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"Ask Me Anything" / Ask GamingZealot anything.
« on: April 28, 2013, 10:03:47 PM »
Seems like most people have one of these and I never have, so figure I'd make one. Been inactive for a while and just came back a few weeks ago, but feel free to ask me anything if you know me and I'll answer it.

Denied PK Appeals / Daniel Newport's PK appeal.
« on: July 14, 2012, 10:08:40 PM »
(I'm making this PK appeal for Krusader because I am acting as the spokes person for the Red Union fiasco on our side as I did in the other post that Jonco locked.)
Steam Name: Krusader
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:13295661
Character Name: Daniel Newport
Admin who issued PK: Jonco (he thinks)
Reason for Un-PK:

This topic holds all of the reason why the PK should be undone and most of the arguments others have made against it. If you don't want to read it, I guess I'll give a brief overview of what I orrigionally said, but I suggest reading it before commenting/making a decision. Essentially the RP that the PK was based on had ZEALOT using a rediculous bug that I was told is not going to be used anymore, metagaming during the recruitment phase that caused the ZEALOT unit to allow himself to be taken, and changing the description of that undercover ZEALOT unit to avoid death.

P.S: On a side note one reason this PK appeal was not made earlier was that I did not view the issue I brought up to be under PK appeal because in order for this PK to be undone I wanted the entire RP from the ZEALOT units abduction on to be voided, but I guess I'm making this appeal since Jonco locked the thread and  told me to.

Accepted Outlands Appeals / Jack Wither's Outlands appeal
« on: July 08, 2012, 07:05:49 AM »
Steam Name:GamingZealot
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:33840955
Character Name: Jack Wither
Reason for the switch: Went to join a friend assuming he would be on the city server and saw the HL2 title and just clicked on Jack Wither. As soon as a saw the spawn I left without leaving spawn area.
If required, write a detailed backstory on how your character left the outlands: No outlands backstory, got the servers mixed up.
Time when it happened(if mis-click): About 6:56 EST on July/9/2012

IC Chat / <:||OFC.158 Private Logs||:>
« on: November 06, 2011, 07:17:26 PM »
Isolating file......
Moving to offline data storage......
Saving Files......
Beginning audio log......

   This is my first log ever as I have never seen fit to keep a record of my actions. However, something occurred recently that I feel must be recorded from my point of view. Because some of the things I wish to say on the matter I was forced to hide this file and encrypt it so that no one will hear what I have to say until I am either gone or have moved past such things. I feel the need to record what has happened somewhere, else I be consumed by the feelings of guilt that have been haunting me. I will begin at what started it.
   Two days ago, I came out of stasis and began my normal duties as usual, making sure everything was running smoothly with the CCA. There was a meeting in the Nexus with EPU.435 and the UNION high command, but I saw no need to interrupt as I believed it was well under control. Shortly after I noticed the meeting, a biosignal was lost in the HCMR. Naturally I radioed in what caused it and immediately ran down to the HCMR. When I arrived I found EPU.435 dead on the ground at DvL.252's feet, surrounded by OFC.713, OFC.522, and DvL.313. I was speechless as I stared at the corpse of my constant comrade, a man I thought would always be by my side to help the Union. I stood by DvL.313's side, hoping for some sign explanation of why this had happened, but all he gave was to tell DvL.252 to inform him before killing his units. After he left, it was all I could do to pay my respects to my fallen ally and then leave. I was struck by grief and immediately went back into stasis to try and forget what had happened, if only for a short while. When I came back out of stasis, I was faced with a bigger problem. How was I going to tell 01.935 what had happened?
   I composed myself and called 935 down to the HCMR where I awaited him. When he arrived, we went through the normal etiquette procedures, and then we got down to the important part. As I was about to tell him what had happened, the memories of the event came rushing back and I could barely squeeze out the words “435 has been amputated.” It was immediate, I could see it. 435 and I were close comrades, friends even, but he and 01.935 were brothers. The words struck him like a physical blow and he became absent for a minute. His first words were those of loss and mourning of an extreme level. However, quickly those emotions turned into rage as he required someone to blame for this loss. He grabbed my Kevlar and shouted at me in his senseless rage, blaming me for the loss of 435. He continued about how I should have done something to stop it from happening. As he went on, every word struck like a physical blow. The only remaining person I can call a friend accusing me of causing the death of another of my closest comrades. The worst part was some of me agreed with his words, asked the other parts why I hadn’t at least tried to save 435. I felt like a coward, but the situation had to be dealt with. I gently pried 935’s accusing hands off of me and tried to calm him down. He would not be calmed and simply took a step back and glared at me. Before I could say anything else, OFC.713 walked in and said he needed the HCMR. I gave it to him so as not to arouse and suspicion in him, and we headed down to the spare room.

   Once we reached the spare room, we continued our conversation. 935 still refused to be consoled, and in anger, accused me of caring about my life over anything else and being too cowardly to save 435. In his rage, he tried to storm out. I knew if I let him leave it at that, I would have lost more than one friend in such a short time. I called to him to wait and then grabbed him by the shoulder. Rather than the intended effect of getting him to wait till I could calm him, his anger finally broke over the top. He turned and threw a punch at me with his opposite arm. In pure reflex, I brought up my arm to grab his and stop the punch. Unfortunately I am still not used to my new arms and I heard the worse sound up to that point in my life, the sound of 935’s wrist breaking. I released him in horror and he stepped back clutching his wrist. I couldn’t believe what I had done to my ally. I approached him to help, but he backed off in fear. When he backed against a wall I thought he would have to let me approach, but like a cornered animal, he broke and charged me. My reflexes kicked in again and I threw a hard punch right at his face. The force of it connecting shattered his facemask and knocked him out cold. As the shards flew out, blood spewed from his face as they cut him, obscuring my view. I sank to my knees unable to comprehend what I had done. When had I become this person who could casually level and cause so much damage to the one he considered his closest friend. I am a monster. I quickly realized; however, that these thoughts did nothing for 935 who was laying unconscious and hesitated a moment longer, and then I scooped him up and carried him to the med bay.  I called up EPU.509 and he treated 935 as I waved aside any questions about how he got in the state he was in and waited for the diagnosis.

   I had no idea how I was going to treat this. As I was pondering, 509 finished and I was informed what would happen. He had lost his left eye in from a fragment, but his arm would likely heal or only have minor complications. I went in to see him immediately. At first he was too disoriented to even know where he was, but as soon as he got his bearings, I was thrown a ray of hope. He didn’t remember what had happened that had put him in this state, not even that 435 was dead. I was overcome with relief at this and told him some story about how a door had malfunctioned and fallen upon him, breaking his arm as he tried to shelf himself and then shattering his helmet. I quickly excused myself from his presence as I was being called by 713. He had construed another event that could have been conceivably contrived just to brighten my day. He and I gave 435 a 21 gun salute from the rooftop. It was highly irregular and would probably get us in trouble had anyone witnessed it, but have never known a unit so deserving of such an honor. After that, I realized I still had one more loose end to clean up. I went down into the MOC and accessed the video recording files.  Pulled up the file of the time that I beat up 935 and did some editing. I looped the video footage of us talking to cover the entire section, and then corrupted a file at the end so that it looked as if there was a short glitch in the camera. It was the best I could do but if anyone happened to watch that footage it would allay suspicion from my actions. I then left feeling secure in my work and went about completing my daily tasks. The next day it was time for me to promote 935 and 01.147 to EPU since they had passed their tests. This was sort of weird considering 935’s recent actions, but it was my duty and I forgave 935. I had already re-stated to him that 435 had died, but I was more cautious and he took it with only grief instead of anger. Before I promoted 935, I went to the armory for his armband. I was choked up when I went into the EPU supplies and saw the uniform that had used to contain 435. Suddenly inspired in a way to make up to 935 what had happened, I grabbed the armband of 435 and went to the HCMR where I called 935. He entered and I quickly informed him he had been selected to be promoted. If he was happy to hear that news, it was doubled when I tossed him his new armband and told him whose it was. I have done all I can to make sure that 435 is remembered how he should be and to protect 935. I have made this file to relieve some of my guilt, and maybe someday I will give it to 935 so he can know what really happened.  For now I am done, and I’m not sure if I will continue at a later date.

File encrypting…...


Half-Life 2 Roleplay / Lol guns.
« on: September 28, 2011, 07:46:51 PM »
Just today a guy named Jamie Johnson (Steam:Excaliburkton) came onto the server. He didn't speak in proper english in IC chat or OOC and failed to /me many of the things he should have. This is normal, up to the point he pulled a shotgun out of his ass in the UCH. Not only is this a complaint against him for dissobeying rule #21, but also against our donation policy. What good is a serious server if anyone who donates can get lolguns if they are willing to spend some money? Because that's what he did apparently, donated and got guns to abuse. Some kind of action needs to be taken about this because things like this make dealing with minges that much more frustrating.

P.S.: It wasn't just a shotgun either, no, he also had a crossbow, an Ar2, and a .357. Citizens can't use ar2s due to biolocks and why should having extra dough around be able to turn you into a walking armory?

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