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News and Announcements / [2013-27-04] Orange Cosmos RP 2 - Update
« on: April 27, 2013, 01:20:01 PM »

OCRP2 Update

  • Fixed the baseball bat exploit.
  • Fixed the rest of the issues with the carpentry book. You can now use it again.
  • Fixed being spammed with hints after crafting.
  • Fixed the demote function for the mayor again. You can now also demote people who are bus drivers, dispatcher, swat, secret service and so on.
  • RP name now shows when selling items instead of Steam name.
  • Fixed the nexus area not being big enough (finally).
  • Fixed most of the golf colors being invisible.
  • Fixed missing sounds.
  • Added /.// and /[[ for local ooc chat. Also added /r for radio chat.
  • Fixed missing materials in the store menu.
  • Fixed secret service body armor still showing.
  • Added string.lower for chat commands. /rAdIo will now also work.
  • Khub fixed issues with ooc, and looc chat.
  • Fixed being able to get really weird colors with the color picker. It will now clamp between 0 and 255 when you try to purchase.
  • Moved the PM system to net messages.
  • Fixed being able to close the mayor event menu with OCRP2_CloseMenus
  • Fixed errors when opening the librarian menu.

I know not all of the issues have been fixed yet, but expect another update tomorrow with more fixes. I wanted to get this out of the door, so I didn't have time to fix everything.

This update is marked as "Version 4". Type OCRP2_Version in console to check if this has gone live on the servers before reporting that stuff does not work ;)

News and Announcements / [2013-24-04] Orange Cosmos RP 2 - Update
« on: April 24, 2013, 02:01:57 PM »

OCRP2 Patch & Update

  • Fixed the rest of the silkicons being purple and black.
  • RP names now show in proper colors for regular players as well.
  • Fixed dialog, realtor and shop menus sometimes glitching. If there are more menus with this issue, report it please.
  • Fixed female models not getting selected when you choose it in the character menu. People who wanted to be females will sadly have to purchase a sex change, sorry.
  • Hopefully fixed issue where you would get stuck on the phone menu.
  • Police officers, the chief, swat units and the dispatcher can now access the police pc by hitting F1 on a computer prop.
  • Body armor no longer shows up on secret service agents. They still have it though.
  • Fixed the body armor item for players. It didn't give any real armor before.
  • Fixed getting autobanned for leaving while arrested, even when you payed your bail, or just right after you've served your time.
  • Fixed inventory glitch. ~ Tomasas <3.
  • Added a check so you can not double equip a weapon.
  • Fixed weapons being removed if you drop the same weapon you have equipped.
  • Fixed areas not going below the ground. They now go from -1000 to 1000.
  • Fixed not being able to reset your skills if you had carpentry.
  • You can no longer talk while you are dead. ~ Tomasas.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to see license plates while other can. ~ Tomasas.
  • Fixed fine menu not showing for the player if he was handcuffed.
  • Thanks to OzJackal the dodge charger for police officers now has a new vehicle script. More will come, and improvements will be done.
  • Added a OCRP2_Version command. This way you can always see if an update has gone live. This update is marked as number 3.

There's quite a lot of major fixes in this patch, so i hope you are all happy with it. If anything on the list still occurs, please post it in the bug reports section for OCRP2.

This update will apply once the server has restarted. If ocrp2_version works, then the update is live on the server.


OCRP2 Patch & Update

  • It doesn't matter if you are the owner of the vehicle or not, you can still use the headlights as long as you are the driver.
  • When you exit a vehicle, it will now lock if you are the owner, buddies with the owner, or in the same org as the owner.
  • All weapons now have custom holster time instead of all being at 10 seconds.
  • Added new radio stations.
  • Extended the hud capacity for rp names to hold maximum 15 chars. If your name is longer than that, it will cut down to 12 chars and add two dots to the end like before.
  • Dispatchers now get a notify when a player joins or leaves a government job.
  • Bus drivers and tow truck drivers can now use the /radio command.
  • Government vehicles now get custom license plates. It will say GOV-XXXX. This means you can now look them up on the police computer.
  • Boosted police officer paycheck. Turns out they got the same as citizens.

There are possibly more, but i only started making this list like an hour ago.
None of the bug fixes has been listed here. But many bugs has been fixed.

You can find all the bugs that has been fixed in the Fixed Bugs section. You can also view all the current bugs in the Bug Reports section. When reporting a bug, please make sure it does not already exist in the bug reports section. A bug might have been considered "fixed", and then moved, but if you are able to recreate the bug again after this patch, please just post a new bug report on it.

News and Announcements / Orange Cosmos RP 2 Release Thread
« on: April 19, 2013, 08:50:57 AM »

November 02, 2011 - The day when OCRP 1.5 was released. It’s been over a year ago since the last "version" of CG's OCRP was released.
OCRP has had many ups and downs. We've had periods with little to no players, and we've had periods where the server has been full almost 24/7; but really, the design of OCRP was getting a bit old. All of the oranges and the orange GUI was poor, and more fit for the Orange Cosmos community.

On June 16, 2012, I told Kronic to announce that OCRP2 was in the making. After a few months of rumours and leaking from a specific admin, people we're officially told about OCRP2.
Not much was announced about the game mode, we were just making it official that it was being worked on.

A little less than a year ago, I took this project upon me and started working on it. The planned release date was the 24th September. That was the first date Garry set for GMod 13 to launch. Sadly, he pushed it a month, which also gave me more time to work on OCRP2.
Sometime mid October, our HDD on our dedicated server crashed. We were not able to recover any data from it, and because of our stupidity, not much was backed up. I had to recode OCRP2 70% of OCRP2. Luckily I had all the client side code, saved on my own PC.
After bashing myself through coding everything again, we're ready. We're ready to the release of Orange Cosmos Role-play 2.

Catalyst Gaming Proudly Presents...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Release Countdown


Server #1
Status: Offline
Players: 0/55

Server #2
Status: IP: Invalid server "OCRP2"
Players: Invalid server "OCRP2"
Invalid server "OCRP2"

With over 150 additions to the gamemode, OCRP2 is focused around giving the gamemode what it’s always been missing. When coding OCRP1.5, it was just myself and my own ideas, plus a few from the suggestion board.
With OCRP2, a select group of administrators were put together, thrown a board for discussions and suggestions, and they had the freedom to suggest everything they've ever wanted to see in Orange Cosmos RP.

Orange Cosmos Roleplay 2 Changelog

Completely Reset
After around 2 years with the same database, it has gotten boring. Everyone had what they needed, and the economy was completely bombed to the ground.
The best choice was to reset everything with this large update.
We deeply apologize for those of you who have worked really hard to achieve what you have now, but please see this as a fresh new opportunity to start over and work your way up to the top.
Everything is now balanced as good as possible, and we hope that this way, it will all work out better.

New Design
With the new name, OCRP2, comes a fresh new design.
Everybody has gotten tired of all the oranges, and the stupid round boxes, so I thought it was time for something new.
All menus have been replaced with a clean new design, as well as the HUD has been completely redesigned as well.
Thank you very much to Vizion for the new amazing HUD he has thrown together.

OCRP2 Balanced
With a full reset of everything, everything had to be balanced so nobody would fly sky high with money in 5 days.
It has been balanced as much as possible, and hopefully, this will work out better.
Everything from some spare metal, to the veyron has been balanced to fit the economy.
All cars have also been re-priced to fit their speed and handling.

New Equip System (Weapons)
A new system for weapons has been implanted.
You will now have to equip weapons to use them.
When equipped, it will take x amount of seconds to unequip your weapon again.
When you die, you will lose all equipped weapons. If you hold the gun out when dying, you will drop it like normally.
Think before you equip a gun. Is it really needed?

New Police "Level" System
Within the police job, you can "rank" up. To start off with, nothing has been lowered. Its all as it currently was at OCRP1.5, only additions has been added.
You start off as a regular police officer with the current items like you are used to. You can still take items from the lockers and everything.
The more play time you gain, the higher police rank you get. The higher rank you get, the better service pistol you get. More damage, less recoil, more bullets in the magazine.
You also gain more bullets by default, as well as with the high police ranks, you also get a police shotgun by default as well as more ammo for that by default.

Vehicle Rental System
The new vehicle rental system supports 3 different time periods you can rent most vehicles for.
You can rent vehicles for 20 minutes at a time.
When inside of your vehicle, it will show you how long time you have left until the car will be removed.
You are not able to upgrade or respray your rented vehicle.
The license plate will also indicate that the vehicle is rented.
After the time has ran out, the vehicle will be removed and you will be notified with a hint.
You can locate the NPC to rent vehicles at the big bills hell's. Same place you purchase vehicles.

New Private Message System
To send a private message you must use your phone. Press the email logo on your phone.
It will open the PM menu. Type in a receiver and the message (use rp names).
The person will then have a message pop up on his screen, he can then read it and press "reply" to send a PM back to you.
Hints are added in case the person does not own a phone, if the name is invalid or if his inbox is "full".

Police Computer
A nice new system, that police officers can use when pressing F2 while looking at their vehicle has been implanted.
It works like a police database for searching and checking various common things.
License Plate Checks
By typing in a license plate in the correct field on the computer, it is able to find the owner of that vehicle for you.
The player is required to be on the server for you to check their vehicle, tho does not need to have their vehicle spawned.
Property Check
No more metagaming doors as an officer. Select a property in the police computer, and it will display the owner to you.
Warrant Requests
The new ability to request a search warrant using this new system. Type in the RP name of someone you want to request a search warrant for, and it will do the rest of the work for you.
If there’s a mayor, he will receive a menu popup with the request, and he can then accept it.
If there’s no mayor, but there’s a chief, he will then receive the request.
If there’s no mayor and no chief, the computer will automatically accept the request, and warrant the player right away.

Vehicles Optimized
In OCRP2 I've taken the time to go over every single vehicle script, and modify them all.
They have all been "pimped" up a bit, and they should overall be a lot better than they used to in OCRP1.5.
This means that the vehicle menu also has fully updated information about the vehicles.
None of the vehicles are 100% perfect, but i've done what I was a capable of. I'm not quite the big vehicle scripter.
The prices are based of speed, steering, acceleration and design. A BMW going 60 mph with a beautiful design, could cost more than some unknown brand going 90 mph.

Smuggle System
If you have played Harbor RP before, you will know what smuggling is about. This system is simular to the one from HRP, but still different.
The goal is to purchase illegal goods from an NPC hidden in the map. There are 4 items you can purchase, and they all have a different cost. The higher the cost, the higher the payout in the end.
When you purchase a smuggle item, it will show up in the back of your Mule. Only the mule can smuggle items, and it has to be close to the NPC when buying the goods.
You must now carefully drive to the buyer. Park up next to the buyer, speak to him, and sell the goods. It will then dissaper from your trunk.
Police can stop you from smuggling by destroying the items. To destroy it, a police officer will have to press E on the smuggle item, and it will take 10 seconds, before the item is destroyed.
Each item has a damage scale. If your car takes x amount of damage while smuggling x item, your package will blow up, blow up your car, and kill you. The item will then be lost.

Player Color System
As a new feature in GMod 13 has showed up to allow proper coloring of your player model, the system has been implemented into OCRP2.
This is an extra modification to your player, which means it doesn't overwrite the other features such as switching clothes, or changing your model.
Keep in mind that you can still use the wardrobe to swap between other clothing, but your color will only apply when you use the "Regular" dress.
If you wish to swap between colors, it costs $10,000 at the NPC. Colors you have purchased on your character in the past, does not save when you purchase a new one.
Buying a model change will just move the color over to that model instead.

New AFK System
The new AFK system is inspired by the one that HRP uses.
Instead of kicking you once you've been AFK for x amount of seconds, you will now be marked as AFK instead.
This means that you will be demoted from your job (if you have one), and you will not receive paychecks until you return.
However, if you get marked as AFK while the server is full, you will get kicked.

Full change log
  • Everything has been reset.
  • Bank exploits has been fixed.
  • Everything has been balanced. Cars, items, npc shops etc etc.
  • Paychecks has also been balanced to match the new economy in OCRP2.
  • Removed the crowbar.
  • VIPs now gets 1.25 times a bigger paycheck than regulars.
  • Gold Members now gets 1.65 times a bigger paycheck than regulars.
  • Added a ban request tab for the Q menu.
  • Economy now effects your paycheck 3 times as much.
  • Removed a few cars.
  • More items can now break.
  • Gas can now also blow up (less damage range than explosives tho).
  • Fixed administrators being able to pick up the bank atm.
  • The drug npc now buys for 0.5 at all time.
  • All government jobs are now restricted from using the drug npc.
  • New way of handling how many pots of weed a player can have. Depends on their herbalism skill level, and their community rank.
  • Buddies can now pick up your props (with the physgun of course. Not into their inventory).
  • Added car bombs. They are very expensive and can be planted on vehicles. Next person to enter the vehicle will then trigger the car bomb, die, and make the car blow up and set on fire. Car bomb stays on the vehicle even when respawned.
  • Car bombs now logs to the server logs (shows for administrators on the forum). It shows their name, steamid and the location they planted it.
  • You can no longer noclip/go into observer when dead or ko'ed.
  • New police system. You are now a special level as an officer depending on your playtime. The higher the level, the better the equipment. Gun does more damage, gets a shotgun by default and more. Don't worry, nothing has changed for the default police officer. Its only improvements the higher the level.
  • Police ram no longer has any "ammo". It no longer shows 1/0 ammo.
  • No longer emits stupid heal sound when drinking an energy drink.
  • Energy drinks now give 40-100 stamina instead of default 100 every time. Its random.
  • Fixed stamina not being synced with the client side HUD. It now shows up correctly and not completely retarded like it used to.
  • All visuals showing your money, is now split up by commas using util function. Credits to raBBish.
  • Stamina now decrease slower, and regenerate twice as fast.
  • Fixed sprinting and walking glitching when you aim down the sight, then holster your weapon without aiming out again.
  • When you sign up for a job, your citizen vehicle gets removed.
  • You can no longer spawn any vehicle you own when you are not a citizen.
  • Fixed tow trucks lights being completely off position.
  • All menus have been redesigned. Some have had major changes, other have just had a face lift.
  • Added a script by ash47 that changes a lot of stuff in EvoCity_V2D. Moves some teleporters around, removes all the forcefields and does huge improvements to the nexus elevator.
  • Made it so when you add something to a trade, it asks how many of the item you want to add.
  • Made it so when you remove something from a trade, if there’s more than one of the item in the trade, it will ask how many you want to remove.
  • Made it so the tax is set to 0% when the mayor resigns or leaves the server.
  • Fixed the playtime being completely wrong when you got 1 week.
  • Changed the padlocks. They now only fall off the door if the door is succesfully lockpicked.
  • The admin help hints now last double as long, so you can more time to react and press the required button.
  • Added a new hud for OCRP2. Thanks to Vizion for designing our new hud.
  • Added a completely new car store and garage.
  • Weapons are holstered by pressing alt. It takes 10 seconds.
  • Added a character creation menu that opens on your first connect. Don't mind the lag when it opens, it is because it initializes all of the models in the menu.
  • Added RP names. They display in the chat and above your head.
  • Added moaing when dying.
  • Added more realistic fall damage.
  • Fixed seat position for the driver on all of those cars that had broken ones. Including the PMP where you were sitting a bit outside the car.
  • Added the newest fire particles from PERP2.5.
  • Fixed issues with the delay on pushing and punching. Also made it only 1 second delay.
  • Finally fixed the police baton not being on FastDL.
  • Regular administrators can now also get kicked by the Anti-AFK system.
  • You can no longer just run ocrp_job_quit at any location. You must be near the correct NPC.
  • Gold Members can now use the flash light even if they don't have the flash light item.
  • Government officials can now drop their police radio. Purely for RP situations. They can resupply at the locker and get a new one.
  • Fixed being able to run console commands to get a police car, even when there’s to many out.
  • Merged "Check Money" and "Check Playtime" with the "Player Info" plugin on the godstick/gods hands. All info is also printed to console.
  • Added a spray can item. You need this item to use the spray function.
  • Updated the blacklist system. Made its own mysql table and updated for all 10 jobs in OCRP2.
  • Added a view model for the fire hose. Full credits to whoever created this back in 2008.
  • Added a bodyguard job. Their job is to protect the mayor 24/7. They are supposed to drive the mayor around with the buffalo they can retrive from the NPC in the garage. They are also equipped with a powerful USP and kevlar protection.
  • Citizens can no longer enter the SWAT van without being buddies with the driver.
  • You can no longer go secret service when there’s no mayor.
  • The police force can see text above secret service agents head saying they are secret service agents, administrators can also see this.
  • Taser now slows you down for 10 seconds after waking up. Enough time for the police to catch you.
  • Administrators can now use the "burn" plugin on the godstick again. Tho they can no longer ignite players.
  • Weapons that are dropped on death are no longer protected for 1 minute.
  • Added a new equip system for weapons. You now equip your gun instead of having it equipped all the time. When it’s equipped you will lose it if you die or go unconscious. It will still drop like it currently does if held out when killed.
  • Changed hints given to police officers when arresting, and the one given to the criminal to avoid stupid situations.
  • Applied a few changes to the name colors above players head.
  • If you press F4 on a vehicle, you will go in a trade with the driver.
  • Towing now works like a dream. The handbreak now turns off when towing the vehicle. No more issues with towing heavy cars.
  • You can now see signs while in a vehicle.
  • Added new fists. Does 15 damage by default, 5 extra damage for each strength level you have.
  • Removed the punch function from the regular hands. They are just used to push and knock on doors now. Please use for when walking around (unless agressive).
  • Added new government radio icon.
  • If you are trying to promote someone to swat or chief while they are inside a vehicle, it will deny the request and tell you they are inside a vehicle and to try again later.
  • You can now get a sex change at GMan. Hes located at KFC. It costs $10,000.
  • Only citizens can open the wardrobe, as well as change clothes.
  • Removed the relaxation book.
  • All NPCs now has "realistic" models instead of using metrocop and such. Credits to Tomasas for fixing T pose on the models.
  • Fixed being able to pay your bail without any money in your wallet.
  • Fixed being able to run OCRP_Pay_Bail without actually being arrested for a free respawn.
  • When being a bus driver, or tow truck driver, you will get the model of a normal citizen with the green clothes. This is the "city" work clothes.
  • The speed limit fields for the mayor now only accepts numbers.
  • When entering a chair, you must now touch it, and press mouse 2 (left mouse button).
  • Weed now grows at 400 seconds by default.
  • Weeds growing time now goes 20 seconds down for each herbalism level you have.
  • Whatever option you choose to activate your mouse zensor with (l or z, z is default), it also saves on reconnect.
  • Added an option in the "options" menu to disable the smoke effect from fire. It also saves on reconnect.
  • Attempting to steal city money when tax is below 7%, will get you automatically kicked.
  • Added a realistic taser model. Credits to Conex.
  • Fixed issue with jail timer mostly not being what you set it to. It was reading the bail value, and rounding it from 30-120.
  • Extended the jail timer to 5 minutes. The minimum amount is also 60 seconds now.
  • Removed the trailer (one that plays on first connect ever).
  • Removed car alarms being triggered by keys.
  • Hopefully fixed issues with 0 dollars spawning in the vault.
  • Removed the mayor donation box.
  • If there’s a paramedic on duty, death times are double as long.
  • There can now only be one chief at the time.
  • Ballistics crafting now only has 4 levels.
  • Added a police computer. Police officers can press F2 on/or while inside their vehicle to see the computer.
  • Fire trucks are now limited to two fire engines in total. Gold Members can always get a fire truck.
  • Added new siren for the ambulance.
  • OOC names now only show above players head for administrators.
  • Added a new skill book: Carpentry Training.
  • Added 10 sexy new passive rp props for house decoration.
  • The furniture NPC (located at the tides hotel), is no longer available.
  • All items from the furiture NPC has been added to the crafting menu.
  • Life alert warnings now displays the dying persons location.
  • Merged the handcuff/unhandcuff godstick plugin into one.
  • The un-tie godstick plugin can now also tie people. It works like the handcuff/unhandcuff plugin.
  • Merged the Player Info plugin, with the Entity Info plugin. If the entity is a player, it prints the player info, if it’s not a player, it prints the owner name.
  • Cleaned up the godstick. Some plugins has been disabled and only works on the development server.
  • Government vehicles license plates now just says "GOV CAR".
  • Tasing a person now logs into the server logs.
  • Edited the withdrawing/depositing logs to be 100% accurate. It now also shows total money after the deposit/withdraw in both bank and wallet.
  • You now get KO'ed if you exit a vehicle going 30-60 MPH.
  • You now get killed if you exit a vehicle going more than 60 MPH.
  • Government cars can now run out of gas. You can refill them at the gas station, and the money will be charged from the city. If there’s no money in the city, no refill.
  • The city taxes is now also charged from the players paycheck.
  • /pm is now removed.
  • Re-did the PM system. Read above for more information.
  • It now costs 5 dollars to send a private message. Money is charged from your bank account.
  • The criminal must now be in the nexus area when trying to arrest him/her.
  • Most government jobs can now see a text above the player when he is handcuffed. Example: [ Handcuffed]
  • Ported OCRP2 to RP_EvoCity_V33X.
  • Fixed not being able to purchase vehicles when having the exact amount of money in the bank, thats needed to buy the car.
  • Added a vehicle rental system.
  • All cars for rent are now 1250 dollars more expensive. This is due to the insurance charge. If the car is still somewhere in the map, and is not broken when the rent time is up, you will be refunded the 1250 dollars in insurance charge.
  • All secret service agents are now demoted on mayor resign/disconnect.
  • A description of the selected godstick plguin is now hinted to the admin.
  • Organization name now sets properly when creating a new org.
  • Added new crosshair for all weapons.
  • Added a new font for door and vehicle text.
  • OCRP2 supports SetColor for cars. This means that cars like the R8 and LP640 now has tons of skins to choose from.
  • Added support for male/female models for the mayor. You now get a different model as mayor depending on your sex.
  • Added 3 new TDM vehicles. Ferrari 250 GT, Ford Transit and BMW 507.
  • Added an in-game menu for administrators to add warnings for players. Saves via MySQL, and displays on the players profile.
  • Added a special tow message system. Tow truck drivers can press F3 on a vehicle, to send a message to the owner of the vehicle, about it being towed.
  • Removed the God Hands.
  • Renamed the God Stick to "Administrator Tool". Its world model is now just normal hands, but its view model is still the stunstick. The "swing" sound is also only played for the admin now.
  • You no longer need to press enter to set the amount of money you are trading. It automatically updates as you type.
  • Added headlights. White headlights are default for your vehicle. 12 other colors (including the white color), can be purchased at the "vehicle upgrade npc". Credits to Tomasas for his amazing lights ;)
  • Made a workaround for upgrading vehicles that had to be removed for it to take effect. Some upgrades will now remove your vehicle, then it will show up 2 seconds later at the same location as it was removed from when upgrading.
  • Fixed the day and night script for RP_EvoCity_V33X.
  • Fixed and enabled the cell phone system again. Press "P" to open the phone. Only citizens, the mayor and the dispatcher can use the phone.
  • Added a dispatcher job. NPC is located at the nexus lobby.
  • You can now call the dispatcher via the phone menu. If there’s no dispatcher, the call will be denied.
  • Added a godstick plugin to reset a license plate. This action is of course logged.
  • Added vehicle damage. Your vehicle now also takes damage when you impact with walls or other vehicles.
  • Fixed errors when trying to set a price on an item, without setting the price to a number.
  • Fixed and updated the permission system for properties. When you purchase a property, it now actually sets the permissions of all of your doors. The menu for permissions also updates correctly now, and the checkers is set correctly.
  • You are now able to post ban requests via a special tab in the Q menu. Fill in the format, and press "Post Ban Request". It’s easy to use and creates a thread dirrectly to the forum.
  • Improved the npc respawn command for administrators. Administrators can now type OCRP2_RespawnNpcs in the console to respawn them. Capatilizing is irrelivant.
  • Removed the ocrp_forcemayorvote command. This is no longer useful due to the voting system being fixed.
  • Removed the newspaper item.
  • You can no longer use hydraulics or nitro when your vehicle is broken.
  • Added new sirens for the police cars.
  • Added a sound for paramedics when somebody’s life alert turns on.
  • When you have created a character it checks if the name is already in use. If it is, you will be forced to change it. Free of charge of course.
  • Added a new name change system. You can now go to an NPC in the building next to nexus and purchase a name change. It costs $15,000.
  • Added a godstick plugin to force an rp name change. This action is of course logged.
  • Once a player has had their name force changed, the rp name will be added to the banned rp names list.
  • Fixed accounts being able to break if the player crashed while creating a character. If their character is not fully created, the character menu will open on their next connect.
  • If someone manages to get away with having a used rp name, the menu will open again once they rejoin. Untill they have changed it. The only way to get away from the menu, is to disconnect.
  • Added a lot of blacklisted RP names and insults. If your RP name is blacklisted, or contains a blacklisted word, you will be forced to change it automatically.
  • Added a menu for officers to fine citizens. Money is added to the city funds. Press F3 on a player to open the fine menu.
  • Hid the binds to craft and plant weed. There’s no other way I can do than what is being done right now. It’s a server side command to do what has to be done, and the only way I can do it, is via a console command as it comes from the client.
  • Left clicking with the keys out while looking at your vehicle from a long distance will unlock/lock it, play a sound, and make the headlights flash.
  • Closing a search request now denies the request instead of leaving the requester unknowing of what is going on.
  • Added a client side countdown when inside a rented vehicle.
  • Added options in the "options" menu to enable and disable the HUD completely. This is mainly for recording movies or whatever. This option does not save on disconnect.
  • Added options in the "options" menu to enable and disable the hints completely. This option does not save on disconnect.
  • You can now only call citizens, dispatchers and the mayor.
  • Added a new siren for the firetruck. Thanks to Statua for the sound.
  • Added a new siren for the ambulance. Thanks to Statua for the sound.
  • Removed useless networking on the amount of doors owned. System was never in place, but the networking was being ran everytime you bought or sold a door. Purely removed for optimizing.
  • Fixed being able to do infinity mayor broadcasts.
  • Added a godstick plugin to reset an organizations name to "No Org Name". This action is of course logged.
  • You can now also see prices on items when in a vehicle.
  • Removed the old regular sickness murcielago. The only one available is the new TDM one. (The one with the spoiler on).
  • All vehicle stats in the menus has been updated to match with the vehicle scripts.
  • All car scripts has been improved.
  • When pressing F4 to trade somebody, they will get a trade request. This system works just like the search request for containers, cars and inventories.
  • Added a notice for the "Circuitry Crafting" skill book that it requires basic crafting level 3.
  • Made it so that the menu for search/trade requests does not interrupt you. You will have to press your mouse cursor button to interact with the menu now.
  • Implemented the location script for RP_EvoCity_V33X.
  • The kill plugin in the godstick is now only available on the developer server. You have the respawn feature, and kill via FSA if needed.
  • Made some major improvements to the snowball thrower.
  • All government vehicles now come with white headlights.
  • Added a developer tool to adjust positions according to a vehicle’s position. Credits to Tomasas for this script.
  • Added a developer tool to give and take items.
  • Fixed the ATM from giving a lua error when a user clicks the "Withdraw" or "Deposit" button without entering any value into the text field.
  • Moved the awards menu to F4. Opens when none of the other functions on the F4 button is triggered.
  • Increased payment from fishing.
  • UseItem, DropItem and CraftItem now use the net library. This completely secures people from using console commands to perform these actions.
  • 2 cars can no longer have the same license plate. If somebody changes their license plate, the old plate is "available" for use again.
  • Added a list of banned license plates.
  • Added smuggling.
  • Added a "watermark" when you disable the HUD. It's the OCRP2 logo with the CG website written to it. It shows up in the bottom right corner.
  • Added and majorly improved the old scratching system. Now uses the net library and has a few new "functions". It's located at the casino.
  • Added an NPC to color your player model.
  • Removed all of the Group01 models. All broken and invisible as of GMod 13 release.
  • If your RP name consists of more than 12 characters, it will cut your name down to 12 characters and add 2 dots to the end of it. Only in the HUD display.
  • Added some help buttons to the scoreboard. Copy SteamID, Warn Player, Kick Player (Consider this a warning) and Open Profile. Warn and Kick are admin only.
  • Added new mayor events.
  • Remove some old mayor events.
  • You now reset your skills via the Barney NPC located at the KFC. It costs $10,000!
  • Organizations can maximum have 20 members now.
  • Fixed being able to use all models for AddToWardrobe with the console command.
  • Fixed signs not displaying if joining after the sign has been made.
  • Secret Service agents now has access to mayor owned doors.
  • Fixed votes starting when nobody is signed up for mayor.
  • Fixed the craft + trade exploit.
  • You can not reset a rented cars license plate with the godstick.
  • Added notification hint for the mayor when he cannot afford to purchase the mayor event options.
  • Purchasing new headlight colours is now a VIP feature. White is still default for everyone else.
  • Purchasing under glow for your vehicle is now a Gold Member feature.
  • The repair wrench has been removed. Use the tow truck drivers to have your vehicle towed to the repair NPC in the industrial, or have a friend help you out with their truck.
  • You can now purchase the "Abandoned Church" in the woods.
  • Added revive cool downs. Once you get revived by a paramedic, you cannot be revived again for the next 10 minutes.
  • Fists can now properly knock on doors with right click. You can also push players with the fists if you right click on a player.
  • You can now purchase the "Burger King" restaurant in the city.
  • Reset skill NPC moved to the hospital out of city, clothing and clothing color NPCs moved to the tides hotel.
  • It will no longer charge you money for trying to purchase an outfit you already own.
  • Added a casino. It’s located at what was used to be known as "Normal Store #3 (RP_EvoCity_V33X)" in the city. More machines will come with the next update.
  • New AFK system.
  • Fixed being able to walk around when dead.
  • It now gives you a hint if you are on the restricted job list for NPCs and can therefor not talk to them.
  • Updated and optimized the playtime code. It now also supports minutes and months. This also means it won't "stop" if you reach 4 weeks of playtime.
  • If you get hit by a vehicle going more than 60 MPH, you will now die instead of being knocked unconscious.
  • Coded a system to display the current "status" of shrooms. Instead of the white outline when a shroom is done, it now always has a little icon above it that represents if it's growing, done or dead.
  • Right clicking on a shroom with your hands out will start removing the shroom. You have to look at the shroom for 5 seconds, and it will be removed, which will also stop it from sporing again.
  • Replaced all the broken doors (nexus and hospital) with working lua generated doors.
  • Shrooms no longer come up from the ground. They scale and become larger instead of coming up with full size. They start really small, so you can barely see them, and then start growing after about 1 minute.

FSA Changelog
  • Added a plugin for administrators to demote players from their job.
  • Added a plugin for administrators to set people to any job. (Mayor and Chief is still restricted to 1 at time).
  • Modified the teleport "To Target" function. If the player is inside a vehicle while being teleported, he will exit the vehicle, and it would then teleport him.
  • Modified the top of the menu to only have one button called "FSA Options". Click it to open a larger menu with more options.
  • Removed the "Stop Sounds" plugin.
  • Added a spectate plugin. This was lost in the HDD crash.
  • Added an un-spectate plugin. This was lost in the HDD crash.
  • New disguise system that actually allows administrators in disguise to do admin stuff.
  • When administrators go into disguise, a menu is opened to change their RP name. When they leave disguise, it is changed back to their default rp name. This rp name is only temporarily, if you leave while in disguise, you will rejoin with your old rp name.
  • Administrators of the same rank can now run plugins on one another and pick each other up if needed.

I'm not fully alone with this project, so there’s several people who has helped me with the development of this project.

Vizion - All the graphics in OCRP has been completely redone. This is the man behind all the amazing graphics for OCRP2. Thank you man!
TOMASAS - Heh, this guy is always in the credits. He always helps me out with issues I might stumble across, that I cannot solve myself. Thanks ;)
Jake_1305 & Noobulator - The original creators of this gamemode. I think this is pretty self-explanatory why they are on the credits :)
OwenCobs - I'd also like to stick OwenCobs here. He's been a major help, and has come up with some really smart ideas and suggestions in our private conversations. Thank you!
Kronic – Kronic has also been a major help in the last few weeks. Hes basically done all the grammar work in OCRP2, which was very much needed.

And last but not least, thanks to everybody on the alpha "team". It was nice to have a lot of people around the development of OCRP2. All the guides they've filled, all the suggestions, and all the testing of the gamemode. They've been around all the corners of the gamemode to discover as many bugs as possible.

News and Announcements / Orange Cosmos RP 2 Release Date
« on: April 15, 2013, 12:35:58 PM »

Release Countdown

As mentioned in the announcement thread, OCRP2 is right around the corner.
In the previous thread, we said that we would announce a release date, as soon as I was ready.
First, we had to wait for Garry to release update 161 (as 160 was broken), and then it was just about completing the last things for OCRP2.

There's not much more to say here. I've answered any question that came up in the old thread already.
As for repeating myself on one of the questions. On the day of release, a full release thread will be posted.
This will include a full changelog changelog of basically everything that has changed for OCRP2.

Also as promised a lot of people has gotten unbanned. You can view the ban list, and check if your name is on there.
Bans shown on profiles might not be accurate yet. I'm awaiting RTLK to update the script to the OCRP2 database instead of the OCRP1.5 database.

Ban information on profiles is fully accurate as of this edit (April 18.)

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

News and Announcements / Orange Cosmos RP 2 Announcement
« on: April 02, 2013, 09:44:24 AM »

We're happy to announce that OCRP2 is right around the corner!
After plenty of setbacks, delays, and other miscellaneous problems the game mode is finally at a stage we consider complete.
The purpose of this thread is to give you a general idea of what to expect - the full change-log will come soon.

Around the beginning of the development of OCRP2, we decided that we would use a fresh database.
The economy, in the present time, is close to non-existent due to the exploits, insane rates of easy money making, and the fact that we're running on a database that hasn't been wiped in three years.
There are a few more reasons, but those listed are the main leads to the current, horrific economy. Regardless, too much has changed internally and porting over old information would be next to impossible.
We personally believe this will have a very positive impact on game play as well - because there's no fun if you have nothing to work for.

Donator Benefits
Benefits will remain the same - however, the numbers have been tweaked a bit. VIP will start with an extra $20,000, gold will get $40,000.
Paychecks have also been reduced quite a bit, not only for donators, but for normal players as well.

In-Game Money Donations
As much as we dislike it, in-game money donations are a large part of our revenue.
We want this to have as little impact on the economy as possible - so we'll be cutting the rates down drastically and it won't be possible to donate for money for the first 2 weeks of OCRP2.
This is being done to keep the sort of 'race' for the nicest or most cars, items, props, etc. that always happens when a new gamemode of this type is released.
Trust us when we say it'll be a lot more fun to earn your first car instead of just buying it right away on the release day.

New Forum Section
We'll be leaving our old OCRP1.5 board behind with the release of OCRP2. We've got a whole new board made, so it's not a wipe of the old boards.
Your posts in that section will remain, but players will no longer be able to see the boards.
The new board can be found here:
Nearly every rule has been changed (they will change more before release) and there is already plenty of information posted.

You can find everything you need in our Downloads section.
We are currently running RP_EvoCity_V33X, so be sure to download this version if EvoCity if you don’t already have it.
In case you have already downloaded our SVN content pack, all you will have to do is update it. If there are any issues with updating it, please remove it and try to re-download it.
You are able to find help on how to install using SVN at the SVN Guide.
You will always be able to download the content by just joining the server. Everything is on FastDL, so you should get through it pretty fast.
External mirrors will also be available through the Downloads section.
I would, however, suggest that you use the SVN. The traffic on the server is going to be pretty heavy on release, so you will get through faster if you don't have to download everything.

Fast download is currently broken and is quite important for launch; therefore we do not have an exact release date yet.
Garry's Mod update #160 is supposed to fix this issue, so when that comes, you can count on OCRP2 coming as soon as possible.
Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions about whatever you would like to know.

News and Announcements / Team Fortress 2 Server
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:59:05 PM »

Catalyst Gaming is now running a Team Fortress 2 server. Currently the servers is vanilla, but we're slowly gonna build upon it.
If you have any questions regarding the server, Mmmaaattt94 will probably be able to answer them.

There's not much more to say, below is the information you will need to connect to the server.

Status: IP: Invalid server "TF2"
Players: Invalid server "TF2"
Current Map: Invalid server "TF2"

Have fun!

So I've seen this way to many times. People get confused which currency you want in almost EVERY thread there is with cash exchange.

Following the simple format below, there will be no issues anymore :)

Code: [Select]
[b][size=12pt]Cash Trade[/size][/b]

[b]I want your:[/b]
[b]For my:[/b]

[b]My exchange rate:[/b]

[b]Maximum amount I can trade you:[/b]
[b]Middleman: [/b]

[b]Extra Details:[/b]

Heres an example:

Cash Trade

I am trading my: OCRP Cash
For your: HRP Cash

My exchange rate: 2,000 OCRP Cash for 1,000 HRP Cash

Maximum amount I can trade you with my money: 100,000 OCRP Cash
Middleman: RoflWaffle

Extra Details: I've kinda lost interest in OCRP, and i really need some money on HRP to buy that amazing boat.

That's just an example. Please try to follow this guide, and there won't be any more confusion about which currency you want, and which you want to get rid of.

Thank you!

Guides / [OCRP2 Offical Guide] - Semi-Serious Roleplaying Guide
« on: January 14, 2013, 09:21:19 AM »

Semi-Serious Roleplaying Guide


    With the release of OCRP2, the server has become a little more serious. This means the things you would normally get away with on the old server will get you banned here. With these changes, I will show you ways to make playing a more serious form of RP more fun. You do not have to follow everything in this guide, however it is highly recommended for the best experience in the server.

General Roleplay Etiquette

    Roleplaying is all about being realistic, building character, and having fun with your imagination, improvisation, and whatever the game supports you with. Your actions can and will influence other players Roleplay experiences. If you follow these simple guidelines to etiquette, you can help yourself as well as others enjoy Roleplaying on the server:

-If somebody interacts with you, interact back in-character (how you react depends on the situation)

-Keep things realistic.
    >Don't run just because its faster.
    >Don't ram things with your car and drive away like nothing happened.
    >Be conscious of yourself and don't do things that might get you in trouble (unless it's crime RP)
    >If you're injured, Roleplay it. Don't run around like everything is fine, even if you're only slightly injured. It's ok to call an ambulance.

-Keep the drunk, crime, mentally unstable, etc. RP to a minimum. Its ok every now and then but not constantly.

-If someone is roleplaying something, do NOT under any circumstances poke fun at them or do something that interferes with it. RP is good. Annoying people roleplaying is not, regardless the situation.

Passive Roleplaying

    Although OCRP2 provides you with a large variety of jobs and systems to play with, Passive RP is always the best form of RP. This includes things from eating lunch to relaxing in your home. These things however are usually more interesting with someone else so make friends. Making friends is not as hard as you think though. For example, you can go into Billz Bar N Grill and socialize with the other players enjoying themselves there. Maybe you and someone else there will get along with you, go for pizza, go fishing, watch the game at home, or just be buds. Here's a list showing just some of the things you can do to passive RP:

-Having lunch at BK
-Swimming at the lake
-Making breakfast in your home
-Going camping
-Going for coffee
-Going to a party
-Visiting the local bar
-Working a construction job
-Working at the local restaurant
-Cleaning homes and businesses
-Delivering pizzas

That being said, some passive Roleplay requires some sort of supporting role. Example, how can you work at a restaurant if nobody owns one? What parties will you be going to if nobody throws one. If you feel comfortable, feel free to take a supporting role for passive RP. The following list shows some things you can do to support Passive RP:

-Open a restaurant, cafe, or bar/pub
-Throwing parties
-Starting a business such as construction, advertising, or reselling products people craft
-Organizing a group of people for something such as city cleanup or showing spirit

In conclusion, Passive RP is limitless in regards to what you can do which is what makes it the greatest and most interesting form of RP available.

Situational RP

    Sometimes, shit happens, And when that shit happens, your RP skills are tested. Things like accidents, crimes not caused by you, or disasters can really test you and your ability to improvise and Roleplay realistically.

    As a bystander, you should report what you see. Call 911 if you see a crime or accident and give as much information to the dispatcher as possible. Even if you didn't see the whole thing. If there's a crashed vehicle or someone lying on the ground unconscious, call 911. Stick around if you want and if safe and realistic. Things could get interesting.

    If you're involved in an accident or the victim to a crime, you need to respond as realistically and appropriately as possible. If you crash your car into a wall, you may be left unconscious or seriously injured. Wait for someone to call for help. If nobody helps then try to call for help with regards to your physical limitations. If someone is robbing your store, remain calm. Remember what the looked like, what they were wearing, where they went and how they fled. If applicable, you can try to ward them away with a weapon, however if they have any sort of firearm, it's very risky and not recommended. If there's other people working in your store, they can try to ward the robber away.

Job Specific RP

    OCRP2 offers a large variety of scripted jobs you can do. These jobs play an important role in OCRP and you should be familiar with each one of them. OCRP offers jobs such as Police, Police Chief, Swat, Dispatch, Secret Service, Mayor, Bus Driver, Towing Specialist, Paramedic, and Firefighter. I will go over all 10 jobs and how to properly Roleplay them.


    This is probably the most popular job offered in OCRP. As a police officer, your job is to enforce the law around Evocity, control traffic, and sometimes look into cases. As a police officer, you need to know the major laws and traffic laws and enforce them. You need to ensure everyone is safe and nobody is doing anything that might get them hurt or killed. You should memorize and use the radio codes or have a list of them on hand you can refer to quickly. The following list includes some of the tasks you may have to do as a police officer:

-Enforce traffic laws by pulling over speeders, red light runners, and reckless drivers.
-Maintaining firearms safety by enforcing the mayors firearms laws
-Blocking or redirecting traffic at an accident scene or sudden road obstruction
-Stopping crimes in progress such as robberies, muggings, domestic violence, suicide, or auto theft
-Stopping fleeing criminals or suspects by means of driving tactics or road blocks
-Transporting prisoners from the crime scene to the jail
-Reporting improperly or illegally parked vehicles to dispatch/the towing company

Some things you should consider as an officer:

-You're not immortal, get medical help when you need it
-Only draw your sidearm when you or someone else's life is being threatened
-Only use your taser if someone is not cooperating
-Only tase/shoot vehicles as a last resort. Wait at MINIMUM 5 minutes before resorting to this
-If a criminal/suspect is injured in a chase or fight, get medical help for them as soon as you have them under control, regardless how dangerous they are
-Just because you enforce traffic laws doesn't mean you are exempt from them. Drive properly.
-Not every call requires lights, sirens, and crazy driving. If you get called to a disturbance or noise complaint, just drive normally.


    An upgrade from the police, the chief is the master of his police. He organizes raids, large pursuits, and anything else they may require 3 or more officers. As the police chief, you are not a dispatch. The dispatch organizes police when calls and complaints come in. The dispatch will give you as the chief a task such as a drug bust or a hostage situation. It is your duty to figure out the best way to solve the situation and execute it, telling your police officers and SWAT what they need to do. Under no circumstances should you use the entire police force in a situation. ALWAYS have at least 1 officer available for other calls or patrols.


    SWAT is also an upgrade from the police. SWAT officers are equipped with tactical equipment to give them a buff in raids, firefights, and other dangerous situations. SWAT do NOT patrol and are usually only promoted when needed. Listen to your dispatch or police chief on what you need to do and where. Don't go Rambo style. You can still get killed easily.


    Dispatch is a very important role in OCRP. As dispatch, you organize the police, fire department, and ems in the city. You answer 911 calls and figure out what the situation is and send members from the 3 groups accordingly. If there's a major criminal situation such as a firefight or a hostage situation and there is no police chief, you need to organize police and SWAT accordingly. If there is a police chief, give them control and focus on the rest of the city's problems, dispatching accordingly. Here are some things you should consider as a dispatch:

-If there's a car accident, send EMS for medical support, Fire for fires or rescue, and police for traffic control. Don't underestimate the importance of these 3 roles working together
-Keep count of everyone currently on duty and what they're doing.
-Only send out what you think is needed, you can always send more people if required
-Try to keep at least 1 officer on patrol at all times
-Stay in your office, you don't need to ride around with the government officials. You have more important things to do.
-Report silly 911 calls to administration immediately. That's not needed here.

More information on dispatching can be read HERE.


    As secret service, your sole purpose is to protect the mayor at all costs. Dispatch or the police chief have no control over you and vice versa. You take orders from the mayor and keep him safe. Do not engage in police situations unless it involves the mayor, in which case you should be getting the mayor to safety. You are the only one who can protect the mayor. Polcie and SWAT are not allowed to take this role anymore. Just stay with the mayor, drive him around, and do as he says.


    The Mayor is an extremely important role in OCRP. You set the laws of the city and are the figurehead of the city. You make the big decisions and keep the economy in the green. You give the promotions of the police force and demotions of all government officials. Your decisions make or break the city. You should remain with your secret service at all times if they are available. There's no point in secret service if you're not protected by them. If you plan to attend events or travel outside, let your secret service personnel transport you and ensure the area is safe and secure. Your life is more important then theirs. If you feel up to it, you may host events in and around the city for players to attend. Keep in mind the safety of you as well as everyone else. If your event blocks a road, make sure another route is available for people to drive around.


    As the bus driver, you basically do just that. Drive a bus from station to station properly and give time for passengers to hop on. Passengers must have a bus ticket to ride and may not tell you where they want to go. Stick to the assigned route, no detours or other stops. Stop only at designated bus stops. Under no circumstances shall you drive recklessly with your bus.


    Your job is to drive the tow truck and move cars as needed. Dispatch may tell you where to go or someone might directly call you, asking for a tow. Don't charge people for a tow. You have service lights, however ONLY turn them on while towing a vehicle. They are not emergency lights, thus you do not have the right to bypass traffic laws or force people to pull over.


    As a paramedic, your job is to respond to medical related calls and standby at events/situations when requested to do so. Things you might respond to are shootings, falls, vehicle and pedestrian collisions, fires, and injured patients. You might also be requested to standby at events where injuries are high such as destruction derby's or races. You might also be requested to standby for the police at hostage situation or raids. You should take the following list into consideration when playing as a paramedic:

-Do not patrol, ever.
-Report over the radio when responding to any call.
-Drive safely when driving emerg. Two accidents is much worse then one. If it means slowing down when driving near traffic or through red lights then do so.
-If someone wants to injury rp then please rp along with them
-When not on a call, hang out at the station or passive RP at restaurants or stores around town, just ensure your ambulance is close by


  Firefighters are similar to Paramedics in regards to how to play the job. Instead of responding to medical calls though, firefighters are required to respond to fire calls and in some cases, rescue calls. Firefighters should respond to vehicle collisions for fire control and rescue. If needed, you may be required to respond to a safety call where you examine a structure for structural and fire safety. Some things you should keep in mind:

-Don't patrol, ever.
-Report over the radio when responding to any call.
-Drive safely and carefully, especially when responding to a call. A firetruck is large and can do a lot of damage. Do not push cars out of the way.
-Don't start fires because you're bored
-Hang out at the fire station when not on a call. Try not to take the truck with you to local businesses if you don't have to. Since the fire station is in town, you can just walk.
-Only use your axe to bash doors down to get to a unreachable fire.


    The new server is semi-serious. Try to adapt to the changes. Just because it's semi-serious doesn't mean you cant play full serious. Don't expect everyone to respond full serious, however anyone who isn't able to Roleplay at even a semi-serious level should be reported to administration immediately. Go play, have fun, and remember, imagination is the base to RP.

(Credits to Statua for this guide)

Guides / [OCRP2 Offical Guide] - Guide to barricading
« on: January 14, 2013, 09:18:29 AM »
OwenCobs Guide to barricading on OCRP2.

When basing on OCRP2 you will most likely set up a small construction to protect yourselves from potential raids. There are certain ways to do this and some could get you banned so watch out. Below will be a small example of a good and a bad barricade.

Firstly, Doors
It states in the rules that there must be at least one easy access route into your house for raiders. Blocking your doors like this:
Click to see the original size.
Is not allowed because it would be the only access point to the house & by blocking it you are breaking the propblock rule. If there are multiple doors in your building it is acceptable to prop block as many as you wish providing that you leave one access point open

Secondly, Climbing

It also states in the rules that you are not allowed to climb on floating props to gain access to a previously unacceptable place because that is called "Prop climbing". Below is an example of how not to climb up a fence in a raid.
Click to see the original size.
The reason that this is disallowed is because in reality you can't defy gravity to gain access to an area, you use the below method.
Click to see the original size.
This is allowed because you are using a realistic method to gain access to in this case the garden of subs 2.

Thirdly, Hitbox's and Bunkers
You are required by the rules of OCRP2 to provide a sufficient gap in the shooting areas you provide in your cading.
A to small gap is to much overpowered and doesn't give the raiders a fair chance. Below are pictures as example.

Below is how NOT to put up a bunker.
Click to see the original size.Click to see the original size.
The reason this is disallowed is clearly because you cannot see the person shooting you therefore making it virtually impossible to raid. The below example is how to do this.
Click to see the original size.Click to see the original size.
This Is Allowed because it would be an even playing field, you can see just as much as the person raiding can see meaning it's just as likely to kill him as it is for him to kill you. This prime example you can see provides sufficient space for the attacker.

A hitbox barricade is abusing your players hitbox and camera POV (Point of view) by building a barricade at that particular height so your characer's model is completely hidden behind the barricade while your camera POV can still look over it, which means you can shoot and kill over the barricade while the raiders cannot even see you.

Below are a few examples of hitbox abusing which is not allowed:
Click to see the original size.
In this picture you can easily see the raider (red arrows) while he can not see you (yellow arrows). Hence this is not allowed.
Click to see the original size.Click to see the original size.
In this picture you can see just above the barricade while your actual model is completely hidden behind it. This is also not allowed.

Next, Entry
Entry to your property has to be simple and possible to attack from, Below is a good example of how not to cade.
Click to see the original size.
Reason this is not allowed because of the diversion. You can shoot them whilst they cannot shoot you. The hitbox rule has been breached as you have more chance of killing them than they do you due to the unfair gap you provided in this example. Also another thing is that the diversion means they have to look away to get in meaning turning their backs to the people shooting that provides an unfair advantage to yourselves.

Below is a good example because the positioning of the concrete barriers act as the only obstacle which can be both hidden behind and jumped over providing an even playing field.
Click to see the original size.

(Credits to OwenCobs and Nicknero1405 for this guide)

News and Announcements / Trouble In Terrorist Town Update #1 Released
« on: November 02, 2012, 11:47:38 AM »

Catalyst Gaming TTT Update #1

  • Removed Evolve.
  • Added FSAMod for administrators. The admin rank is now loaded automatically.
  • Added the Catalyst Gaming Store. You can purchase all the regular stuff there, but money purchases has been switched with weapon purchases.
  • Added an ak47 to the server.
  • Knife now instantly kills its target.
  • The sniper now does more damage. A clean headshot should kill the target.

Later today (hopefully), Tomasas will add the updated registration script to TTT. This means that anybody that has joined TTT while its been up, will have the force registration screen popup next time they join back :)

Guides / [OCRP2 Official Guide] - Rules Of The Road
« on: September 09, 2012, 01:10:13 PM »

Traffic Lights and Signs

This means stop. If you are in the right lane however, you can make a right turn only after you have checked it is safe to do so.

This means the light is about to change red. If you have not committed yourself to going through, prepare to stop. Committing to go through means you are too close to the light to safely stop.

This means you can pass through the intersection. If you are making a left turn, ensure there are no oncoming vehicles.

If you are at a marked crosswalk, only enter it when it is safe to do so. If you are at a light, only cross in front of red lights. If you fail to follow these guidelines, not only is it illegal but you are at a greater risk of being struck by a vehicle and you will be at fault.


Before reaching the intersection, come to a full and complete stop. If its a four way (+) intersection, the first person there has the right away. If there is more than one car or 2 cars come at the same time, the person on the right has the right away. If it is a T intersection, the through road has the right of way (the _ of the T )

This means slow down and be prepared to stop if there is an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian.

This means never enter that area with a vehicle

This means do not turn around 180 degrees on the street.

There are various other signs but they are self explanitory for they have words on them.

Rules of the Road


Respect the right-of-way of pedestrians.

Stop for pedestrians crossing at crosswalks or when they properly cross at lights.

Do not pass a vehicle that has stopped at a crosswalk. A pedestrian you can not see may be crossing.

Do not drive on a sidewalk, except to cross it at a driveway or alley. When crossing, yield to any pedestrian.

Do not stop in a crosswalk. You will place pedestrians in danger.

Speed Laws

Never drive faster then the cited speed limit. If weather or road conditions is bad, drive as slow as necessary to be safe.

Speed Limit

Never drive faster then the cited speed limit. If weather or road conditions is bad, drive as slow as necessary to be safe. Excessive speed increases your stopping distance and control of the vehicle which could result in an accident.

Traffic Lanes

Line Colors

Solid lines or solid double lines means you may not pass in that area. Exceptions include passing accident scenes if safe to do so.

Broken lines mean you may pass if it is safe to do so.

Changing lanes

Before changing lanes, unsure nobody is in or coming up beside you in the other lane before moving.

   -Check traffic behind and beside you.


Legal U-Turns

A U-turn is turning your vehicle around in the street to go back the way you came. To make a U-turn, use the far left lane or the center left turn lane. You may make a legal U-turn:

Across a broken line when it is safe and legal.

- - - - - -      <-- Example of broken line

In a residential district:

    -If there are no vehicles approaching you within 200 feet.

    -Whenever a traffic sign, light, or signal protects you from approaching vehicles.

    -At an intersection on a green light or green arrow, unless a “No U-turn” sign is posted.


Never park on a crosshatched parking zone

Illegal Parking

Never park or leave your vehicle:

    -Where a “No Parking” sign is posted.

    -On a crosswalk, on a sidewalk or partially blocking a sidewalk, or in front of a driveway.

    -In a tunnel or on a bridge, except where permitted.

    -Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or a fire station driveway.

    -On the wrong side of the street.


Emergency Vehicles

If you see or hear an emergency vehicle, whether it's in your lane or not, pull over and out of its way. Unless you're in an intersection. Then pull over at the other side. If you have a green light and see/hear an emergency vehicle, allow the vehicle to pass first.

Yield to Emergency Vehicles Always

Never follow or pass an emergency vehicle running light and sirens.

Emergency Vehicle Oprators

In a high priority emergency, you must use all lights and sirens when within city limits. Once you reach the outer parts of the city, you may turn off the siren if there are no vehicles or intersections nearby, however turn them back on when within 200 feet of another vehicle or intersection.

Slow down when approaching intersections and if the light is red or you have a stop sign, be sure the intersection is clear and safe to cross. Change the siren (push alt) when within 200 feet of an intersection. Avoid using the opposite lane if at all possible.

Response speeds

When responding to a true emergency, it is advised you only drive 10 above the posted speed limit. If road conditions or visibility is reduced, you may have to drive at or lower then the speed limit.

(Credits to Statua for this guide)

Guides / [OCRP2 Official Guide] - Job Definitions
« on: September 09, 2012, 11:47:12 AM »
So you just joined a government job? Not sure what to do? Well, this guide will help you to what you are suppose to do for each job.

RP_EvoCity_V33X~ Current Map

Police Officer
As a police officer your job is to keep the streets clean from minor criminals. You patrol for speeders, or stand by waiting for chases or police raids. When a chase is going on, please check with the other officers if more officers are needed. it's dumb if 5 police cars are chasing some atv for crossing a red light. Keep in mind that as a police officer, your job is NOT to protect the mayor. We have others doing that.

Your job as a paramedic is to stand by at most times. Theres a hospital located outside of the town. This is the same place you gain your vehicle, and job. This is the location you would standby at. Wait for calls where you are needed, or let people walk up to you and ask for health. You are not allowed to charge money for healing people.

Fire Fighter
Firefighters are on standby most of the time. You do NOT patrol as a firefighter. Theres a fire station located in the city. Have your vehicles parked there at all time, when you are not going out to turn off a fire. Do not park on the sidewalk inside the city and sit there. Respond to calls and then return to your fire station.

Tow Truck Driver
As a tow truck driver you are supposed to tow cars. Only tow cars that are not properly parked. Because a car is parked a LITTLE bit on the sidewalks, don't freaking tow it. If a car has broken down, tow it to the repair lady at the industrials. If a vehicle is being towed, and is not broken, just wrongfully parked, please tow it to the tow station in the industrials, and just park it in the huge spot you have there.

Police Chief
As a police chief you are in charge of the police force. That means you are in charge of the regular police officers. In OCRP2 its very important that the police chief does his job, and does it good. You are in charge of sending units to different situations, and make sure that the entire force doesn't go to one situation, so that the streets are left empty. You work together with the dispatcher, the difference is that you are in the field, and he is not.

As a part of the SWAT force, you are standby inside nexus. You ONLY do police raids that require heavy armed men and you can be called by the bodyguards if the mayor requires your help. In OCRP2 you do no longer protect the mayor when you are on standby. This is now the bodyguards job.
You go out to police raids if the police chief requires SWAT help. If there is no chief, listen to the police force and consider if you are needed.

A body guard is somebody who stands by the mayor at all times, your job is to protect the mayor at all costs and never let him come into any danger. Your job is NOT to assist the police force it is purely to help the mayor in any possible way, you may not assist in raids, if you are near one then your priority would be to remove the mayor from that area at once.

As dispatch, you sit in the dispatch office (wherever you want it to be) and answer 911 calls. You should also organize the government officials in regards to who responds to what call. Don't send the entire police force to chase after a single speeder. Let government officials know about situations you receive as 911 calls and decide who should be dispatched. Don't walk around the city or 'patrol' with other officers while dispatching.

RP_EvoCity_V2D ~ Out of rotation currently

Police Officer
As a police officer your job is to keep the streets clean from minor criminals. You patrol for speeders, or stand by waiting for chases or police raids. When a chase is going on, please check with the other officers if more officers are needed. it's dumb if 5 police cars are chasing some atv for crossing a red light. Keep in mind that as a police officer, your job is NOT to protect the mayor. We have others doing that.

Your job as a paramedic is to stand by at most times. Either at the BP parking lot, or at the KFC. Wait for calls where you are needed, or let people walk up to you and ask for health. You are not allowed to charge money for healing people.

Fire Fighter
Firefighters are on standby most of the time. You do NOT patrol as a firefighter. Standby outside of town perhaps, or maybe purchase the watertreat plant and build a fire station there. Do not park on the sidewalk inside the city and sit there. Respond to calls and then return to your standby station.

Tow Truck Driver
As a tow truck driver you are supposed to tow cars. Only tow cars that are not properly parked. Because a car is parked a LITTLE bit on the sidewalks, don't freaking tow it. If a car has broken down, tow it to the repair lady behind the car dealer, else you are supposed to tow it to a real parking lot if its parked like in the middle of the streets. The BP or the KFC are good places to park them then.

Police Chief
As a police chief you are in charge of the police force. That means you are in charge of the regular police officers. In OCRP2 its very important that the police chief does his job, and does it good. You are in charge of sending units to different situations, and make sure that the entire force doesn't go to one situation, so that the streets are left empty.

As a part of the SWAT force, you are standby inside nexus. You ONLY do police raids that require heavy armed men and you can be called by the bodyguards if they need help. In OCRP2 you do no longer protect the mayor when you are on standby. This is now the bodyguards job.
You go out to police raids if the police chief requires SWAT help. If there is no chief, listen to the police force and consider if you are needed.

A body guard is somebody who stands by the mayor at all times, your job is to protect the mayor at all costs and never let him come into any danger. Your job is NOT to assist the police force it is purely to help the mayor in any possible way, you may not assist in raids, if you are near one then your priority would be to remove the mayor from that area at once.

As dispatch, you sit in the dispatch office (wherever you want it to be) and answer 911 calls. You should also organize the government officials in regards to who responds to what call. Don't send the entire police force to chase after a single speeder. Let government officials know about situations you receive as 911 calls and decide who should be dispatched. Don't walk around the city or 'patrol' with other officers while dispatching.

News and Announcements / OCRP1.5 Exploiting Issues
« on: August 30, 2012, 11:43:51 AM »
So lately, theres been a lot of trouble with this "trading" exploit. People using a console command to trade items that they don't even have.

The issue falls long back to the original developers, who never really got around to adding some simple checks onto their code to prevent people from trading items they do not have. Thanks to Shriio, the issue has now been located, and solved.

A lot of people have used the exploit, as well as an admin. They have (most likely), all been punished with a permanent ban. A few decided to make dumb appeals saying its our fault for having shitty developers. Its not. Its your responsibility if you exploited this, and you should have informed me or another developer about the issue.

The few of you who made those dumb appeals, you will stay banned. The rest that got banned for this, but thought all hope was now out, can make an appeal, and you will have your account reset.

This announcement is more like a message to those of you who might still have exploited, but have not been caught yet. I will be go over the 20 pages of accounts over the next few days, and banning people who have exploited this. If you want to turn yourself in, please send me a PM on the forums. Anyone banned for this exploit, AFTER this post, will not have the chance to appeal it and get reset. I've also added admin logging for those who tries to exploit again. Trying to exploit will end up in me adding you on Steam for a little chit chat. Try to avoid that, please?

The exploit does NOT work anymore, so please don't waste your, nor my time.

Thank you.

Guides / [OCRP2 Official Guide] - Getting help from admins in-game
« on: August 25, 2012, 09:19:45 AM »
Requesting an admin (/a)
When in OCRP2 you can request an admin to assist you by using the /a command. This shows up in bright blue text so there is no excuse for an admin to not see it but please do not spam this as it can become very annoying whilst admins are dealing with other issues. If you just complain over OOC then you may not receive help you may instead receive a warning.

Be Polite
It is essential to be polite and calm towards admins whilst they are trying to piece together your scenario and issues at that moment in time. Shouting and abusing a member of staff who's job is to assist you is not wise and you may just get in trouble yourself for flaming and all the time you spend arguing or being impolite could be used gathering evidence towards your problem.
In a nutshell, we cannot help you if you do not give enough detail. If you just say "RDM" Or "I'm stuck" we cannot help you in any way due to lack of information. As an example, Where are you stuck? Who is RDMing you?  If you was just to say "I'm stuck in the garage then we can come straight to you and assist you or if you say I need assistance at bp then we have all the information to find you and solve your problem. Just a bit of detail can't hurt.

Admins can't be everywhere at once.
Please remember this, from an admins point of view we get about a message a minute with issues and we can't help everybody at once so please if we don't come straight to you then be patient but if you don't see anything for 5 minutes ask again and somebody will be at your assistance. Another things you could do is record what is going on as admins can't see everything which is going on at one time so if you have been rdm'd then record it and make a ban request which you can send ingame from the new OCRP2 Ingame ban request system that allows you to post directly onto the forums.

Petty arguments between players
So many times I have pulled two people up on to the apartment roofs to talk about something which is troubling them and the two people just won't be quiet as they are far too busy shouting death threats at each other. The admin requires both sides of the storywithout interruption so they can ask questions and make an unbiased decision. If you sit there arguing then there is no chance of the admin being able to help you and may simply just leave the situation as it is and put you down because you are being unreasonable towards them whilst they could be helping others.

Giving evidence towards your case
All you require to get a demo if the ingame data is to open console with the ` button on a windows keyboard & type "record <name>", I would say use a relevant name so you can look back on it such as "Record OCRP_9_9_2011" So include the date etc. All this can later be recorded with third party software such as Fraps or Xfire and can count as evidence for a ban request as most admins will not take the source demo as it is.
Please remember to type in "status" in console to get the players SteamID because this will be required in the ban request otherwise it will simply be denied.

(Credits to Nasty Pasty & OwenCobs for this guide)

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