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Media / Xbox One
« on: May 22, 2013, 09:03:57 AM »
So the new Xbox was revealed yesterday...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


I have no expectations for it... Only bad ones.

Post your... expectations and hopes for this new console.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Table Talk / So how about dat future?
« on: April 03, 2013, 03:12:56 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

That future yo.

People tend to get really pessimistic about the world, always angry at it and misanthropic. Times like these are great! We're here at the dawn of a new millennium and have seen the birth of AI, biotech, nanotech, fission, fusion and the internet. We are going places fast.

I believe that within this century, Mankind will reach a point of complete social harmony and we'll expand out into the galaxy. It makes me wish I was born in 2050 or something.


Accepted Authorizations / Victor North's Authorization Application
« on: April 03, 2013, 09:56:08 AM »
Player Section

Steam Name: Dallas
Age: 16
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): One and a half years
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: One year and two months

Character Section

-A black suit jacket with white cotton shirt

Name: Victor North
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations.
Victor crept cautiously through the downtown ruins of City 17, his eyes tracking the street ahead for any motions. He turned his gaze to an alley, flicking on his flashlight; a decaying body of a citizen lay in the gloom, days old with a single crimson hole in its head. North's clothes were a mess, he needed to ditch them for something else. He'd acquired a citizen uniform in months past but he would need something extra... something special. Numerous items of clothing had crossed his mind- he wanted something that was smart and trim but also something flexible and wouldn't be too difficult to move around in. Oh the choices... Well, it would be if the clothes actually existed in this city.

Deciding to take a break from the street as a CCA patrol team ambled into the alleyway, Victor took refuge in the doorway of a city studio apartment complex. As Victor rested agains it, the door slid open and Victor took it upon himself to enter and search out some clothing. As he ascended the staircase, heading past the derelict elevator and towards the doors lining the first floor. North waited for the sound of the patrol to ebb away into the background noise of the city before he approached the first door. Victor delivered a swift kick to door, sending it flying open, dust flew forwards to Victor, greeting him as he stepped in with his flashlight. The room was empty, all supplies gone- hell even the mattress was missing. Victor backed out of the room and tried the one next door. It was a little bit better; the bedroom was still stocked well, there was even a wardrobe! Perfect! Victor headed over to it, yanking the doors open and shining his torch around. Inside was an array of boring business wear, not Victor's thing, he pushed it aside until one thing caught his eye- it was a pretty nice white shirt. He threw off his citizen gear and put it on, next he searched through the dull array of jackets until he found a trim black one, he tried it on, a surprisingly good fit.

Victor thought that he should try this more often as he dressed fully in the gear, stuffed his civvies into his backpack and sauntered out the building.

What will these authorizations give your character in regards to perks or defects?
+Looks daaaaamn good.

-Makes poor Victor rather obvious in a crowd.

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
Wear them well. Use it to set the character apart from others.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))

Which server does this apply for?

Extra Notes (optional): <-- Clothing image

so op

Outland Character Appeals / Dallas' Outlands Appeal
« on: April 03, 2013, 09:20:37 AM »
Steam name: Dallas

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47674759

In-character name: Richard Sherlock

Reason my character should be transferred to the City:
Faked his death

Detailed back story explaining my escape from the Outlands:
Richard removed his coat swiftly as he sank further beneath the water, it would only impede his escape. The sunlight danced atop the river as the current dragged him downstream, into the shadow of the bridge. Sherlock surfaced once out of sight, he spied two figures descending the service ladder to the riverside, he picked up his pace and took refuge on the riverbanks in the shadow of the cliffs. He slid his waterlogged 9mm into his holster; it would need to be repaired no doubt but that was the least of Richard's worries. He had to leave the pass, get away from it all. He had spoken with several new arrivals that claimed to have come from City 17- apparently that was where the C45 survivors were transferred to. Interesting...

After an hour of waiting on the banks Richard headed south, along the river to the rockslides that led out of the valley. Above him, about three-hundred metres from his location, Fixer and Laurence would almost certainly be indulging in the spoils of their bunker, enjoying the freedom they have earned through violence and murder. Sherlock winced suddenly, he looked down at his gut, the pain suddenly hitting him hard; the plate had absorbed the bullet but the impact had bruised him severely. He ripped the shredded plate from his chest, tossing it away as he began to climb his way out of the valley. The pain only intensified without the pad holding everything in place; perhaps he'd broken a rib or two.
The journey from the valley would be dangerous; his attempts to find the city of Kiev would be numerous and difficult. He would have to find supplies as he went due to the fact he'd neglected bringing food or water in order to complete the look of his demise.

Several days into his journey north, Richard encountered an Overwatch patrol at a drainage station in Oradea, Sherlock had dealt with this before, he stayed quiet and hid while they passed by. The last thing he wanted was to waste precious ammo and then end up dead. Among the few other patrols he saw in his journey to Kiev were hunters, impressive machines of war. Sherlock had come to hold a begrudging respect for the Union... At least they were straight up with the massacres they committed and didn't try to push it under the banner of "the cost of liberation".

Sherlock encountered a labour camp about 5km out of Kiev, he snuck in through the perimeter fence and into the ration distribution terminal. Sherlock felt a surge of pity as he infiltrated the terminal, stealing the food of these prisoners... Perhaps it was time to act on good nature. Sherlock exited the terminal, two ration packets stuffed away backpack, he spotted a worker- female, extremely malnourished, and she sat slumped by the fence, her head turned towards Sherlock as if she thought she was dreaming. Sherlock called her over before heading out of his cover and pulling her up, offering her support as he headed back through the fence. Richard was only a few yards from the fence when the alarm sounded, a frenzy of monotone erupted from the camp, the hammering of boots on the ground only spurred Sherlock to continue to pull the woman away faster, the morbid silence of the camp's inhabitants was unnerving. She couldn't keep up, her legs were too weak and her breaths too forced, she couldn't carry on. Sherlock and the prisoner were jerked forwards, landing on the ground with a thud, he dragged her back up and carried on- he looked back to the girl; her eyes rolled back into her head, revealing pallid lakes of white, Sherlock looked back saw that her lower torso had all but been ripped off and was laying several feet behind them. Horrified, Richard dropped the carcass with a gasp. Before he had time to react, a second shot skimmed the ground next to him- an Overwatch sniper was trained on him. Sherlock quickly ascended the dirt crater in which the camp resided, heading in a sporadic zig-zag pattern to evade fire. Eventually, he escaped the radius of the camp searchlights and snipers. They wouldn't be pursuing him any further. Sherlock was able to use the canals and eventually sewers to gain access to the city- much like his days in 45.

NOTE: Sherlock is armed with the following: 9mm with 2 ammo boxes, 357. Revolver with 5 bullets and a 25 inch machete. He also has a radio if that matters.

Time when it happened(if misclick): N/A

Creations / Hoxton's artwork
« on: March 29, 2013, 03:52:06 PM »
Yo. Got this work made by brother. It was supposed to be ready for the C45 map event but things got delayed. Here it is anyway, with a new spin.

Click to see the original size.

pls click 4 full size ok

Accepted Authorizations / 'The Seeker''s Authorization Application
« on: March 24, 2013, 02:47:03 PM »
Player Section

Steam Name: Dallas
Age: 16
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): One and a half years
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: Just over a year

Character Section

- The nickname 'The Seeker'
- Being a former member of the Afghan Taliban
- Knowledge of the production of explosives such as IEDs
- A degree in telecommunications
- A steel full face mask
- Olive insurgent body armor

Name: 'The Seeker'
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Resistance

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations.
The hazy light drifted through the office blinds, striking the walls behind Amir Mansur dramatically. The man sat against a desk, staring dazed at the broken ceiling fan, his hands soaked in blood along with his uniform. A sharp gasp escaped him as a pulse mortar hit the building next to him, a cloud of debris flying through the windows of the room before clearing moments later. Clarity returned to Amir as he attempted to remember what was happening, his head was a frenzy of thoughts- the clatter of noises that swarmed him prevented Amir from thinking. He would start from the beginning...


Amir Mansur was born in Kabul on June 2nd 1987, he was the eldest son of a family of four brothers and his parents. Amir, like the rest of his brothers, was raised a devout Muslim; he would pray at mosques and five times a day as was compulsory. When Amir was 13, in 2000, his family made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

In the year 2005, when Amir was 18, he was sent to Kahbul University where he was to study telecommunications, it would be this skill that could land Amir a decent job with enough of a salary to support himself, his future family and his parents in their old age. Amir felt it his duty as the eldest to strive for greatness, to make his family proud and succeed. It was only a month later on the -7th of July- that Amir heard news of a terror attack in Britain; two simultaneous attacks on London, claiming the lives of 52 and injuring hundreds. While many viewed this attack as a horrible crime, Amir and many other of his fellow students began to hold the belief that this attack was justified- Amir went as far as thinking it was a good thing. By 2006, in his final year of his course, Amir had established the "Islam Freedom Youth"; a group of fellow students who leaned as he did towards extremist ideals, in between studying for his finals of the course, Amir wrote speeches dripping with hate for heretics of the Western World, these incipid writings were made simply to inspire hatred in his fellow Islamist, turning their hate on Amir's personal enemy.

After leaving school at 19, Amir made a second pilgrimage to Mecca, he sought to consul with God about his new found hatred and seek purpose. Amir would return a new man, no longer clouded by doubt, his goals were set in his mind. Amir left Kahbul and his family and set off to the  province of Helmand where Amir met a man named Nassar.

Nassar was like Amir, an extremist but Nassar had plans, connections, people that worked for him. Amir wished to learn from him but Nassar said he was not "ready" yet. This continued until one night in Helmand, Amir was taken from his lodge as he slept, bound, blinfolded and taken to a secure location somewhere in the desert. Once the blindfold was lifted, Amir was surrounded by insurgents, their weapons trained on Amir, at the head of the captors was Nassar. At this point, Nassar said that Amir had passed the observation period and he asked if Amir would join his cell, which was called "Seeker". Amir did not question the deal and immediately joined up with the chance to finally fulfill his duty to God.

In December of 2008, when Amir was 21, he had secured himself a command position within the cell- he had also gained insight into what the cell was a part of... The Afghan Taliban. It was in this month however that a deadly offensive campaign began; led by UK and US forces, 'Operation Red Dagger' was a decisive defeat for the cell and most of the men were dead, including Nassar who was killed by a predator drone. This left Amir in the wake of the battle to flee with what was left of the cell and seek to re-establish contact with cell command. Once Seeker Cell had fallen back into the mountains of Helmand by January of 2009, Amir was placed in charge of the cell and began work on a new set of weapons of 'liberation'. Over the next year, Amir's men would take part in lethal suicide bombings of US, UK and NATO stations around Helmand and several attacks in Kahbul. Most of these devices were triggered by mobile phones or rigged landlines and claimed the lives of more citizens than actual soldiers, regardless of this each one was considered a victory for Islam and the people of Afghanistan.

In 2013, Seeker captured a US rifleman from an Afghan convoy, they held this man prisoner for many months. While the man was being held, Amir requested a mask be made to commemorate the victories against the west, a mask he could wear when executing the soldier. The mask made was based off a surrealist painting by Chirico titled "The Seeker", it encased the full head of Amir and was completely devoid of feature expect two tinted eye holes and a couple slits for the mouthpiece- built into it was a voice modifier that could be turned on and off. The video of Amir slitting the throat of the US soldier went viral and attracted denouncement from the Western world and the Afghan goverment.

In 2015, after a year of preparation and months of training, despite the arrival of portal storms which led to the tightening of security in cities, Amir led a strike team to Kahbul with the intention of destroying the UK embassy with one of the largest bombs they had ever made; a combination of oil and several anti-tank mines strapped together over a fellow member of the cell. For this operation, Amir was to go into the feild, he had his olive armor readied and provided for him. The bomber moved towards the front checkpoint as insurgent fighters opened fire; killing the guards stationed there and clearing the path for the bomber who ran forwards, as the man crossed the threshold of the enterance, Amir dialed the number and detonated the bomb. The blast ripped through the building, the shockwave knocking Amir back from the office block he was providing overwatch from. As the blast cleared, a far more thunderous roar sounded. The skies above Kahbul split and from it emerged colossal Alien crafts, from these crafts deployed gunships and dropships loaded with synthetics to slaughter the populace.

Amir stumbled up from his sitting position, stepping over the bloodied remains of his cell officer- his neck gushed blood from where a pulse round had punctured it. Amir took his AK-47 and began to leave the building, his goal was to escape Kahbul and attempt to re-establish contact with the other cell leaders.

**Two Days Later: forty hours after Earth's Surrender**

Amir had only managed to contact Jahanam Cell, they had fled south in search of the leader of cell command, Jahanam advised Seeker moved west to locate the remaining cells. And so Amir and the half-dozen remnants of Seeker Cell moved west in search of their brothers... And kept on going. And going. And going. It was in 2017, when the group had managed to cross the Caspian sea with a resurrected fishing trawler, the crossing was incredibly dangerous; The Union draining the Caspian with massive machines of dark steel made any movements difficult. Upon arrival to the other side, Overwatch discovered Seeker and wiped out all but Amir, the rest were killed, captured or went missing. Amir was now alone but nevertheless he continued his mission.  His journey took him through the mountains of Azerbaijan and Georgia then across an expanse of southern Russia and finally into Ukraine. It was here that Amir finally stopped, he had given up hope of finding any other cell. He donned the name of 'The Seeker' to honor his brothers and their sacrifice. Once again Amir searched for purpose, he had sought refuge inside one of the cities called "17", it was here Amir saw the horrors that people were forced to endure... Though most of them were infidels of the west, Amir found it difficult to stand seeing these new creatures living with delusions of divine and absolute power.  Perhaps The Seeker's purpose was now clear- he was here to liberate this land from this new threat, these new infidels...

What will these authorizations give your character in regards to perks or defects?

- The nickname 'The Seeker': Lack of CCA data on Amir means he couldn't be traced from his degree or leadership of the cell.

- Being a former member of the Afghan Taliban: Gives the experience of being in an organized terror group.

- Knowledge of the production of explosives such as IEDs: Will come in handy when it comes to building certain explosive devices.

- A degree in telecommunications: Will prove useful for the above also.

- A steel full face mask: Masks both voice and face of Seeker while protecting his head against melee attacks.

- Olive insurgent body armor: Provides some form of light protection against things like 9mm fire.


- The nickname 'The Seeker': Makes him a bit of a target OOCly (No real defect ICly)

- Being a former member of the Afghan Taliban: If discovered, a lot of people would have a problem with it.

- Knowledge of the production of explosives such as IEDs: Still requires ingredients to make them, these will be troublesome to come by.

- A degree in telecommunications: Is mostly theory work so it may take some time in practice to actually make progress with.

- A steel full face mask: Gets hot and stifled rather easily, obscures vision and makes Seeker a target.

- Olive insurgent combat armor: Makes Seeker a real target for both units and citizens.

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
I plan to shake things up. This character won't be used too often (I guess) but will be very interesting to roleplay as.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))

Which server does this apply for?

Extra Notes (optional):
For reference... here is the mask design (what it was based off):

And here is the reference for the body armor:

Media / Sigur Rós Anyone?
« on: March 22, 2013, 12:23:15 PM »
I've been listening to them since 2009, I love their songs so much and while I don't understand a word of it, it carries lots of emotion. Some of these songs are just so moving.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I highly recommend them. Seriously.

IC Chat / **A ripped page on the desk of Consul Clarke**
« on: February 24, 2013, 09:19:25 AM »
Out of Character for OOC:
This is an extract from Clarke's attempts to re-work Macbeth into Union propaganda
Enter S2 Officer 491 and S4 Section Leader 926

491: <:: So foul and fair a day I have not seen.

926: <:: How far is't call'd to the Nexus?

Enter three anti-citizens

What are these?
So wither'd and so wild in their non-UU attire,
That look not like the inhabitants o' the city,
And yet are on't? Live you? or are you aught
That man may question? You seem to understand me,
By each at once her chappy finger laying
Upon her skinny lips: you should be citizens,
And yet your outward contraband forbid me to interpret
That you are so.

491: <::Speak, if you can: what are you?

1st Anti-Citizen: All hail, 491! hail to thee, Officer of Section 2!

2nd Anti-Citizen: All hail, 49102, hail to thee, Section Leader of Section 2!

3rd Anti-Citizen: All hail, 49102, thou shalt be Sectorial hereafter!

926: <:: Good sir, why do you start; and seem to fear
Things that do sound so fair? I' the name of truth,
Are ye fantastical, or that indeed
Which outwardly ye show? My noble partner
You greet with present grace and great prediction
Of noble having and of high command hope,
That he seems rapt withal: to me you speak not.
If you can look into the seeds of time,
And say which grain will grow and which will not,
Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear
Your favours nor your hate.

1st Anti-Citizen: Hail!

2nd Anti-Citizen: Hail!

3rd Anti-Citizen: Hail!

1st Anti-Citizen: Lesser than 491, and greater.

2nd Anti-Citizen: Not so happy, yet much happier.

3rd Anti-Citizen: Thou shalt get Sectorials, though thou be none:
So all hail, 491 and 926!

1st Anti-Citizen: 491 and 926, all hail!

The anti-citizens begin to run away

491: <::Stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more:
By Sinel's death I know I am Officer of S2;
But how Section Leader? the Section Leader lives,
A prosperous unit; and to be SeC
Stands not within the prospect of belief,
No more than to be Section Leader. Say from whence
You owe this strange intelligence? or why
Upon this blasted heath you stop our way
With such prophetic greeting? Speak, I charge you.

Anti-Citizens have gotten out of there and left stage

926: <:: The city hath bubbles, as the water has,
And these are of them. Whither are they vanish'd?

491: <::Into the air; and what seem'd corporal melted
As breath into the wind. Would they had stay'd!

926: <::Were such things here as we do speak about?
Or have we eaten on the non-UU foodstuffs
That takes the reason prisoner?

491: <::Your officer shall be SeC.

926: <::You shall be SeC.

491: <::And Leader of Section my secton too: went it not so?

926: <::To the selfsame tune and words. Who's here?
Enter two 01s; 241 and 558

241: <::The SeC hath happily received, 491,
The news of thy success; and when he reads
Thy personal venture in the rebels' fight,
His wonders and his praises do contend
Which should be thine or his: silenced with that,
In viewing o'er the rest o' the selfsame day,
He finds thee in the stout Resistance ranks,
Nothing afeard of what thyself didst make,
Strange images of death. As thick as hail
Came post with post; and every one did bear
Thy praises in his Union's great defence,
And pour'd them down before him.

558: <::We are sent
To give thee from our superior thanks;
Only to herald thee into his sight,
Not pay thee.

241: <::And, for an earnest of a greater honour,
He bade me, from him, call thee Leader of Section 2:
In which addition, hail, most worthy Leader 49102!
For it is thine.

926:<:: What, can the devil speak true?

491: <::The Section Leader lives: why do you dress me
In borrow'd robes?

588: <::Who was the SL lives yet;
But under heavy judgment bears that life
Which he deserves to lose. Whether he was combined
With those of resistance, or did line the rebel
With hidden help and vantage, or that with both
He labour'd in his Union's wreck, I know not;
But treasons level-one, confess'd and proved,
Have overthrown him.

491: <::[Aside] Officer, and Section Leader!
The greatest is behind.

To 241 and 588

<::Thanks for your pains.

The rest of the page is unfinished or scribbled away in frustration.

Accepted Authorizations / Richard Sherlock's Authorization Application
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:23:24 AM »
Player Section

Steam Name: Dallas
Age: 16
How long have you been Roleplaying? (can be any game): Since the days of late 2011
How long have you been playing Serious GMod RP?: January 2012

Character Section

-A 25 inch Silver Latin Machete
-A leather sheathe for said machete
-To have survived the liberation of C45

Name: Richard Sherlock
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Resistance

Write a detailed in-canon back-story how your character obtained these authorizations.

The ground beneath Sherlock's feet trembled. The fighters spilled from every corner of the plaza now, flooding Precinct One. Sherlock had managed to position himself by the monument, he and several others were providing covering fire as the fighters moved on the Nexus doors- Sherlock had no idea how they intended to get inside but it wasn't his concern, he was too focused on clearing the city first. Despite the losses in the battle, they had taken the Embassy and incapacitated a member of the Civil Authority high command. Now they were at the Union's door, the sweet taste of victory had Sherlock nearly salivating at the thought of it. The thought that the efforts of himself and many others wouldn't have been in vain.   

Sherlock cast a glance to the train station behind him, shifting himself so that he couldn't be flanked by fire; the doors swung open as an Overwatch Elite filed in, a flurry of bullets spraying the walls around him. The door was quickly sealed and no-doubt barricaded once more. Though the feeling of victory was elating, Sherlock wasn't one to let it cloud his judgement. The Union wouldn't let us take this city by any means... There was going to be a counter-attack or some kind of--

Dispatch interrupted Sherlock's train of thought:

Of course! Classic scorched earth policy! Why hadn't he seen that one coming. Sherlock vaulted the monument railing and made a dash for the sewer entrance through an old store. As noble as it would be to stay and fight, Sherlock had no intention of perishing in the name of a total stranger with night vision goggles, Third Eye or not. Richard clambered down the service ladder and pretended to look supportive as he gestured up a few more fighters, they filed past Sherlock in a hurry, eager to join the fight. Either they didn't hear the dispatch or they didn't care. Sherlock slung his two remaining molotovs into his backpack and headed into the dark, his flashlight providing a guide along the chaotic stormdrains. The sound of persistent battle raged above him, the walls around him continued to shake as the Nexus core continued its destabilization, Richard considered his options on how to get out of the city... There was no way he could escape the blast radius in forty minutes on foot and with the Civil Authority going autonomous all over the outer districts. He would have to get creative.

Once Sherlock reached the canals, a dispatch blared faintly; apparently the CCA caught on that the frequency was compromised. No matter, it was too late for both parties to do much about it. The liberation of City 45 was a short-lived affair indeed, it was only a few hours ago that Sherlock had gathered at the warehouse with the rest of the initial mob, now he was fleeing the city. Funny old world we live in.

Richard crawled through the bent canal grate and then continued on his way to a place deep enough underground and far enough away from the Nexus where he could wait out the blast. The dispatch echoed through the darkness; it was not the monotonous female this time however but rather a unit, probably one of quite some rank...

"Attention ground units. This is Section Leader 00621. If you are hearing this broadcast then you have missed the last evac available... Do not be disheartened and know that you will be remembered as heroes. Die knowing that your sacrifice was not in vain and that we will see to it that the orchestrators of this attack are brought to justice."

Sherlock kicked in a maintenance hatch, shining his torch frantically around the blackness in search of a place to stay; the room was a low dark nook with a couple empty rusted barrels being the only feature of the room.

"You have done the Universal Union a service..."

"And for that, we are grateful..." The dispatch cut off as a thunderous deep roar boomed from the Nexus. It had begun.
The sound of the core flaring up was deafening, the boom continued to shake the ground violently.

Richard sealed the hatch behind him, turning the lock with a clunk and clambering into position in the corner of the tiny room. The shockwave rippled forth as the core imploded then expanded rapidly, consuming the city in fire and plunging Sherlock into darkness.

Three days later

After a long and hazardous climb from the half-collapsed tunnels beneath the canals, Sherlock had journeyed through the outskirts of the city, along the canals of the city. The trip was eerily quiet; the sky was ablaze with the firestorms that raged from ground zero across the horizon, choking the air with a thick smoke. The ash drifted from the heavens as Sherlock drew closer to the Outlands, he had only seen a few refugees, they were all terrified and confused, survival was all people were focused on. Was this the great liberation the Third Eye promised?

Ineu Pass was a long way away and his usual route had been compromised due to the city exploding... An unforeseen event but Richard was sure it wouldn't completely hinder him. There could be another way there, perhaps if he made it to the forests then it would only be a matter of-- Something struck Sherlock in the back of the neck, he stumbled forwards, grunting once before a sharp gasp escaped him, a sudden pang of pain ran up his spine. Richard flung his hands back to his neck and tore the thing from his neck; it was a small cylinder with a sharp needle on the end of it, a small capsule was empty inside the cylinder. Sherlock's vision began to blur, his legs felt weak, his arms fell to his side- they were so heavy, his head swarmed with pain. Sherlock collapsed to the ground, a final gasp of air escaping him as a faint figure emerged from the distance and began to run to Sherlock's direction. Then once more, Sherlock was left in darkness.

Twenty-Eight hours later

Sherlock inhaled sharply as the ice cold water was dumped over him. He shook himself awake, his vision still impaired and his head spinning with agony. Sherlock tugged instinctively at the restraints, his joints ached in protest until he fell limp. Sherlock was chained to the wall of some kind of cellar; he was in the gaze of a blinding floodlight. Strangely enough, this didn't look like a Combine facility... Too dirty, not metal enough. Then a shadow stepped forwards, tossing an empty bucket back behind it, the figure then spoke in a cracked vocoded voice; it was now apparent that Sherlock's captor was Civil Protection.
"<:: Anti-citizen. You have been found guilty of level one contraband possession and many other crimes- all of which warrant--" The vocoder cut out, a male voice with a Scottish accent muffled from beneath the mask. "--amputation." The man then raised Sherlock's weapon up, displaying it as if to prove him guilty.

The unit couldn't have been more than an oh-three... A loose City 45 armband was strapped to his torn shoulder, it was soaked in blood. The unit winced with pain, he made a slight noise of discomfort as he shifted himself closer to Sherlock, his un-masked voice continued. "You will be executed immediately..." Richard looked up at the man, studying him over.
"Oh-Four, Three-Eight-Seven... Section Three of C45 District Two." Sherlock snapped quickly. The unit froze, turning to face Sherlock.
"Wh-What?" The unit exclaimed, taking a single step back.
"What's the matter, unit? Your armband tells me too much about you." Sherlock spat once on the ground, looking to the right to see his gear folded on the fringe of the shadows. "It also tells me that we could help each other out here."

The unit paused, looking into the dark and then back at Sherlock- who took his cue to continue. "Assuming you're alone, which by the state of this place and the lack of radio traffic on your frequency, you are and the fact you are unarmed, forgotten and have been left to die here by your superiors who are by this point dead or going to be shot for failure-" He took a breath. "--You may want to re-think shooting a man who can get you out of here safely."

The unit countered with. "I am armed--"
"With my gun." Sherlock replied, eyeing the 9mm still-on safety.
"I can still shoot you!"  387 snapped, raising the gun.
"But what's the point?! You'll be killed in a few days if you stay here."
387 pulled the trigger, the gun failed to fire. He then panicked and tossed the weapon on the ground, cursing loudly. He let a small sob escape his cracked mask as he turned towards the darkness.

"How long, Three-Eight-Seven? How long since you've received directives from high command? From your other units?" Sherlock jeered, 387 fixed his vocoder into place with a sharp hit.
"<:: Shut up! I'm in charge here!"
"Are you sure, unit?" Sherlock pried. "You are alone! All alone with no chance of rescue!" The unit grabbed his radio from his collar and spoke into it, his vocoder once again breaking up.
"I-I repeat! This is 387... I need evac! Anyone- respond!"

A silence confirmed Sherlock's words, the thought began to creep into the unit's mind. 387 cursed once more, he set off into the darkness only to return moments later carrying a large sheathed machete.
"Woah-woah-woah! Killing me won't solve this!" Sherlock protested, tugging at the restraints feebly.
"Neither will letting you live!" The unit shouted as he drew the blade; it's surface was soaked with dry blood, probably no more than a day old.
"Th-Think about it! I know the way out of here! There's a place I can take you to! Ineu Pass, it's real safe!" The unit paused again, Sherlock went on. "I know people who have dealt with identity before- we can make you literally drop off the database..." Sherlock swallowed once, his mouth was dry and his throat burned with pain, he waited for the unit's response. The response was what Sherlock wanted; the unit sighed loudly, he dropped the machete and set about releasing the shackles. The unit released Sherlock's right hand and then set about releasing his left, he said.
"If you can deliver... I'll let you liv--" Sherlock seized the unit's throat with his right hand as his left became free. Richard pushed the unit to the ground with a leg sweep.
"Not the best idea to leave my legs unrestrained..." Sherlock stepped on the unit's hand as it dived to the machete, Sherlock picked it up carefully by the handle. "Neither was un-shackling me." The unit sobbed again, the vocoder now jumping between words.
"P-P-Please! L-Let me live!" Sherlock shook his head.
"How many people have you killed, unit?"
"N-None I swear!" The unit lied, Sherlock plunged the machete into the unit's chest with a heave, blood spluttered through the splintered mask.

Sherlock gestured around the room with his left hand.
"You had to kill someone to get this? Did you even know their name?" The unit gave nothing but a gargled response as he tried to draw his last breaths of air. "I'd like to know your name. Your real name." Sherlock knelt by the unit and tore off his loosely clipped mask; the man was early twenties, military cut dark brown hair, his blue eyes were wide with fear, blood trickled from his mouth in rivulets.
"A...A-Angus." The man managed to say barely. Sherlock only stood up and nodded grimly. He tore the machete from the man's chest and started over to his gear, scooping up the sheathe as he set about preparing himself for the journey.

One week later

Ineu Pass was dust. How convenient. Overwatch must have finally realized just how badly the place needed cleansing. Sherlock had decided to backtrack his way north in search of a path that led to the rumored settlement of Ineu Valley- a place that was apparently newly settled and where most of the Pass had fled to before blowing up the road tunnel, how considerate of them. Not like these people were anything close to considerate anyway, it was rather apt they had blown it up. After many days of tedious travel, Richard finally reached the Valley, he had to clamber down a steep rocky path to get there but hopefully the safety of the valley would have been worth the journey. Perhaps now, Sherlock could continue his work without the prospect of being hunted by the CCA. That was certainly the last time I visit a city... He thought to himself as he set off towards the town. Though Sherlock knew that it was more than likely his circumstances would change rather soon.

What will these authorizations give your character in regards to perks or defects?
-Machete: A large weapon which can be used for some practical things like cutting into things along with self-defense
-Sheathe: A handy way to store this rather large blade
-Surviving 45: Sherlock lives

-Machete: A close range weapon only, will need to be sharpened routinely
-Sheathe: Pretty much just a sheathe. No super special biolocks or some shit. Literally just a place to hold a blade.
-Surviving 45: If he comes back to a City then things will be incredibly difficult as there is probably lots of pictures of him armed in P1 and him blowing up the UCH despite the fact his face was covered the whole time.

What do you plan to do with these perks/defects?
I plan to use these auths to continue Sherlock's story and add another means of defense for him to utilize in Outlands.

Will anyone else need these auths? (If so, list OOC and IC name(s))

Which server does this apply for?

Extra Notes (optional):
Raged said I could use his unit for the dispatch.

Here is a reference image for the machete...
Spoiler for Hiden:

City Administrator / <::|| Amelia Clarke's File ||::>
« on: February 21, 2013, 07:03:34 PM »

<::|| Consul Amelia Clarke ||::>

Qualifications: A Doctorate in Archaeology 

Height: 4'11

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: A+

Designation: City 17 Industrial District

Steam name: Dallas

Timezone: GMT-0

<::|| Background File ||::>

<::|| Amelia Clarke born on March 2nd 1996 in the South Korean city of Seoul into a family of wealth and prosperity. Clarke was known to have attended private schooling in her early years before leaving early to earn a doctorate in archaeology by the time she was 18- a remarkable feat considering her age. Clarke was captured in the aftermath of the Liberation, the whereabouts of her parents and next of kin is unknown and irrelevant. ||::>

<::|| Clarke was then drafted into the Union's Civil Administration project and assigned to City 17 Civil District to work as assistant to Global Administrator, Doctor Wallace Breen. In this time, Clarke was held inside the Citadel at all times and monitored constantly. The effects of this two year period have been taken note; she has grown fearful of Civil Protection units and Overwatch alike, this does not hinder her ability to lead though as she has shown remarkable organization skills. Following the destruction of City 45, Clarke was assigned as Consul of Industrial District, she and the refugees from City 45, along with the newly transferred citizens, are our newest frontier of Union ideals. Our Benefactors have chosen Miss Clarke to see that we are represented correctly. ||::>

<::|| Projects ||::>

~CA Rank Re-Structure~

~Establishment Of Ministries~

~Appoint Directors to Ministries~

~Union Watch Joint Project~

~UU Green Tea~

~UU Play write initiative~

~Write a book~

~Breen Visit~

IC Chat / **A Dispatch that loops every two hours**
« on: February 18, 2013, 11:55:06 AM »
**The broadcast speakers cut to the sound of fumbling a moment before a monotoned voice begins to speak; it's voice giving a hint to her gender but otherwise impossible to read besides the distinct articulation of a Czech accent**

"Citizens of City Seventeen, a reminder to any of those among you who are loyal, there will be a citizen work session held tonight, you may gather outside the Terminal Apartments to be assigned when the dispatch alert triggers. The rewards will vary from reward rations to loyalist points depending on how well each of you perform."

**The speaker then abruptly cuts out, giving way to the reminders that drone on through the day.**

Out of Character for OOC:
This event will take place at 10pm GMT-0 today AND tomorrow, I will be doing these both days and will be handing out loyalist points so long as the work is done well. It's about damn time units started giving points out.

Accepted HL2RP Suggestions / CONSCRIPT Suggestion
« on: February 17, 2013, 02:15:11 PM »
You know what's really boring? Conscript rp. I really want it to be interesting but it isn't, so I'm making a suggestion.

-We make it so Conscripts are like second-class citizens in C17.

They will be still be Conscripts in shackles and they will all be fitted with internal trackers to go with their explosive collars but they will be allowed to go around the city. They will be allowed rations but only one at any time. A Conscript may be tortured or mutilated for a level three crime and killed for a level two. If you want, imagine them as Jews in Nazi Germany, all conscripts are to carry around their identification papers at all times, it is a crime to not have them, if a Conscript is found without them then that is a level three crime.

Conscripts would still be able to do jobs though only ever for unpaid labor for CWU, CCA or UU certified citizens.

This suggestion would add more interesting things to CG's canon and make city vort rp very fun.

Half-Life 2 Roleplay / Final Day Of City 45
« on: February 15, 2013, 04:36:52 PM »
The map change event for City will take place tomorrow (Saturday the 16th of Feb) at 10:30pm GMT-0, that's 5:30pm EST! Be there or be a triangle. This event will be run by pretty much all the SAs and will probably be be one of the largest events attempted. Good luck to all who attend and we hope you have fun.


Accepted Outlands Appeals / Richard Sherlock's Outlands Appeal
« on: February 14, 2013, 10:56:46 AM »
Steam Name: Dallas
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47674759
Character Name: Richard Sherlock
Reason for the switch: To escape the Outlands and return to the City to continue his work.

If required, write a detailed backstory on how your character left the outlands:

Perhaps it was a mistake after all... The attack was rather of impulse, though Sherlock knew that impulse didn't sit him down for hours with Kellin to plan it out, more of a bloodlust, something savage. If anything, it was a test of his nerve. But the escapade had now made him one of the most hunted men in Ineu- typical. So Sherlock had now had to cut his ties to Guardian and Kellin prematurely and head back to city where he would actually be safer. How ironic. This would mean once again heading back along the mountain path out of the valley towards the sewage treatment plant then he would follow the pipes for a good few days until it reached the storm drain system. This would be his second trip to the city though a part of Sherlock felt he may never leave it again. His short foray into resisting had been trivial and tiring. The struggle was slow and the payoff was non-existent. Maybe it would have been better to just have joined Civil Protection instead of fighting it- maybe then he'd have done something worth while.

Self pity. Not really Sherlock's thing. He prepared some supplies in the hasty rush to escape the pass; his weapon and ammo, several cans of food, a few bottles of water. Nothing extensive. Not enough time to do extensive. Maybe Sherlock can find purpose in city or at least a way to die knowing he had made a difference...

//NOTE: This character is armed with a 9mm handgun and two boxes of ammo along with a handheld radio. I will not be "leaving these behind" or anything. In the case this is accepted then I intend to bring the weapons. Sherlock will be participating in Saturday's City event.

City Administrator / <::|| Acting Consul Eolas- Memo #1 ||::>
« on: February 07, 2013, 05:46:05 PM »
Good afternoon, Doctors and Councilors of City 45. I - Councilor Eolas - have been selected by Consul Cullen to act as Consul in his absence. In the short absence of the Consul I expect you all to become rigorously active, I wish to hear of each of you having issued at least one speech in the next two weeks and issued citizens/contributed to the work allocation of citizens.

Activities such as this can include, but are not limited to: work cycles in the warehouse, encouraging public loyalty displays, encouraging citizens to open stores and organizing loyalist/CWU gatherings such as the teaparty (I must be consulted beforehand however).

A note to any who fail to meet what I have set; I shall be speaking with Consul Cullen about your immediate removal from power should you choose to ignore this memo.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

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