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General Discussion / Re: Operation Catalyst Revivification
« on: April 16, 2016, 01:30:17 PM »
Space Engineers wouldn't be bad either.

General Discussion / Re: Operation Catalyst Revivification
« on: April 15, 2016, 07:18:30 PM »
We could try Arma 3, Naked Men Beat Each Other With Stone Simulator 2016 (Rust), or just stick with Garry's mod, as we already have access to a bunch of assets. Arma 3 would be really good, it's RP assets can improved massively with the use of mods. RUST would be cheap, as we would just have to download we shitty management mods and charge $50 for OP kits.

EDIT: I would like for Nicknero and Alaskan to give their opinion on the situation.

General Discussion / Re: Operation Catalyst Revivification
« on: April 15, 2016, 02:38:41 PM »
Well, I'm a lazy fuck, so unless someone else wants to search for a dev, rip HRP.

General Discussion / Operation Catalyst Revivification
« on: April 13, 2016, 09:49:48 PM »
To all of the cancerous users that still wander this forum from time to time, we must act. Catalyst has been dead for quite a while now. No game modes are up, and even if they were, no one would play them. I am proposing a plan to revive our once great community, and move past this time of great parel. We must stand strong to recover, and ensure the bright future of Catalyst Gaming. Inb4 “its already dead, faggot. there’s no turning back!” If you are looking at this forum, you obviously enjoy watching things die, or you want to revive CG. Either way, stfu and read the post.

Step 1. Put HRP back up. This sounds fairly straightforward, but we must convince Alaskan to stop stocking the shelves at Officemax for 2 minutes, and actually through $30 into putting the servers back up. It seems our lord and savior comes to this forum every once in awhile to spam racial slurs in the Shoutbox, so I’m sure he’ll see this.

Step 2. UPDATE SOMETHING, FUCKING ANYTHING. I don’t care if I get a fucking Apache attack helicopter that shoots giant purple dildos, just add some new shit that costs a mere fortune so people will flock to the server for a few hours to enjoy the shit storm.

Step 3. After we have attracted the attention of a few morons, others will follow. We must do anything to get the word out, tell your friends that our cancerous community is opening back up, or go to Pewdiepie's comment section and spam “CG IS REOPENING, FAGGOTS! COME PLAY, OR I’LL i'm an idiot for assuming things UR TOASTER.”

Step 4. Get new devs (or just make the old ones stop fapping off in their closets (inb4 Someone77 says “I tried my best” or “kys faggot.”)) Put them on a tight schedule, maybe lock them in Alaskan’s basement a gunpoint, to ensure that updates are actually released. Once the content starts flowing, so will the cluster fuck of 7 year old squeakers with mommies credit card.

Step 5. All about that update grind, update the shit out of HRP. I don’t mean create new content, naw fuck that shit. I mean grind that fuck out of shitty Gmod sharing sites, buy all them fucking vehicle and weapon mods. Just flood out these easy updates weekly or biweekly, and get the community involved in some regard. Like actually listen to their suggestions, instead of approving them and sitting on them for 5 years.

Step 6. HRP won’t last long, as everyone and their mother has already played the shit out of it. We must expand to other cancerous RP game platforms, like Arma 3, or just make a whole new gamemode on Gmod, like CGRP.

Step 7. Profit. aka Alaskan goes 5k in debt for a few months, until some kiddies donate a fuck ton of money for VIP privileges.

Step 8. If this doesn’t fail (Which is entirely unlikely), then CG is revived, and we can all go die under a rock knowing that CG stood another few months. Or maybe people will want to play due to amazing updates and the great support from admins, like the good old days.

I love you Catalyst Gaming, the best gaming community I have ever seen, and let us pray that the shit lords don't kill themselves over this post. 

How am I radical? I want to know how stating standard conservative opinions is radical, fucking deal with it.

Also, I never stated I was a republican, I have conservative leaning points of view which doesn't by any means make me a republican.

The construction of  Mexican-US wall would allow for thousands of jobs to be made, which is good for our economy and for keeping us safe the fucking terrorists and cartel that shit cocaine and weed over the border. Once again, Mexicans might do shitty jobs, but some legal US citizen would do that job if the position is open. I don't give a fuck if these idiots sneaks into the country and starts drinking sewer water for a job, kick their illegal asses out and let him come in legally. The Mexicans are earning money that legal US citizens need,  they need this to get their fat asses off of welfare.

I don't have a clue of what you are talking about cow, are you saying that Trump isn't the best like I have been claiming?

The smartest of people follow Trump, I don't find it supprising that cow and Adam follow Trump, they are both brilliant people that don't have autism.

Trump is right, we do need to build a wall to keep out some of the illegals. Also, the Millitary channel is a great place to get potical ideas and advice, it is run by smart people who know what is going on in the world.

We have the right to act condescending, we are Trump supporters (Atleast I think me and cow are). We follow by example, Trump is far superior to all of his competition, therefore we act like assholes to thoes who are inferior and stupid.

Suggestions / Make HRP Playable Again
« on: August 22, 2015, 08:45:00 AM »
I know I'm not the only one when I say this, I am sick of HRP. I love the game ode and have had some of my favorite gaming moments on the server, but after the 22 days that I have accumulated on it, it has gotten dull.

How about we have a small update with some cool features to make it more entertaining for those who have played almost every aspect of the gamemode.

-Fix the fucking taser, I would come back just for this personally.
-Add the load out for CGs, these new weapons and tactical game play aspect will attract players.
-Add a randomly spawning dildo on the map, when you press e on it, it will vanish and give the player $50. Have them spawn rsndomly on the map a shave it respawn after each collection.
-Add night vision or some other cool gear for the CG to fuck with, something that gives them an unfair advantage like in real life.
-Add back a radio that you can add songs on to (I will suck you sick if you put your hosting server back up, Sterling.)
- Do some events on the server, And advertise it over the Steam group instead of on the forums. (When I am playing a shitty game I don't have the CG forums up, where as I have the Steam populs on for the Steam group.)
-Have admins and staff go to DarkRP and brony servers, and advertise CG "Do you like shitty gamemodes? Then you'll love this shit game mode, you cunt! Come on down to Alaskans buttfuck emporium, for all your ass rapping needs!"
-Add A new boat or vehicle that everyone can waste 50k on, something useful unlike the wake setter please.
-Ban all the shit lords that make the server shit, like the mother fuckers that spam and also those cunts that hate me for no reason.
-Add the grappling mod that cow suggested, it will attract elite tacticians that like to RP being law enforcement.
-Give me money for these great ideas.

To ensure these actually happen, we need to threaten the developers by kidnapping their family members, or we could all get in TS some time and tell these idiots what we want while they implement it.

Are you calling our future leader a pussy?

I will give you that one Alaskan, I still demand an apology about the two previous pictures though.

This is blasphemy! I demand an apologie from the staff responsible for this slander towards our soon to be leader.

I wish to protest Alaskans post, not only is it not keeping this thread serious, it also is a horrible comparison to Trumps amazing haircut. That bird clearly has thicker hair on his sides then Trump, I demand a public apology to the Cataylt Gaming community. What if Trump or his supporters came across this thread? CG would be deemed a shitty community, and would be mocked due to the liberal activities that the owner takes part in.

Shame on these silly liberals.

The Canadian immigrants is a threat to the U.S. just as much as the illegal Mexicans. No matter if they come from the two places stated previously or some other country across the Ocean, they take jobs that are needed by legal citizens of our state. I couldn't care less if someone is poor as hell and has a shitty life in another country. If they need to escape that suit hole then they can legally apply to enter our great country, if they don't get accepted then fuck 'em. We already have a tenth of the black community of welfare, the last thing we need is for more citizens to be unemployed due to illegals taking the jobs.

Think about it this way, illegals aliens can't get welfare from the government. Where as legal citizens can get placed on the shitty welfare programs that are offered to anyone who can't put their fist 5 inches up their own ass.

In conclusion, fuck illegal aliens and fuck welfare.

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