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Spam(18+) / Honest opinion on bronies
« on: March 05, 2014, 04:47:35 PM »
They couldn't find interest in any other thing on the internet or real life (sports, competitive gaming, communities, etc,.) so they forced themselves into a brony. they don't actually enjoy watching it but it's easy to keep up with and you can talk to any other brony about the names of ponies and google "pony response images" and act like your a brony. not only this, but ponies arent even a real thing it was a hoax and for some reason a bunch of fat people caught the fad and now it's a real thing.

if anything, be desu not a fucking brony its actually sad. at least anime is from a real culture, not a bunch of fat white people. also, it's really sad. if your a brony, start a diet or something (maybe the gym even) and find some new interests.

Suggestions / stats
« on: February 23, 2014, 10:54:20 PM »

im saying ya'll niggas need to make a good game here, u ain't gonna do that by putting drugs and guns together gonna need more depth to it, g. im saying, we put in some stats.

they level up while you use them like in most games

-strength: how hard melee weapons hit and how much damage they do

-stamina: how long you can run(g) for how long you can hold you breath swimming under , the water.

-aim: how well you can shoot (lets say % bonus accuracy the higher your level)


obviously you add way more then that but i honestly think cgrp could use something like this running


Suggestions / rez spam
« on: February 20, 2014, 08:15:56 PM »
add more rules:

1. dont target members of cg with flame

and we good spams back

Media / Cuil theory (Cule)
« on: January 28, 2014, 12:37:40 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

watch then discuss

Fixed Bugs / Civilian fire extinguisher
« on: May 09, 2013, 09:12:20 PM »
What happened when the bug occurred?
The world model is bugged (arm attached to it) and you can't move it with the physgun or gravgun.

What was supposed to happen?
You should be able to move it and that arm shouldn't be attached to it.

Picture/Console Errors:
Click to see the original size.

Half-Life 2 Roleplay / Atlas - Showing the way since 2017
« on: November 12, 2012, 08:52:50 PM »

Members of Atlas hail from a diverse range of past lifestyles, but there is one thing they all share. Lucius Orion, Atlas's founding father, has

engrained in Atlas the creed pax in bello — peace in the midst of war. Each member of Atlas is dedicated to restoring some semblance of hope and

civility to an otherwise hopeless and uncivil age. Likewise, each member of Atlas is prepared, if necessary, to make sacrifices for the furtherance of

Atlas's mission.

Recruiting is simple and straightforward. Atlas candidates are observed to determine whether they possess certain innate qualities, such as ingenuity,

loyalty, a sense of principles, and a good work ethic. Besides positive character traits, no special technical skills or other requirements are required

for selection, although they are always welcome. However, it should be noted that although Atlas members are not selective in who they help, only a

trusted few will be truly accepted into their ranks.




Brandon Sacawv
Burning Bullet

It is crucial for Atlas to know what resources are available to its members. The Atlas cell operating in C45 maintains an complete

inventory of its supplies and updates it daily. All Atlas members are tasked with contributing to the cell supply cache, but only cell

managers and the cell leader are authorized to submit changes to the inventory logs. Contributions go straight to the cause of helping

the less fortunate in C45.

Note that the Atlas supply cache is hidden ICly and interacted with ICly. Its purpose is to enhance roleplay immersion by adding real

roleplay significance to items which should be ICly rare or valuable, and to lend true importance to activities such as scavenging and


- - - -  0001 (Tokens)

- - - - 0001 (Items - Medical Supplies)

- - - - 0001 (Items - Food and Drinks)

- - - - 0001 (Items - Miscellaneous)

We have tasks that we need to accomplish. There will be minor and major tasks. 

Major Tasks: These tasks significantly affect the development of Atlas and its members, and its supporters. Major tasks are created

by the Atlas leader to give an overarching direction to roleplay, ensuring that there's always something big on players' minds. As a member of Atlas, it

is your job to be somewhat focused on at least one of these tasks.

Minor Tasks: There will almost always be a few minor tasks on hand. Although it is understood that characters may already be busy

with a higher priority activity, minor tasks are still important and any progress in the way of accomplishing them is important to the smooth

functioning of Atlas. If you wish to add a minor task, post below of you ICly doing so. Again, please keep it IC. For example: John Doe scribbles

something on scrap of paper; it reads, "Clean up garbage behind bar counter." He proceeds to pin it on the bulletin board, which will be periodically read by Atlas radio operators.

Establish a reasonable reputation with the public and keep an eye out for citizens who have quality traits that we could use in Atlas.

Search for medical supplies & or a medical profession who may be able to aid in the Cartographer's potential battle against cancer.

Aquire at least 500 tokens by the end of the month.

Make sure that the resources cache has a decent amount of supplies to feed and take care of those who need it.

Actualize - Forty Five

Atlas is a organization formed by Lucius Orion. What started with a small collection of noble citizens who stood up to the oppressing force of the

combine by no, not using force or anger, but by helping the citizens around them. They provided food drops, (like many other unrelated people), they

gathered supplies and worked with the little that they had, and made do with the little that they had. But by providing to others around them, by

sharing and uniting with those around them, they created something much bigger. Eventually, they absorbed others and formed a small, yet persevering

crew known as the Safe Haven. Successfully taking care of citizens in the City 45 area, they prospered within the confines of a small warehouse. They

had gathered and grown a small cache of food, found drugs to medicate sick and dying citizens, and they kept doing so for as long as they needed too.

They believed in a phrase that Lucius had taught them, "pax in bello," which meant peace in the midst of war. They did their best to follow this

rule, over all. Eventually, they were armed with the equipment to defend themselves from the local Civil Authorities. They hadn't expected to actually

need to, though. But inside that dark fortress the Universal Union call a city, greed and desperation grows within the corrupted minds of citizens. With

the loyalists promising rewards and comfort for aiding the Union, a new danger rises beneath the Safe Haven itself. Word spreads of this Safe Haven.

Some find the thought of living in comfort promising, but others see it as an opportunity. With the rumor spreading like a virus, it isn't long until

the Civil Authorities hear about it. At first, "No. Not possible. They couldn't be living under our noses without us even knowing!" But then, they

realize that they have been foolish not to expect something like this. Safe Haven was no longer safe, at this very moment. It wasn't long until Safe

Haven began to grow suspicious of loyalist investigations. The crew running the operation knew that they were caught. So, one day when the warehouse was

empty and no one was around, they locked the doors of the building for good. No one could get in through the large, steal warehouse doors. Eventually,

people stopped trying to get in and just, left. The plants outside of the building had withered and decayed while the Civil Authorities made plans to

seize the operation. The building was as good as abandoned by the time they actually breached the facility. Breaking the lock, the Civil Authorities

pushes through the doors expecting a firefight from the information they gathered. OverWatch at the ready, units dispatched all around the perimeter of

the warehouse, they entered, and found nothing. An empty warehouse. The crew had vanished. No one had heard from them. They left nothing behind. The

warehouse was eventually restored to it's very minimum by an unknown citizen. But the Safe Haven was never again. Until now. Coming out from the

shadows, the very last remnants of that crew return. Now returning, they hope to strive and learn from their previous mistakes.

Spoiler for Quick FAQ:

Q: Why didn't you post in Outside City 45 » Non-official Groups?
A: I posted in here because that's Outlands. Atlas is a city group.

Q: Did everything that happened in 'History' section really occur in CG's HL2RP?
A: Yes. Everything I wrote on the Safe Haven is actually true, though when the warehouse was raided by the CCA, me and Yagrum had stopped playing city, so I guess we didn't really mean to vanish ICly, but the warehouse was dead and abandoned.

Q: Is Atlas focused on weapons and power?
A: No. Atlas is focused on being a real resistance. We want to help, not shoot you for your goodies.

Q: Why did you create Atlas?
A: I noticed that a lot of people really want Citizen RP. With Atlas, my colleagues and I are going to try and increase the amount of Citizen RP that actually goes on. A big part of this is the 'tasks'.

Feel free to ask a question, as it will be answered.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Atlas is an extremely secretive group ICly, so if you come to us like you know everything about us, you're obviously meta-gaming. Don't.

Spoiler for Hiden:

-Added a few people and removed everyone's IC names in case of meta-game

Just because you read this post, doesn't mean you know that Atlas exists ICly, and you probably haven't heard of it.

Thanks to YankeeSamurai for doing most of the writing in this post, sharing his ideas and opinions with me, and overall helping me create the organization itself.

Introductions / Hello catalyst
« on: November 06, 2012, 03:14:01 PM »
Hi I am back :~)

it's bluff

Most of you will remember me

yeah ok get angry

Events / [Outlands] Hold the line!
« on: April 21, 2012, 09:06:22 PM »

Spoiler for thread music:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
The valley is surrounded by these creatures, most of them dressed in the normal citizen jump-suit. It wasn't long before you could tell that they were once one of you. They came from - what it seemed to be - every corner of the valley. Most people resorted to hiding in their shelters, or regrouping with their comrades, to become bigger and stronger. Most refugees were able to keep their lives, and keep up the fight. But the forces grew, and the fight became harder. JURY and SIERRA managed to push some of the zombies back, and co-ordinate a proper defense. The fight for survival still urged on. 

Yeah, zombies. JURY will be working with SIERRA to hold up a proper defense, where every single refugee is allowed (even encouraged) to join in.

When is it?
Tomorrow or Monday. Depends.

Creations / Story I made :c [Will update]
« on: April 18, 2012, 04:27:18 PM »
Colin focused his eyes on the stars above, letting a small grin latch onto his face. He sat there, on a porch in the market district that seemed to be vacant - at least he'd never seen anyone actually be there. So, he sat there, eating his bread and whine he'd managed to get out of an old street merchant. Relaxed, deep in thought he began to drift into sleep. Then, not even a block away, a horrible shattering heard. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. Colin, jumping to his feet quickly clutched onto his blade, drawing it from his make-shift, leather woven sheath. When he caught his eye on the figure, he narrowed his eyes on him. The slender man donned dark leather clothing, one that was most commonly used by The Dark Brotherhood.

Colin hadn't known much of the the order that called themselves that. Only a few childhood stories and rumors. One that stood out in his head was the that they trained for their spectral (dead body and soul) being to disappear, this way there'd be no questioning of who they were, no one even from the highest ranking position in the Penitus Oculatus - not even a Specter could see them after death. Suddenly, he heard a grunt. Quickly, he shook his head and put his blade forth. He saw the figure again, his legs were hooked to the window ledge, hanging on with pure strength and skill. Colin could tell the man -the assassin- was obviously trained. Probably years, again, he didn't know much about them.

The man pulled himself in, tightening his stomach muscles so that he could. Colin looked around, investigating his surroundings. He saw some sort of wooden plank bridge, travelling across the rooftops. Conveniently enough, the path led straight to the rooftop of the house. So, quickly gathering his thoughts, he began to stride across the rooftops without being noticed by the assassin. Reaching the desired destination, he hopped off the bridge prematurely and settled onto the rooftop. He felt like an assassin himself.

A flute soaked the streets, almost calming the situation. Although, when Colin rubbed his hands on his oliver breeches, he could tell they were soaked with sweat. Disregarding this, he wiped all of the sweat off and continued to clutch his blade, with a better grip now. He started to creep now, no longer striding as fast as he was. Before he peaked inside of the window to see what was going on, he thought about it for a moment. "Why not just let the assassin do his job, leave him alone and get back to my whine and bread," he thought. Although he thought of who loved who ever was in the house, then he laughed. He was no agent of Stendarr, he worshiped no divine, no lord. But he questioned the thought, even protested it. Even if he isn't any of those, that doesn't mean he has no sense of wrong or right. So, naturally, he pecked his head inside.

Seeing some sort of man, a human. He was still wearing the brotherhood-branded armor, but this time he had a small knife sheathed. A girl lay in the corner, she was obviously petrified. A tear was dripping down her left cheek, it was almost evaporated by the heat on her face. Colin, staring at her saw the man catch her gaze. He turned around to see Colin, just staring at him. The moment was long, neither of them had expected this. Even the trained assassin was puzzled, but he was still trained for this situation. Colin pulled his head up, looking around. His heart was beating so fast, so fast it almost exploded. So, he eventually began to creep back, forgetting the paths he could have took earlier, and starting to move faster. After another swift movement in the air he saw the dark figure jump out of the window and begin to run away, obviously he was compromised. Colin went to check the room, he saw the girl there puzzled.

She was still bearing tears on her cheek, Colin approached her and wiped them off. He tried to comfort her as best he could, but he knew that nothing could really help at this moment. So, he began to question her.
"What-do you know what just happened?" he tried to keep his voice as soft as possible, trying not to scare her.
"No... I-I don't," she breathed out. This was the first time Colin actually heard her talk. Her voice didn't really fit her, at least Colin thought that way. She had silky black curls crawl down from her face, with large brown eyes. Her face was heart-shaped and smooth. He quickly inspected her, then trying not to seem creepy looked around.
He was no detective, and probably would never be. But this was the first big thing that happened to him in a while. So, respectively he nodded at the woman, "I'll leave you be by yourself. If you need me I'll be upstairs-on the roof." She nodded back, which took her almost five seconds to do. He could see the assassin leaping from roof-top to roof-top in the distance. He knew he couldn't chase him now, as he was almost out of sight by now. The assassin seemed to be perfectly positioned with Masser and Secunda, the two moons that loomed over Nirn, the world. Masser was almost like the bigger brother, as it was quite bigger to Secunda. It was like comparing a rabbit to a Frost Giant.

He gazed further into the distance, for about five minutes. Not realizing the time go by, something in the distance caught his eye. Some sort of note drifting with the wind. Colin approached the note, picking it up. It was sealed with a small black hand. It seems the wax the seal used was colored black. Most likely with ink. Colin not completely understanding the situation quickly went back inside the house, this time opening the hatch that he just now noticed. As he entered, he saw that another assassin was there. This time, the new assassin had his knife to her throat. He felt that same sensation again, the feeling where the hairs on the back of his neck crept up, and his heart began to pound.

Pt 2.

Colin crept back, looking back and forth. He noticed that the window had been opened, a perfect way to escape. Before he really had the chance to get out, the assassin dropped the woman, and strode towards Colin. His narrow eyes and straight lips soon turned into a grin, getting bigger each step he took towards Colin. Although for Colin, each step the man took closer his frown got bigger. The man didn't walk fast, Colin assumed he was just trying to pull out what ever sanity he had left, before he strikes. So, Colin spent the the rest of his life thinking-not a flashback, just thinking. He thought about the bread and wine he had earlier, he thought about all the risky thinks he had done... Which meant a lot of thinking. Although, before the assassin got to strike Colin, the woman had hit him over the head with a bottle of wine, only distracting him. Colin placed his hand over his blade, pulled it out and sliced across his back. The tight straps on his back let loose, revealing the upper part of his chest-where armor used to cover.  The man quickly turned on his heels, changing his vision again. Colin could tell the man was confused, he'd just been hit over the back now sliced in the back, though the assassin was trained not to feel pain, only know where it came from. So, Colin came up and dipped his blade into the mans chest. The man coughed up one big lake of blood as he fell to the floor.

Colin eyed the woman again, he was sure they were both now safe, which they were. Well, at least while they were here.
"Who are you, why did they want you dead?"
The woman didn't react instantly, but she got up soon enough, "You should go, you're getting into something you don't wouldn't want to."
He raised his posture, "Right, and two assassins just tried to kill you, and we killed one. I might as well just go to the guards and tell them what-"
"No, you don't have to do that. L-let me explain," she interrupted.
He nodded once, and she began to explain why the two assassins just tried to kill her. Although something caught her eye before she started, Colin noticed it and found where she was looking. She was looking at the note that Colin had picked up, he looked back at her, and then she tried to snatch it out of his pocket. He grabbed onto it first, stood up and held it high so she couldn't reach it. What did she want with this note, how did she recognize it?

"Look... I guess there's no going back now. I'm Artese, I work for one of the ministers, Hiercim to be exact," she spoke eagerly. Colin knew of Hiercim, he was one of the ministers in the palace. Rumors in local taverns were that he was corrupt, stealing money from the empire and using it for skooma. Of course there was no evidence, but a rumor is a rumor. That doesn't keep the empire from acting. He nodded, and continued listening.
"You probably know of the rumors about him, well I myself am a witness of his actions. He knows this of course, and now he wants me dead... Really bad."
"Right, so that's why he sent these assassins after you?" Colin inquired.
"Yes. But what he does not realize is that I need real evidence, some sort of letter or contract confirming he's ordered skooma or abused the ministry's findings," she stated.
"So... What about this letter, why is it so important?" Colin asked.
"That's probably the contract that those men were given," she once again stated.
"Don't you need to use-preform some sort of ritual?" he asked, then adding, "the black sacrament?"
"Yes, but this isn't the Dark Brotherhood, even though the seal on the letter and their armor leads to it, you see if you look closer you can obviously tell these are probably part of the few that are left from the Morag Tong. They aren't as big as they used to be, so I can expect them to be using make-shift armors... Although disguising themselves with that seal is... interesting."
"Right, I guess it makes sense," he said with some hesitation.

They both nodded, "Come back tomorrow, I'll explain more. For now, you have to get to safety," that time Artese spoke. Colin could tell she was holding something back, but she followed her orders and headed back to his small home in the market district. He lived beneath the city, in the sewers. Down there it was generally vendors, illegal drug dealing, and everything alike. Colin doubted that his landlord dealing the houses down there was legal, but he just went with it. He wasn't one for law himself, anyways. A warm flute's music drowned the sewers, as did the smell of warm bread and ale. There was some sort of tavern that Colin usually went to on the way home, but this time he just went to his house. The house was composed of some sort of doorway carved into stone, then the insides were carved out to permit living quarters. That is where a small wooden bed, a desk, and a wooden stool lay. The house was lit by torches hung up around the ceiling.

As Colin entered, he locked his door upon entrance. Afterwards he had pulled off his cloak and set aside his blade sheathed inside the sheath. He took the note, then put it onto the desk. He inspected it for a moment before opening it. He noticed the Black hand which the Dark Brotherhood usually used, but then remembered that it was just the Morag Tong using a cover-up. So, he took his candle and carefully melted the wax off, making sure the flame didn't come into contact with the paper. As the wax melted off, he carefully unrolled it, stretching it out. Looking at it, it seemed to be some sort of contract. It read:

Dear Hier',

You realize that you still haven't payed us? After everything we've done for you, everything we've got for you, you just waltz into our territory and ask us to kill someone for you? You haven't even payed for anything we've done for you. I can't tell if you've been using more skooma then you should have lately. We accept this contract, although this will come down to this. You get out of the city, leave your office unlocked and we ransack it. We take everything you own, everything in it. We get a night to do this, then you can come back. If you're still in there, we kill you. We'll take it as you've challenged us to a fight. This note should be at your office after we've killed that woman... Artese.

Good day.


Colin knew it wasn't long until Hiercim was killed, and if Hiercim was killed, that meant no questioning, no punishment, and most importantly, not figuring out what she was holding back. Although Colin had an advantage here. Those assassins were probably going to deliver the note after Artese was killed, then once they got back to... Where ever, then they would prepare and ransack the office. That meant Colin had a little time on his hands before they figured out they weren't coming back. Colin opened his door, locked it behind him and left the sewers. He got up to the top of the market district, looked over it and then saw the ministry. There was one window that was obviously lit, which was also obviously Hiercim. So, he began running. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

Outside City 45 / A poster plastered around the map - 'The Pact!'
« on: April 14, 2012, 11:15:02 PM »
A poster plastered around by JURY.

Events / Read this before suggesting!
« on: April 13, 2012, 08:48:31 PM »
Before you suggest, make sure that it is reasonable, doesn't completely wreck cannon, it doesn't mean we need to download new things, is actually able to happen, and it is easy for the reader to understand the plot and what is happening. If you are not able to follow these, your suggestion probably won't get far. Especially for the last one, being easy for us to understand it, because if we aren't, we really won't look into it. We want suggestions to actually be thought through, and accepted. It benefits us to know that the players are having a good time, and getting what they want. If you have any questions regarding this, just post below and I, and other admins will look into it as soon as possible. Thanks.

Events / [Outlands][Finished] Hunting Season!
« on: April 09, 2012, 09:32:26 PM »

"Sir... There's multiple sightings of OverWatch on the treeline... We have no idea what's going on. We think they're planning something, and frankly... I have no have no clue what."

JURY began rounding up all the nearby refugees to get them to the hide-out, for a temporary place to stay while OverWatch roamed the valley. OverWatch were positioned at multiple vantage points in the valley, searching for any refugees. To there 'surprise', or what ever emotion they had left, not as many refugees were left. At least not as many as they expected. After most of the refugees were ready for the trip, JURY began leading refugees to the classified location. JURY's plan was to lead them to a safe-house, but what they are goind to find inside will not be what they expect. Not at all what they expect.

Uh... Bluff. What's going to happen?
We are going to be hiding. Hiding from COTA. I expect people to be RPing scared, and afraid that COTA could pop out at any moment. Like they might die.

How do I participate?
When a bunch of people are coming to round you up, you'll know it's time. Either wait for that, or we'll come and find you.

And when is it going to happen?
Depends. Most likely on friday or saturday.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Events / You do NOT need to be an admin to post! (READ!)
« on: April 09, 2012, 04:42:13 PM »
If you have an event idea, you can tag it as [SUGGESTION]. If you have an event that you want to carry out (that is reasonable and does not require any sort of flags or faction to flag up), then you can post. Just make sure you know what you are doing. Examples of this are caravans, a bar opening up, or just small things like that. If it's any bigger then that, you'll need an admin's approval. Thanks.

Events / [Outlands][Finished] A new begining.
« on: April 09, 2012, 01:30:06 PM »

Many had gathered up to see Foxtrot's burial, or what ever was really inside the old worn out and rustic coffin. Tears where shed, emotions were shown, and finally there was a sense of 'being together' in the valley. The sky was infested with clouds, and it was not too long before rain fell over the depressing scene. Most people took shelter under the gazebo. Rain fell lightly to the ground, as people began moving towards the lowering of the coffin. Most people had began eating the bread, the fruits, or the other assortments of light snacking foods.    Foxtrot was slowly lowered into the ground by two men, as one of them slowly began to cover the coffin with the soil beside it. The other simply turned around, and walked away. Little to no emotion shown. While everything seemed to be normal, nothing out-of-the-ordinary. Slowly, as the burial finished, and the soil was smoothed over his coffin, multiple people began to approach the scene, and leave there respects. Flowers and notes were soon covering the grave like a blanket, some being blown away by the wind.

TL;DR: A PASSIVE burial event.

Basicly, what I plan to happen is set up multiple tables, chairs, and areas for dining. People will eat, converse, and mourn the loss of Foxtrot. Expect to see some more of these. This although, is just an introduction to the concept of burials. I hope you will all like it.

So, when is this happening?
Most likely today or tomorrow. No clue, most likely when a lot of people are on. I'm leaning for today, anyways.

And Bluff, how can we participate in it?
A lot of you will be notified ICly about it, but if you aren't I'd suggest making your way to the bunker. I will also be going around asking people if they wanna hepl by taking a role. I'll list them below.

And this is a 100% passive event?
Yup. No guns here. I don't expect any fighting to be happening, although if there is they will be quickly thrown out.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Outside City 45 / Outlands Map Download
« on: March 25, 2012, 03:05:53 AM »
I've noticed multiple people needing a link to the Outlands map, so I decided to make a stickied topic holding the link the it.

Download the Outlands map here.

All credits to Statua and Valve.

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