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xx[04/21/14] HL2RP Map change update

April 21, 2014, 04:15:47 pm by Khub | Views: 99 | Comments: 2

A vast storm hit City 8 and its surroundings. The water levels rose to heights and great currents, dislodging the flood gates, granting the various extraterrestrial creatures scavenging behind the city limits an easy access to the sewer system. In conclusion with an unfortunate failure of the city power systems, its inhabitants had no options left but to request airwatch support and to move to a different city - to city 45.

- Fixed the main Nexus doors not saving their assigned names.
- Fixed CWU and CHP characters lacking a CID in their F1 menu.
- Fixed Vortigaunt and Vortigaunt Conscript characters showing up purple in OOC chat.
- Fixed contraband literature not showing up in the business menu for 'v' flag owners.
- Disabled all the camera NPC's around the city until they're given a better AI (next update).
- Tied characters no longer drop their active weapons, they just get unequipped now (no more losing flashlights).
- Put some security measures in effect to prevent unauthorized entries into the armory.
- Stunbatons can now be equipped in combination with grenades.
- Rewritten the papers plugin! Papers are now editable and can put into your inventory even if there's something written on them, the text of course persists even when they're dropped on ground. Donators can use some basic BBCode in order to format their papers - supported tags: [b], [u], [i], [color=255,255,255], [font=Arial], [size=24], [align=left/center/right], [img][/img])

xx[04/12/14] HL2RP Update #3

April 12, 2014, 04:32:29 pm by Khub | Views: 229 | Comments: 6

Here comes another update for our HL2RP. I originally intended to release more neat stuff, however, I got caught in RL issues. More things will come either sometime tomorrow or the next weekend.

• Civil characters are once again able to use request devices.
• Requests devices are now one-way only (citizens can no longer use them instead of radios and only hear their own requests).
• Removed pistols from default Metropolice Force loadout (recruits no longer get them).
• The citadel on rp_city8_catalyst_x1a no longer gets removed by the script on map load.
• Combine voicecommands added in previous update now work over radio and are shown in the same TAB Directory page as those included with the schema.
• The 'f' flag now covers more (if not all) the CWU food/drink items.

• Forum users with the developer usergroup as their primary (purple names) will now have a wrench icon in the OOC chat instead of the default SA shield.
• Scoreboard now marks AFK players and also shows how much time has passed since their last activity.
• Metropolice stunbatons are now inventory items and were added to Overwatch default inventory.
• Metropolice model pack. Updated MPF rank/model associations according to the wishes of High Command.
• Enhanced Tool-Trust flag ('T'). Grants access to the Precision Alignment, Stacker and No-Collide World tools.
• Advanced duplicator 2 and its 'D' flag.
Player Appearance Customizer 3 and its 'P' flag, which is now a new gold member donation benefit.
• Ability to purchase 1, 2, 3 or 4 items from the business menu as an alternative to purchasing a whole shipment.
• Blacklist for some prop models.

In addition, applied tooltrust no longer entails the 't' / toolgun flag, which is now only available to VIP / Gold Members.
Be aware that even though there is no rule about abusing PAC at the moment, it'll still get you a ban and flag removal.

xx[03/16/14] HL2RP Update #2

March 15, 2014, 08:45:05 pm by Khub | Views: 604 | Comments: 22

Another HL2RP update was just pushed live. It should solve most of the currently known bugs and issues – that means the future updates should be focused on actual new features.

- The 'pet' player flags requiring you to switch characters before they take effect.
- Issues with MPF/OTA private boards access. The system now takes all of your characters in mind while determining your access levels.
- The private boards check is now run at name change and character load, and you may also invoke it manually by using the /CheckForumAccess command.
- Readded /PlyGiveTokens.
- VIPs and Gold Members will now get their character-specific 'pe'/'petv' flags converted to player-wide upon character load (backwards compatibility).
- All doors belonging to the citizen hospital will now be locked automatically on server startup (much like CWU doors).
- Added some more voicecommands.
- All custom voicecommands now show up in the directory menu as expected.
- Readded /InitiateRations. The command now also remembers the ration status - when you use it for the first time, rations are announced. When you use it for the second time, it's announced that rations are no longer available.
- Reverted MPF character name format to three digits, instead of five. Renamed all existing MPF characters to comply with this standard.
- Characters in the Overwatch Transhuman Arm and the Vortigaunt factions will now be hidden from the scoreboard, visible only by fellow faction members and server administrators.
- Removed the 'v' flag paycheck.
- Removed paycheck from all non-commanding MPF and OTA units. Only the command staff is keeping it. The higher rank you are, the more tokens you get.
- Added the 'w' and 'W' flags to allow for individual paychecks.
- Fixed request devices. /request's are now only heard by MPF units.
- Added more food items. They need to get a little filtered, some have corrupted models.
- Added the 'f' flag that grants access to the CWU food menu on non-CWU characters.
- Added the 'F' flag that allows a non-administrator manage whitelists/transfer characters to the flag owners faction (i.e. faction manager flag).
- MPF High Command/Elite OTA units can now purchase weapons and ammunition corresponding with their rank in the business menu.
- Fixed a bug that'd prevent new players from having a database record created.
- The doors at the bridge leading to the City Administration office won't stay open forever any longer and will close like all other doors from now on.

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