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April 25, 2015, 10:23:27 PM by Statua
Views: 1108 | Comments: 5

Major Revisions

Catalyst-Gaming Roleplay, also known as CGRP, has been in development for quite some time now with a long pause in production. The game however is back in full development and hopefully wont take too much longer to complete. This extensive time off has given us ample opportunity to revise and rethink many different systems and aspects of CGRP, as well as find new systems to keep the game interesting and give the player more and more to do. All of the suggestions in the CGRP section have been reviewed and a decision has been made on it whether to add it or not. Here are some of the major changes to CGRP's planned systems:

Skills System

The skills system in CGRP will be a cumulative experience type system. Being able to craft or grow top tier will require you to build experience in it, not find a book and instantly be level 5. You are not required to purchase anything to activate a skill as all your skills are Level 1 when you start. As you grow weed for example, your skill in gardening goes up one point for every pot you plant. The levels can unlock different things such as how fast you run for your endurance, how much you make off meth, or what level of craftable items you can make.

If you neglect your skills for too long, they will slowly begin to fade and decay. You can maintain high levels by tending to your skills every few days.This skills system is expected to create more dynamics to the roleplay environment, giving the player more priorities than just money. Being able to raid better, drive more efficiently, and sell better product are among some other goals for the player.

Here are all the things you can improve your skill in (subject to change):

Spoiler for Skills:
Crafting Basics
Crafting Weapons
Crafting Props
Crafting Electronics
Crafting Mechines
Chemistry (meth)
Gardening (weed/vegetables)
Biology (shrooms)

All Jobs

911 Calling System

The 911 calling system will be organized and scripted to avoid and miscommunication and confusion between the 911 caller and the responding services, as well as assist in what services will respond to the call. A major issue in emergency services in the past is 911 callers failing to provide the right amount of information to the emergency responders. This 911 system will ensure that every 911 call will have the type of call (shooting, mugging, fire, etc), the location, who is needed (police, fire, or ems), and any details about the call.

When a 911 call is placed, a notification box displaying the call information is sent to all services selected to respond to the call. They can see the callers name, how long the call has been active for, their location, the type of call, who is responding (it wont be sent to services not selected), and any details the caller has written down. This notification box remains in the corner of the screen for 5 minutes or until it is closed manually by the player receiving it.


The entire lockpicking system has been changed to be more dynamic, skill driven, and all around more interesting for the player doing the lockpicking. Unlike the past, lockpicking now requires actual skill to perform. It's similar to the lickpicking system in Oblivion where the player can see the notches and must apply force at the right time to unlock the door. There's a chance the player can break a lockpick if force is applied incorrectly, making an audible noise and alerting the players inside the house. Alternatively, the lockpick makes no noise while being performed other than the sound of the door opening.

Other Stuff

Many other things have been added or changed to the CGRP plans. Some stuff is planned to be worked on after release as they are systems not used commonly or systems not available to players who first start. This includes a manufacturing system where the player purchases a machine and makes money off manufacturing items, which some illegal items are the highest form of income in CGRP. However, these machines are expensive and require the player to have a cargo vehicle to ship their equipment. There's also plenty of other small items added to the plans.

If you would like to see all the planned systems and content for CGRP, check out trello HERE

We need more mayor events for the mayor to perform in. Please post your events HERE

Have an idea of stuff to add or change? Please post them HERE
April 05, 2015, 12:13:40 AM by wakeboarderCWB | Views: 374 | Comments: 1

Server Update

  • Fixed smuggler timer not initializing on initial spawn. No more rejoining to constant smuggle.
  • Fixed being able to buy any door even if it's already owned(For real this time).
  • Fixed FSA banning for admins. You can now ban from the FSA menu.
  • Added unban option to FSA for admins.
  • Moved heli spawns closer to runway so the rear rotors don't hit the wall.
  • Coast Guard Radio is fixed.
  • Added CG radio whitelist/unwhitelist to FSA for admins.
  • Lowered WAC helicopter sounds(For real this time).
  • Added back locking helicopters from the inside. Default key is 'K', change it in Q -> Options -> Aircraft.
  • Added ability for Skycrane driver to attach/detach items to the crane hook.
  • Fixed sometimes automatically being entered into a passenger seat on the fishing boat when leaving the driver seat.
  • Fixed microwaves.
  • Fixed not being able to steal packages.
  • Added taser.
  • Fixed artifact box spawning position. It now spawns next to scuba npc.
  • SA+ can now refund via FSA.

Like any other day, report bugs here.
If you have a suggestion for something new or a change to a pre existing feature, suggest it here.

Unless any major gamebreaking bugs come up, I will be focusing my attention to HRP2 from now on.
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