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Suggestions / Re: Cut Cannon.
« on: March 12, 2013, 04:08:13 AM »
Ok, I guess I will just end this... I will suggest something like this later, not a OTA Assassin. Maybe a creamator or something.

Suggestions / Re: Cut Cannon.
« on: March 07, 2013, 03:36:49 PM »
Well, to put it straight. I meant We as in Administration, and excluding me. If Oz doesn't want OTA Assassins then that's fine. But if you want to add some Resistance RP then I guess we could add a Brickbat, but nobody has the time to script it. It seems the UU have more of the Cut Sections, remember. I am trying to suggest to Cut-Cannon. And I suggested most of the Cannon there, I mean I am sorry that I suggested UU Cannon, but that's actually all the Cut Cannon there is. Yes there is some Cut-Cannon from the Resistance, but none that would do good for HL2RP. I know that this is sad, but there is no Cuts that relate to the Resistance in a RP way. I hope you don't mind, but I suggested all the Cut Cannon that could've made it and not all the Cannon that there is. It's time that we started to find out what Cannon could make it. I mean exclude everything that we don't need. Let's keep these Alien Assassins, and Cremator and a few others. If we to implant some things like these then we can 'Revolutionize' RP in our Community. Think about it, we could be the first server to have Creamators or Alien Assassins. But there might be one server or another, but we could be one of the few servers to implant these. Come on, I want to see something new other than CCA and CWU or Citizens, I want some new RP. Resistance RP is mostly used in the Outlands, it's not like anybody has guns to kill the Combine. I am just saying that Resistance RP is better in the Outlands then the City.

Suggestions / Re: Cut Cannon.
« on: March 06, 2013, 04:23:42 PM »
Ok, so we had a vote on OTA Assassins and it's a no. But hey, doesn't mean that some of the last of this cannon cannot be used.

Suggestions / Re: Cut Cannon.
« on: March 05, 2013, 04:08:21 AM »
Ok, so I have reviewed the votes, and it's time for a edit.

Let's keep a few of the ideas.

Secondly, I didn't say for it to be scripted. I have said 'implanted.' But when I mean by that is we introduce it as a new type of RP not script. Yes, abusive players have used OTA Assassins. But how about OTA Assassins either apply or have to be trusted and reasonable. BMPods are used by the Combine, and they are important to cannon. Without them, there would be no way for Headcrab production. Yes, I know the OTA don't assassinate people. I am thinking using OTA Assassins for Black Ops. Creamators are always seen on posters 'clean up the city or he will do it for you.' We have to implant him, he is a big part of cannon. And I am really thinking the Combine Assassins [No Relation to OTA Assassins.] would be very good for OTA in the Outlands. If you can see that they can climb. Bus's would be apart of a big map if made. They could be used by the CWU or a Red Tier Loyalist. The OverWatch building is now a scrapped idea unless it was used in a map suggestion. I might make one, but for that I see that all of this is very important for RP and Cannon. By the way, I didn't suggest kids because they were already suggested and denied.

Suggestions / Cut Cannon.
« on: March 04, 2013, 03:45:03 PM »
Ok, so I have thought about this for a while now. And hear me out, how about we put in HL2 Beta Chars. Now these would increase RP greatly with these chars. So let's name them all  and give them their jobs.

 let's just forget about Conscripts, that's a whole different story.

So let's start.

Combine Assassins: Ok, now these Female OTA would make good for RP. Male's being Grunts and Females being Assassins. They would be used for well Assassination of a Rebel, or just one of them people who would go down on a grapple and put a black bag over your head and you will never be seen again. These Chars are really important to Cannon, even though cut. So let's leave this suggestion in.

Combine Big Momma Pod: These Pods would be used if a Head crab Event is in place. They are the birth pods of Head crabs, and would be used in their birth. Not chars, but props that could be implanted if given time.

Alien Assassins: The Outlands version of the Combine Assassin, also known as the Breeder. It's acrobatics and claws are good for climbing and stealth and attacks.. So let's try and use it if we can get a model.

The Alien Combine Soldier: No, we aren't using it. I am not suggesting it in anyway, I don't want a worm walking around C17. And I'm not saying we should put it in, but if you want to then OK. It's the same as OTA so we don't need it.

Cremator: Ok so this grunt walks around and immolates dead bodies to 'clean up the city' I know that this is a very good char for RP, so let's put this is. It can be in charge of burning the bodies and we can implement some bits and pieces.

Now time for buildings and pictures that can be implanted for later projects. Remember this is a suggestion and not a idea that we are meant to put in because I say.

Vertigo: This Skyscraper is a massive eyesore to the populace, it's like the Philips Building in Saints Row only more ugly. But now this could be a embassy for CA's. I am one and I think it was fun back in C45 when CA's had a building to themselves.

The Manhack Arcade: A arcade for Citizens who want to cut thing open, I know this would be a good example for RP situations. That's all I have to say.

OverWatch Nexus: Yes, the Parliament of Serbia, it's a good building. We could use it, it would make good for Overwatch so if there are a lot of them then they can reside in the building.

Vorti-Cell: A power supply from Trapped Vorts, we all know what's going to happen. This machine rips the power out of the Vort and leaves it dry in it's shell. It's like ripping a yoke out of a egg.

Combine Assassin Tanks: I guess the Assassins need a bigger name for stasis. We don't really need it.

School Bus: These cars can be driven, they are used to transport Citizens around. Let's say that if we had a big map then we could let Citizens get on and CWU or Loyalists could apply to becoming Bus drivers. That's enough on that.

Heel Springs: This is the last suggestion of this, these are to be used for Assassins or for OTA, CCA of a high rank that want to do some Rooftop Work, or as I like to call 'being on a rappel before jumping on my char with a black bag and he is interrogated.' Heel Springs would be very important, but would take a lot of time.

These Models are unused and can still be found in the HL2 Files. They can be converted to Garry's mod, but I don't know how. Some files are unused and cannot be used.

City Administrator / Re: <:: Civil Administration Roster ::>
« on: February 28, 2013, 02:55:44 AM »
Title: Councilman
Name: Heinrich Schlitz
Degrees: PhD in Physics and Medical Psychology .
Steam Name: Dublinjd
Timezone: GMT-0
Activity: Active

IC Chat / Re: The life of the Biggs Family [IC]
« on: January 31, 2013, 10:54:48 AM »
What do we do now?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Fredric looked down onto floor, he grabbed some paper and a pen. "Dear family, I have grown stricken with cancer. I might not last the night, I know I have done bad over the years...But I have also done good, I may say when you look on this letter that you find that my life was very quick in a few moments. I hope you can remember all the good times we had. I also hope for in the future...Lionel, Howard if you are reading this then I have passed away. Doctor Heinrich Schlitz told me that I was expected to have the plug pulled soon. Doctor Heinrich is a good man, give him and you my wishes. I was diagnosed with PTSD, I am do hope when you read this that you find hope in your hearts. No matter what the cost, no matter what happens I will always love you..." Heinrich walked into the room with 3 doctors. Heinrich pointed at the plug. Heinrich sighed and said: "I am very sorry Mr Biggs, you son wanted me to end your misery...Forgive me..." Fredric nodded and Heinrich pulled out the plug. Fredric fell down on his pillow. Heinrich sat down on the couch and cried. The 3 doctors lifted Fredric onto a mobile bed. Fredric was lead down the hallway, his life signs were still stable. He was alive. Heinrich looked down and saw Heinrich breathing. Fredric looked around, Heinrich looked Pink. Heinrich looked down and it looked as Fredric, was changing color: "It's just a little pinprick." Fredric started getting a seizure. The Doctors got Fredric onto the ground and started doing CPR and holding him steady. Heinrich looked around "Don't let him die on me!" Heinrich pushed as hard as he could, but Fredric was dead. Heinrich looked around for a phone. Heinrich leaned against the wall with tears in his eye. "Yes is this Lionel Biggs, my name is Heinrich Schlitz...I can't say this easily, but your father has died at exactly 3:15 PM..." Lionel cried and said "It's okay, he would've wanted it." Heinrich shut the phone and walked into the Staff Room. The doctors looked at Heinrich accusingly. Heinrich sat on the chair and started weeping.

Lionel looked down onto the letter of his father, the last before he died. Lionel wept and sobbed, he shook it off and walked down the road. Lionel started falling down and staggering. Lionel fell on the ground one last time. "God help me..." Lionel crawled into a room and sat down. "What happened to me? I lost all control. Where am I anymore? Where are we going? What are we doing? And what do we do now." Lionel started to drift and fell asleep on the concrete.

Social Discussion / Re: Violent videogames and Mass murderers
« on: January 04, 2013, 06:44:11 PM »
I am not being Jack Thompson here everyone, I am actually against it.
My ideology, is that if someone picks up a gun and shoots people than Video Games are just scapegoats.
It bothers me that some people just blame gaming for shooting incidents.
That is like me blaming HL2RP for telling me how to shoot.
Nothing gives you practice to shoot except picking up a gun.
Now I know that Gun Laws control weapons.
But they do not stop people from getting guns.
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold got their weapons illegally.
Weapons are used to keep people from your home and for self-protection.
Someone is going to use a legal 'self-protection' gun and start shooting anyone in his/her way.
I am not saying that we should allow people to kill.
I am saying that if someone kills than how can we stop them from getting weapons in the first place.
Anybody can make a weapon or illegally manufacture weapons.
I know that I have a different ideology to you, but trust me... I know a lot of things about gun laws and weapons.

IC Chat / Re: The life of the Biggs Family [IC]
« on: January 04, 2013, 04:33:42 PM »
[Sorry guys, I did not post often due to many reasons. This is because I was busy during Christmas. I will continue the story. By the way. This should not be a Necropost due to the reason that I am still continuing the story.]

Lionel took all of his belongings in a suitcase. A bunch of guys wanted to go to the Outlands so they needed everything they got. Lionel went with them and traveled for hours on end. They reached the Outlands a few months later. Lionel became a shop owner and also scavenged for food and weapons. Lionel's location in the Outlands is unknown at this time.  [Give me a PM if you want him as a char, if nobody PM's me than I will use the char to myself.]

[I will end the story here as you all now what happens now. Summary: Lionel goes to the Outlands, Fredric dies of cancer, Howard becomes a CP. Nothing else happened other than that. If you want a brief history on another of my char's look than see Heinrich Schlitz's story.]


Social Discussion / Re: Mass Shootings in the Last Five Years & Gun Control
« on: December 21, 2012, 02:52:05 PM »
Gun-laws may be useful, but that does not stop people manufacturing their own weapons. I mean they don't need guns. A man can simply walk up to a gas station with a gas can and fill it up and pay. Walk back to the house grab a beer bottle and pour the inside with gasoline. Put a napkin in it and make his own Molotov Cocktail. Weapons can't be stopped. They can be controlled. But that does not stop illegal manufacturing. I agree with gun-laws, but that does not mean I fully support them. I mean in Dallas, Texas Oswald was allowed buy a gun and walk out of the store. Anybody could buy a gun back in Texas back then. And they still can. But due to gun-laws they make it illegal even though people will be killed even without a guy. A simple butter knife can be a weapon if sharp enough. I do hate people who kill. But I hate people who try to say getting rid of guns will solve the problem too. Guns can be destroyed off the earth. What about sharp things, and blunt things. The world is filled with environmental hazards like fire. We cannot destroy it so why do we try and fight it. We cannot stop fire from existing and guns are also the same as fire. They cannot be ridden of. They are apart of our lives. We made guns. It's a man-made disaster that we made. Nothing else and nothing more.

Social Discussion / Re: Violent videogames and Mass murderers
« on: December 21, 2012, 02:39:24 PM »
Violence due to video-games. That is one controversial subject we are talking about these days. Well I may not be Jack Thompson, but I know that video-games are very dangerous. But only in the wrong hands. Most games like CS:S or Cod teach people to shoot. But that's only if you keep close attention of it and look at how the player's character can reload and shoot a weapon. Such games like Doom 2 are controversial due to the fact that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold [The Columbine Shooters] That they learned how to shoot from the game Doom 2. Games do teach people how to use a gun. But they are not intended for that. They are intended for game-play and fun. Not for a killing-spree for idiots. We cannot say that video-games cause violence. Only the mentally-disturbed who play them and take them seriously. There was a shooting in Canada where a person idolized Postal's character Postal dude. We can't learn from history. We cannot take away video games or ban them. All we can do is just play them and accept if some weirdo plays them and kills a bunch of people. Gun laws can't help. Neither can bans or gun restrictions. Somebody is going to get a gun either way. And somebody will kill people not just because of video gaming. And if they ban video-games wouldn't us the consumers stand up against it. Even at the lives of others. People are already dieing for many reasons. Video-games are just a excuse so that anti-gaming activists can blame the consumers that they are the problem and that they should burn video games. I might know that some people may not agree with my examples and ideology. But that's my view of the situation on video-gaming mass murders.

Social Discussion / Re: End of the world?
« on: December 21, 2012, 02:23:45 PM »
Guys. The Mayans did not predict the world ending. Well they did, but not with the calendar. Who thought that a calender is meant to represent the end of the world. A calender is a pad with dates of the year. And when a year is up another calender begins. And if the world was going to end. It would not be made off some man-made calender it would be based off the universe's time calender. If it had one. The Mayan calender ended so another one begins. But not in this case due to the Mayan extinction. So why are we all saying 'The Mayans lied' and 'The 2012 apocalypse is bullshit' It was never meant to be a doomsday clock in the first place.

Dublinjd 's City Administrator application

What is your CA's name? (All CAs' names start with Dr.) (This is any name, Not citizens name) Dr. Heinrich Schlitz


Do you have past experience? If so then where?No

How long have you played Catalyst-Gaming: Half-life 2 roleplay?9-10 months

How many hours do you spend a day on the server? (When it is up)4-6 hours

Are you available on weekends and in American time and early/late European time?Yes

Do people consider you a good roleplayer?Yes

Are you a good listener?Yes

Do you have good grammar?Yes

Have you ever been banned?No

Do you know HL canon inside and out.Yes

Write a 5 paragraph backstory of your character that reveals their qualifications for the position (One paragraph = 4 sentences)

Heinrich, born in the late twentieth century to an upper class family, his mother, a renowned brain surgeon and his father a Wall street broker. When Heinrich reached the age of five, he went to Russia for private tutoring. His teacher, a mean man named Yuri Slavdrapov taught Heinrich to read and spell. Heinrich now aged 17, went to Oldfield University, a few miles from his home. The smell of his dormitory reminded him of a trip to China. Heinrich learned many things about the brain, particles and much more. His favorite classes were biology and chemistry. Heinrich also had a strong liking for physics.

He introduced a way to do a lobotomy, influenced by the tale of Phineas Gage. When his personality got altered when a railway spike went through his head. So he used a similar tactic and discovered he was able to make his subjects more controllable. Heinrich got a Ph.D in science for his efforts. Afterwards, he got a job in a top mental asylum. Where there were no shortage of subjects to advance his knowledge. He went to Oldfield asylum. His sadistic boss had little regard for the patients there. Heinrich pleased with his boss, told him about his studies. The boss was equally pleased with Heinrich and sent him to area two of the asylum. That was where they kept the most mentally disturbed patients.

Heinrich quit his job and decided to work as a physicist for Oldfield National College. He made himself a name around the college and became popular. He made friends with his boss and overall was a good physicist. He was working there for six years. Heinrich ordered himself to keep the work up and maybe he would be promoted.

Heinrich sat in the coffee shop with a cup in his hand. A portal came down onto the building across from him. Drop ships emerged from the portal. He made a dash for the exit and failed. Hunters laid siege the building and attacked everyone inside. An explosion ripped half the building apart. Heinrich fell on the ground trying to get up. The Hunter's lenses looked onto Heinrich. He looked at the Hunters lenses and fainted. Heinrich woke up on the razor train that relocated him to C45.
Heinrich assigned himself an apartment. The only light came from the Nexus. He looked at the TV and saw Pierce Cullen saying that CA applications are open. Heinrich walked outside and met a CCA unit who stopped him in his tracks. "Citizen, what do you want?", said the Unit. Heinrich looked at the unit with a stern face. "Well I want to ask for a CA application form.", said Heinrich. The CCA told him to wait outside. A few minutes later the CCA Unit came back and gave Heinrich the form. Heinrich took the form and wrote on it. He finished and gave the form to the Unit. The Unit focused on it for a minute and walked off to the Nexus. Heinrich walked up the stairs to the apartment and went into the room and falling asleep on the bed.

Accepted. While this truthfully isn't the best application I've seen, I've spoken to you and you have a drive to get the character that leads me to believe that you will do well in the Board. Make sure to read up on all authorization you will begin with, and become familiar with what you are authorized to do. My expectations are usually above 2-3 sentence paragraphs, and you lacked the detail that I was looking for, but I'm giving you a chance. Don't make me regret it! Welcome to the CAB, Doctor Heinrich Schlitz.

IC Chat / Re: The life of the Biggs Family [IC]
« on: November 23, 2012, 08:28:21 PM »
Vasquez's body was in a state were he was in intensive care, and for Fredric's story is that he has PTSD from the wars so he is actually very unstable. Vasquez is actually a symbol which is Lionel's urge to escape corruption and to become a free man. Fredric was a very unstable man and done drugs during Korea and Vietnam. He still has a withdraw and needs to understand that he is under mental stress. You may not get the story, but if you were to read it a few times over and find out that Vasquez is Lionel's reason for getting into crime and actually learning that Vasquez was not dead, but if you get this he was not in the morgue. He was taken from the hospital and brought to morgue were he was tortured mutilated and killed by Lionel.

Post Auto-Merged: November 23, 2012, 08:32:14 PM
If you understand that Fredric was actually anti-communist. When JFK made a peace treaty and decided not to help the Cuban exiles to invade Cuba was when Fredric hated the president. You see Lee Harvey Oswald would have shot him to pull the troops out of Vietnam. But the case is that Fredric was different to Oswald, but wanted to kill JFK for a different reason.

Post Auto-Merged: November 24, 2012, 09:20:07 AM
Howard looked over his father, tonight was New Years Eve. A doctor came into the room with a ID card on his lab coat. Dr Heinrich Schlitz. "Hello, I am the doctor from the psychiatric ward, I ran a cat-scan on your father and he seems to have a case of schizophrenia and PTSD. He hallucinates and also seems to have suicidal thoughts... He wants to end it all, but we do know that his cancer is at a critical state. He... will not wake up tomorrow." Howard sighed and got up. Heinrich escorted Howard up and left with him. "I am sorry about he information. I should have kept shut." Howard looked at him and said "It's okay, I want to ask you a favour." Heinrich looked at Howard and said "Sure, what do you need?" Howard whispered into Heinrich's ear "I want you to stop his pain.", Heinrich looked stern and said "Are you sure?" Howard nodded. Heinrich went into the room and said to Fredric "Your son Howard wants me to pull the plug on the IV, but I want to ask you if you want that." Fredric nodded and Heinrich nodded back. He took the plug  and pulled it out leaving Fredric to die. Howard came in with tears on his eyes, but with a smile on his face. "Thank you." Howard started to walk out of the Hospice, slowly.

IC Chat / Re: The life of the Biggs Family [IC]
« on: November 23, 2012, 03:31:08 PM »
Lionel's Story part four

Lionel grabbed Vasquez's dead body from the morgue, he grabbed a knife and found out that he was still alive all these years. He was on a IV, living off food in a blender. Lionel grabbed Vasquez's fingers and said "I am going to cut off your fucking fingers!" Vasquez started blabbering. "You see this knife, I will teach you English with this fucking knife!" Vasquez then collapsed under his own weight. "I might as well give you some fucking decency, but you fucked me so I will give you so much pain and then I will kill you!" Lionel grabbed Vasquez's hand and took it clean off with a meat cleaver. Lionel grabbed the meat cleaver and did the same to the other hand. Then to the legs and then started to grab a scalpel. "I am going to rip you a new one!" He put the scalpel near the stomach and ripped out some of Vasquez's unneeded organs. "Now, to finish you off!" He ripped through the lungs and kidneys until he could find the hearth before punching it until it stopped beating. "There we go, now you are dead and I am free. I wanted that so much!" He threw the tools over the body and walked away hoping that nobody would find the body in the dead mutilated form it was in.

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