of junky servers.
Will we ever have another Team Fortress 2 server?  No.
Will we have another Minecraft server? Its failed so many times i dont see why we even have a board.
Will we have another rust server?  It was poorly taken care of to begin with. I dont think its useful to keep the board.   

CatalystFM is debatable, it might be useful when CGRP is eventually done but for now it wont hurt to hide the board.

HL2RP Admin Ranks need trashed.  Seeing HL2RP wont be coming back i dont see why they are kept.

Apart from this we should begin a Public Archive section specifically for the Old HL2RP Boards and the Current one.  Located at the VERY bottom of the forums this would house old but useful stuff (Unlike many gamemode boards we got). 

To me i believe these changes would benefit the community. The reason behind it all is an act to move forward to the future rather than continue to be shadowed by our past and failures.  I believe keeping the forum up to date is a major part of a community that is in a transition period which CG is in as we work on new gamemodes and only have 1 running.  When new players join the forums they will be confused by all these gamemodes we have thinking we actually have servers for them... to only be saddened to know they are all gone yet we keep the skeleton hanging. Apart from this some board icons would be neat (I do know mods and use one myself that does this easily). 

To end this all of this is my personal opinion.  I know all our opinions are different and some of you will pitch a giant fit about some parts of this (Ranks).  But that's why its a suggestion. 

In Character / **Strong Wind Patterns**
« on: November 06, 2014, 06:12:31 PM »
Citizens Side:
**After being under JW for the entire day you come out of the apartments to notice tons of refuse has blown into the plaza making it challenging to walk through the plaza** 

**An hour later you look outside and notice PLP members using automated scrapers to move the refuse out of the way to form paths around the plaza**

Out of Character for OOC:
Just Jump in

People's Loyalist Party / SPECIAL NOTICE: Out of Blue Recycling Bins.
« on: November 05, 2014, 11:58:29 AM »

I would like to inform everyone that we are offically out of Blue Recycling Bins in both of our warehouses.  If you have signed up and not received one you will get one in the next month or two.  Thank you for your wait and we will continue our ongoing campaign at bringing a full recycling system to City45.

~Joe Iskava - Head Chairman of the People's Loyalist Party

People's Loyalist Party / Civil Workers Union Takeover
« on: October 30, 2014, 01:19:40 PM »

Fellow workers, party members, observers of the city; It is with great pleasure that today i announce the complete takeover of the Civil Workers Union.  After many month of delegation and talks the Civil Workers Union has been dismembered due to the constant inactivity and ethics violations brought on by the former CWU Foreman.  As of today all current CWU members will have the choice of joining in the Loyalist Party or not.  All CWU owned buildings have been transferred to the Loyalists Party. All stock/inventory belonging to the CWU are being transferred to the Party storage building and will be counted before being sold off. We thank you all for your cooperation and will begin more events throughout the city as the weeks progress.  Thank you for your time and have a Loyalist day. 

~Joe Iskava - Head Chairman of the People's Loyalist Party

Event Tracking / [Event 2] PLP Sidestreet Cafe
« on: April 20, 2014, 11:50:54 AM »

Event Name: The Kato Loyalist Party Cafe

Event Number: 1
Workers Name: Joe Iskava
Rank: Chairman

The People's Loyalist Party after 2 weeks blending into the new city finally saw the first train of refugees come in from City8.  To kick this off we opened our brand new Side Street cafe as we get our Construction Permits approved so we can begin work on a HQ.  We sold a good bit of new food as City45 has a huge network of supply routes to order from.  We also met with some of the Divsion Leaders (What they called themselves).  And discussed the future of the city.  We saw little CWU Activity and in the following days will begin deploying more Party Members out to spread the word of the Party. 

(Pics coming soon).

How i could have made this event better:
Better construction.  The cafe was literally plywood.

Suggestions for the Worker's Party:
Get the permits cleared asap. Sissor Lift will be imported soon.


Applications / Adam S's Auth App
« on: April 19, 2014, 08:12:45 PM »
Player Section

Steam Name: Adamnetwork
How long have you been roleplaying? (can be any game): 6 Years
How long have you been playing Garry's Mod serious roleplay?: 4 Years

Character Section

c - Chair Flag
T - Enhanced Tool Trust
D - Dupe Flag
P - PAC3

Name: Joe Iskava
Age: -unknown-
Gender: Male
Affiliation: People's Loyalist Party Chairman

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
Building, Saving my shops,  Advanced Building, Communism purposes.  You know, loyalist based stuff.  I really plan to make some decent shops with this stuff.  I dont know how i could make more sentences out of that. Also PAC3 for my Chairman so i can add his clipboard, armband, and misc items to his character.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))

Extra Notes (optional):
I already got f and w flags. I could use these for more RP.

Event Tracking / [Event 1] The Kato Loyalist Party Cafe
« on: April 02, 2014, 06:09:02 PM »

Event Name: The Kato Loyalist Party Cafe

Event Number: 1
Workers Name: Joe Iskava
Rank: Chairman

The People's Loyalist Party enter City8! To kick off our arrival we re-modeled the old Kato Cafe and built a 4 star restaurant! The place went off well and it was very nicely done.  We had a couple citizens but overall the advertisement was so poor it was a bust.  We plan next time to make major advertisements however. 

(Pics coming soon).

How i could have made this event better: We could have had more advertisement and opened faster.

Suggestions for the Worker's Party: Work more.


People's Loyalist Party / Joining The People's Loyalist Party
« on: March 29, 2014, 08:48:10 PM »


To join the People's Loyalist Party you must prove to us that we want you in our Party.  We have no Application cycles, we will find you if we want you.  Asking to join the Party will result in a blacklist from the Party and all future events.  We only allow Membership to people who are Physically Fit and can do simple tasks.  If you cannot do Simple Tasks do not bother showing up to any events. We also evaluate you on attitude, so watch yourself.  If you have any questions on this please consult our Chairman.

Joe Iskava
Chairman of The People's Loyalist Party

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